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You can use an input field to enter and edit text. It consists of a field name and the field data.


When the input field has the focus, you can enter text and numerical data using the keyboard.


Sequential element navigation works for input fields, which means you can move the focusforwards to an input field using [Tab] or backwards using [Shift]+[Tab].  You may need to press [F2] to start the text editing process. If an underlying function exists, you can start it by pressing [F2] – this corresponds to a double click with the left mouse button.

Help Functions

When the input field has the focus, you can call up the help documentation for this field by choosing [F1]. If the input field has a tool tip, you can call it up by choosing [Ctrl]+[q]. You can open the context menu of the focused input field by choosing the [ContextMenu] key or [Shift]+[F10]. In more complex applications, the F4 help opens up a dialog box and provides selection options. If there is an F4 help, this is indicated by a small icon to the right of the input field, which appears as soon as the focus moves to the field. To call up a history list and choose one of your previous entries, choose [Backspace] when the text cursor is at the first position in the field.


The system only displays tool tips and history lists if the settings under Options allow this. To call up the options dialog box, choose [Alt]+[F12] and the appropriate character key.

Internal Navigation

You can move the text cursor between characters using the right and left arrow keys within the input fields. Use [Ctrl]+[Left] or [Ctrl]+[Right] to go to the next or previous word. Use the keys [Home] and [End] to position the cursor before the first or after the last word or character in the field.


To select characters in an input field, you can use [Shift] with the right and left arrow keys. To select the word before or after the text cursor, choose [Ctrl]+[Shift] with the left or right arrow key.


You can use the clipboard to copy or cut selected characters. Choose [Ctrl]+[c] or [Ctrl]+[x] to do this. You can paste them elsewhere by choosing [Ctrl]+[v]. You can undo your last action by pressing [Ctrl]+[z]. When editing text, you can use the [Delete] key to delete the character to the right of the cursor and the [Backspace] key to delete the character to the left of the cursor.

When entering data, you can toggle between the insert mode and the overwrite mode by pressing the [Insert] key. When you are in the insert mode, any data to the right of the cursor moves to the right when you type. The insert mode is the default mode in the standard system. In the overwrite mode you overtype any data to the right of the cursor.


To finish editing, choose [Tab] or [Enter] to leave the input field and accept the changes made. To finish editing and undo the changes made, choose [Escape].


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