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You can launch functions that you require for collaborating with other portal users, for example, for sending e-mails, exchanging instant messages, and managing tasks, in various iViews.

The graphic below illustrates the options available for launching functions in the portal (see the description in the Features section).

This graphic is explained in the accompanying text


You can launch functions in the following iViews:



Collaboration Launch Pad (CLP)

In the standard system, you can launch the Collaboration Launch Pad (CLP) by choosing the Collaboration link in the tool area of the portal header. It provides the following options:

      Managing your portal contacts (users and user groups)

      Launching functions for collaborating with your contacts (through the Collaboration menu)

      Displaying the availability of your contacts

In the standard system, all functions are made available in the CLP. These functions are grouped into the following areas: groupware, synchronous and asynchronous collaboration, and workflow.

Member list in a room

As a room member, you can use the member list to launch functions for collaboration with other room members. As in the CLP, these functions are provided through the Collaboration menu.

In the standard system, the member list provides the same functions as the CLP.

User Details

In the User Details iView, the following options are available for launching functions:

      Functions on the user interface of the iView
These functions are provided as links; you can launch each service by clicking it.

      Functions in the context menu for the user name

Who’s Who

The Who’s Who iView provides a means to find users with a search query. Depending on the configuration, more information appears about each user found, for example, the user ID and the telephone number.

You can use the context menu for the user name to launch services for collaborating with the user in question.

Other iViews (in Collaboration and Knowledge Management)

In iViews for Collaboration and Knowledge Management that display user names – for example, the User Details iView, you can use the context menu to launch functions for collaborating with the user in question.



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