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            Below is a general list of functions. Whether the functions will be available or not for a particular task depends on the type and nature of the task, for example a collaboration task or a completed task.

To see the list of tasks assigned to you that require attention and review, click on Tasks.

The Universal Worklist (UWL) Tasks screen has a table that identifies your tasks, their priorities, who assigned the task, and when the task was sent to you.

Subview categories are displayed as a dropdown option in the iView. Each category that is not empty shows one or two numbers following the category.

For information on how to create a task, see Creating a Task.

Processing Tasks

The task list is displayed in tabular form. Tasks in the list are assembled from various sources, including the SAP Business transaction, Alerts and the Collaboration Tasks. 


You can personalize the view as described in Personalizing the UWL Display.

To display the detailed view, click on the task item (under Subject column).

From the task detail area, you can perform the following functions:

Functions on the Task Details Screen




Forward the task to another user


Refresh to see changes / updates on the task


Delete task item


Returns your view back to the Tasks view

You can also

Create Ad hoc Request

For more information, see Sub Process

View all Collaboration Tasks

Shows all collaboration tasks

View Memos

Displays memo notes (if any)

Manage Attachments

For more information, see Managing Attachments.

View History

Displays the history log of actions performed under the task

Edit the Task

Add or edit information to the task

Add/ Remove Assignee(s) to the Task

Add or remove assignee(s) to or from the task

Add Trackers

Add users to track the task

Confirm Completion

If assigned as an approver, confirm task completion

Complete task

This function ends the task process

Submit memo

You can write a memo without completing the task and save the memo using this function

Task History

Add Attachment

Takes you to the Attachments screen

For more information, see Managing Attachments.

View Comment

User comments are displayed, the number beside it indicates the number of comments

View Event Log

Displays the events displayed. These include the task created, task completed and task forwarded

View Attachment

Displays attachment (if any)

View Time Stamp

Displays time stamp in addition to the above list.

The time stamp is the time of the day when a particular event occurs in the task life cycle. This could be task creation, task completion, task approval, forwarding a task and so on.

Viewing Details of a Task

You must select the work item in the table list to view its respective details. These details are visible in the section below the task list.

To view the details in a separate window choose the work item link.


Click on the far left button. When the work item is selected this button is selected and the work item is highlighted.

History Log

Select a task and choose View History to see a list of actions performed under the task. This display list is according to the time stamp.

You can see detailed history information for the Business Workflow items. The main process log and the sub process log are listed. The text for the subprocess is displayed in the lighter (grey) color.

Delay in Viewing Attributes

To enable fast viewing of work items, a delay might occur while displaying the open / new tasks for the first time. This delay is intended and not a system error. The reason being that not all backend providers may be able to provide all information for listing the items in an efficient way, therefore additional information in added to the list view whenever it becomes available.

However, for the detailed description view, all information is displayed.


When viewing new SAP Business Workflow items, the attributes are always displayed with a time delay.

What you can do to view the delayed attributes

When you log on to the portal and access the UWL, you might find some of the attributes missing from the task list display. For example: due date and / or sent fields show no information.

These fields are empty due to a delay in fetching additional information from the back end. These additional attributes are retrieved in the background and it takes some time for the retrieval process.

     If you select a particular item, all attributes are now filled

     If you do not do anything, the screen refreshes automatically depending upon the settings you have set (for example: 30 seconds or 60 seconds)

For more information, see Personalizing the UWL Display.

     You can also visit another page and then return to this page to see the filled attributes


It also depends on how many items are present in your task list. In the case of a large number of items (for example 100 or more) the refresh for the new items to be displayed in your list could be a slower than expected.

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