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Instant messaging allows you to communicate with other users in real time through text-based messages.



        Instant messaging you to send a text message to one or more portal users who are currently online. If a recipient responds to your message, the session transforms into a chat-based discussion.

        Every text message entered by a user is immediately viewed by all participants. A continuous chronological thread logging all messages, as they are entered, is displayed onscreen.

        You may participate in any number of instant messaging sessions at the same time. Each session is conducted in its own messaging window.

        You may also use instant messaging in combination with an application sharing session. See Working with Application Sharing.



The following activities are performed by users when participating in an instant messaging session:

        Starting an instant messaging session by sending a message

        Replying to an instant message

        Adding participants to an ongoing instant messaging session

        Ending your participation in an instant messaging session

For instructions on performing these activities, see Using the Instant Messenger.



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