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You use the Shortcuts tab to choose from a list of shortcut entries and directly execute a transaction, report, or system command. You also use this tab to maintain those entries and view various details about their properties.


Before you can use the Shortcuts tab you must have an SAP GUI installed on your physical machine.

Depending on the version of your SAP GUI, there is a difference in the functionality of the pushbuttons available.


From the Shortcuts tab you can:

        Add an SAP shortcut entry

        If you are using SAP Logon 620, the Shortcuts tab is not available.

        If you are using SAP Logon 640, you can add a shortcut by choosing New Item and entering data on the General tab and on Options tab.

        If you are using SAP Logon 640 Patch 9 or above or SAP Logon 7.0, you can add an entry by choosing New Item.

A wizard that will guide you through the process, appears.

For more information, see Creating an SAP Shortcut, step 5.

        Edit an SAP shortcut entry

To change an SAP shortcut entry, select it and choose Change Item.

A dialog box appears.

        Delete an SAP system entry

To delete a system entry, select it and choose Delete item.

To find out the version of SAP GUI that is installed on your physical machine, see Displaying the SAP Logon Version.

For more information on maintaining shortcut entries, see your SAP GUI Help by opening the SAP Logon and pressing F1.


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