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An input-enabled SAP List Viewer (ALV) enables you to create and change data in table form.


In comparison to a simple SAP List Viewer, an input-enabled SAP List Viewer that has been enhanced with those functions that are needed for entering and changing data.


In the various application areas, input-enabled SAP List Viewers can be configured in very different ways. An input-enabled SAP List Viewer can be input-enabled in all areas or only in selected areas.

Cells, rows or columns

     that are input-enabled can be identified from the light background color

     that are not input-enabled, can be identified from the gray background color.


By default, an input-enabled SAP List Viewer offers a range of functions as standard on additional pushbuttons.


Depending on the application area

-         you can choose whether you want to hide the additional pushbuttons (using This graphic is explained in the accompanying text Change/Display)

-         you can alter the functions

The documentation listed below describes how you can create and change data using the standard pushbuttons in an input-enabled SAP List Viewer.

     Entering, checking, refreshing and, if applicable, undoing data.

See Editing Data and Checking Entries

     Cutting, copying and inserting cells, rows or columns

See Editing Cells, Rows, and Columns

     Appending, inserting, deleting and duplicating rows

See Further Options for Editing Rows


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