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The ABAP list is a list view in SAP GUI which displays formatted text using defined character width fonts. The text types displayed in the ABAP list are:


You can use the arrow keys to navigate the text cursor in an ABAP list. You can access other areas of the list by simply moving the text cursor up or down, left or right. This includes areas that do not contain any data, such as the space between the last word in a line and the actual end of the line.


Sequential element navigation works for ABAP lists, which means you can move the focusforwards to an ABAP list using [Tab] or backwards using [Shift]+[Tab]. To scroll forwards or backwards between visual groups or sections of an ABAP list, choose [Ctrl]+[Tab] or [Shift]+[Ctrl]+[Tab].

Help Function

You can open the context menu of the ABAP list by choosing the [ContextMenu] key or [Shift]+[F10]. The context menu contains the same list of functions regardless of the point in the ABAP list from which you access it. If an item of the ABAP list has a tool tip, you can call it up by choosing [Ctrl]+[q].

Internal Navigation

ABAP list displaying unstructured data in a text field

In an editable text field, you can use the same functions as those in an input field.

ABAP list displaying structured data in a table

To navigate forwards or backwards between the fields, use [Tab] or [Shift]+[Tab]. Use the left and right arrow keys to move the text cursor between the characters. You can use [Ctrl]+[Home] and [Ctrl]+[End] to go directly to the first or last field in the table.

ABAP list displaying hierarchical structured data in a tree or a hierarchical-sequential list

Choose F2 to open a parent node in a tree and display its child items. You can use [Ctrl]+[Home] and [Ctrl]+[End] to go directly to the first or last item in the ABAP list.

To navigate up or down between successive hierarchy levels (from parent to child or back), use [Alt]+[Ctrl]+[Right] or [Alt]+[Ctrl]+[Left]. To scroll directly between items at the same hierarchy level, choose [Ctrl]+[Up] or [Ctrl]+[Down]. In a hierarchical-sequential list you can scroll between items with multiple rows by choosing [Alt]+[Ctrl]+[Up] or [Alt]+[Ctrl]+[Down].


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