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The iView title bar contains a menu of actions for working with iViews. Most of the options are identical to those of the page title bar option menu (see Page Title Bar).

Note the following:

            Add to Portal Favorites. Lets you save the iView in your Portal Favorites iView. This option appears only if the iView runs as a full page application.

            Remove: Allows you to delete an iView from its page; the iView remains as part of the portal content and can be returned to the page

If the iView has been locked to the page by the administrator, this option does not appear.

        Personalize: Opens a personalization window, displaying parameters you can customize.

Your content administrator defines which iViews are available to you and sets the default values of the properties in each iView, where appropriate. The administrator also decides which properties you can personalize.

Some examples of property values that you might be allowed to personalize are:

        The size of an iView

        The default value from a list of values

        The size of a result set



Personalizing iView Properties


       1.      Click the iView option menu icon This graphic is explained in the accompanying text in the iView title bar and from the menu choose Personalize. The Personalization dialog box appears.

       2.      Adjust the properties you want to personalize, as required.

To clear changes you made, click Cancel before clicking Apply.

To revert to the default property values set by the administrator, click Reset All Properties.

       3.      When you have finished, click Apply. This closes the dialog and refreshes the iView.


Hiding/Displaying iView Content

The two icons below appear in the iView title bar.

This graphic is explained in the accompanying text / This graphic is explained in the accompanying text

Hide / Show

Conceals or displays the iView content

        When you choose Hide, only the title bar of the iView is displayed.

        To remove the iView from a page completely, see Removing iViews/pages from a page in Personalizing Portal Pages.



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