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Fields are used for entering data that is required to perform various tasks in an SAP system. Field data is a single unit of information, such as a customer's name or account numbers with varying lengths. In some cases, the length of an input field determines how many characters you can enter in the field. In other cases, input fields are scrollable – that is, you only see part of the entry in the field.

Radio buttons and checkboxes

To enter information in the SAP System, you must sometimes choose between several options. When you can select only one, the options are identified by radio buttons. When you can select more than one, the options are identified by checkboxes.


Pushbuttons are used to execute various functions. The elements Create, Display and Change.


Tabs are used to switch between different screen contents. In transactions containing multiple screens, they provide a clearer overview. In addition, tabs enable you to proceed from one tab page to the next without having completed all the data.

Table controls

The table control function enables you to modify the standard SAP table format as necessary. This is especially useful when standard SAP tables contain columns you do not use.

For more information, see the SAP GUI Help by opening the SAP Logon and pressing F1. Go to section Elements of an SAP GUI Window    Main Window  The Dynpro Area.


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