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This topic is intended to assist SAP users who have disabilities, including motor and visual impairments, and require information about accessibility features in the SAP business suite. It addresses users who utilize assistive technologies, and those who do not, but do require full keyboard access.

Portal Accessibility Support

Some accessibility features are immediately available without you having to perform any special configurations or settings. Others become available once you or your administrator has activated them by selecting the Activate Accessibility Features checkbox in the Welcome to User Registration window. For information, go to New User Registration in Logging On to / Off the Portal, and User Profile in Setting Portal Preferences.

Accessibility Switch

Not all users with disabilities need the same support. Sight-impaired users have different needs from those of mobility-impaired users, and so on.

Some accessibility features would conflict with the use of the system by non-screen-reader users, or negatively affect their performance. There is no reason why sighted mobility-impaired users should have to perform unnecessary keyboard operations to non-interactive UI elements on the screen, or be slowed down by non-visible accessibility texts.

For that reason, while all accessibility features are provided under the accessibility switch, some of those features are also available in the standard interface, which better supports mobility-impaired sighted users.


User can:

With Accessibility Switch

Without Accessibility Switch

Access all UI elements via the Tab key



Trigger all events using only the keyboard



Receive text equivalents that the screen reader picks up and announces to the user



Skip navigational links, as well as large elements such as tables, trees, tab strips, and group boxes, to more efficiently reach the needed UI element



For more information on an external-facing portal, go to Implementing an External-Facing Portal.

For more information about using screen reader programs with the portal, go to SAP note 995251.

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