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Background documentation Displaying the Status of Spool and Output Requests  Locate the document in its SAP Library structure

The lists of spool and output requests (transaction SP01) display, the status of the requests. A request has a status indicating whether data is stored in the SAP spool system, in the host spool system (operating system spooler), or at the printer.

The request can have the following statuses:


Processing Status

Spool request has not yet been sent to the host spool system (no output request exists)


Spool request is being generated (stored in the SAP spool system)


The output request is awaiting processing by the SAP spool system and has not yet been sent to the host spool system.

Waiting in host spooler

The output request is to be sent or is being sent to the spool work process, or for formatting, in the host spool system.

If this status is displayed for a request for an extended period of time (more than one minute), the corresponding spool work process may have terminated, or there may have been a problem establishing a connection to a remote output device.

The spool work process automatically reprints the output request affected by the problem.

In Processing

The spool work process is formatting the output request for printing.

Print. (Printing)

The request has been passed to the host spooler or to an output device, and a final status has not yet been returned to the SAP spool system.

Compl. (Complete)

The output request has been successfully printed. In systems in which the SAP spool system cannot get information from the host spooler, the status becomes Complete as soon as the output request has been passed to the host spooler.


More than one output request has been generated and the requests have different statuses. Some requests may not yet have a final processing status.. To display the status of individual requests, choose This graphic is explained in the accompanying textOutput requests or double-click the request status.


There is a minor problem; the output request was printed, but probably contains errors.

Example: If the printer character set is incomplete, a missing character is replaced with another (#).


There is a problem with severe consequences. Requests of this type could not be printed and remain in the spool system until you delete them or the retention period is exceeded and they are deleted by a reorganization.

Example: The system cannot find the printer in the network.

Use the error log to determine the cause of the error.


(For spool requests sent to an archiving device.) The spool request has been processed by the spool system and is waiting to be archived.


The user who created the request specified a time when the request is to be output.


This graphic is explained in the accompanying textIf you want to view a log of the events of an output request, double-click the status of a request.





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