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A pushbutton is a user interface element that you can use to execute the assigned function. Pushbuttons can contain text and graphical icons. Special types of pushbuttons are:

Toggle buttons

Menu buttons

Configurable buttons


When the button has the focus, you can use [Space] or [Enter] to activate the button function. If the pushbutton is used as a default button, you can also activate it by choosing [Enter] even if it does not currently have the focus. If a button is used as a default button, the button is emphasized accordingly.

If the button has an accelerator key (underlined character), you can choose [Alt]+[underlined character key] to activate the function.


This graphic is explained in the accompanying text

The picture above shows a Logon pushbutton with an underlined L as the accelerator key.

To activate the function of the Logon button directly, choose [Alt]+[l].

You can use a toggle button to switch a function on or off. When you activate the function with [Space] or [Enter], the toggle button indicates this pressed state visually. You deactivate the function by choosing [Space] or [Enter] on the button again.

When you choose [Space] or [Enter] on a menu button, a menu opens up and you can choose one of the functions in the menu. The navigation works the same as in other menus. Choose [Enter] to activate the required function.

To activate the function of a configuration button, choose [Space] or [Enter] when the button has the focus. To open the menu, choose [Alt]+[Down]. The navigation works the same as in other menus. When you have chosen a function from the menu, the button displays this function from then on.


Sequential element navigation works for pushbuttons, so you can move the focusforwards to a pushbutton using [Tab] or backwards using [Shift]+[Tab].

Help Functions

If the pushbutton has a tool tip, you can call it up by choosing [Ctrl]+[q].


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