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When you choose one of the print functions in the SAP system, such as Print or This graphic is explained in the accompanying text, a selection screen called the print window appears in which you can make all entries for your printout. For example, you can specify which output device you want to use as well as whether your print request should be output immediately or only stored temporarily.

The appearance of the print window depends on the SAP application (for examples, see the end of this section). The table below explains the most important fields and functions of the selection screens:



Output device

Enter the name of the printer defined in the SAP system, such as Printer1.

Number of copies

Specify how many copies of this document should be printed.

Print All

Select this option if the entire document is to be printed.

Print from page... to...

Define which pages of the document are to be printed.

Print immediately


Select this option if your document should be output immediately.

If this option is not selected, the system only generates a spool request; that is, the document is only stored temporarily in the SAP spool system. The document is output only if you use the output controller to generate the output request for this spool request.

For information about spool and output requests, see Defining Spool and Output Requests.


There may be additional parameters, such as Properties or User-Specific Print Parameters, depending on your application. These contain details about spool requests, cover sheets, and output options.


An example of a print window is shown below. This is a print window for printing lists. You want to print using Printer1. Immediate printing (option Print Immediately) is set.


This graphic is explained in the accompanying text

The selection menu for the Time of Printparameter might not be displayed in your print window. How to set a value for a parameter and to display it on the initial Print Screen List screen is explained below.

Choose Properties. The Spool Request Attributes screen appears.

This graphic is explained in the accompanying text


For example, if you want to change the format, that is the list format, double click Format. A subwindow appears, in which you can change the format. The option Show Selected Print Parameters on Initial Screen also appears. If you select this option and then confirm, the selection field for the format is also displayed on the initial print screen Print Screen List:

This graphic is explained in the accompanying text


See also:

If you want to set default values, see Personalization.

If you want to check and administer your spool and output requests, see Output Controller.

If you are printing from the SAP GUI for HTML, see Printing from the SAP GUI for HTML



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