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Procedure documentation Logging On to an SAP System  Locate the document in its SAP Library structure


Before you can use the SAP system, you must log on. When you are finished using the SAP system, you log have to off. The first time you log on and at regular intervals thereafter, you must change your password.


Regardless of the tasks you perform in an SAP system, you must always start up and shut down the system.


       1.      You start the SAP system by selecting the SAP Logon icon on your desktop.

       2.      You log on to the SAP system by double-clicking its icon on the Systems tab.

       3.      If this is your first time logging on, you must change the initial password provided by your system administrator. If this is not your first time logging on, you have to change your password in accordance with the security policies at your company.

       4.      When you are finished working with the SAP system, you log off.


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