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SAP provides an collaboration tool and framework (called Real-Time Collaboration application sharing) with the portal that enables you to share with other portal users in real time any Windows-based desktop application running on your machine.


Your system administrator may have disabled application sharing capabilities in the portal. Alternatively, your organization may be using a third-party sharing application, such as WebEx (see Using WebEx Meeting). Contact your system administrator for more information.


Application sharing does not work if you are running a third-party popup blocker application.

Before you initiate or join an application sharing session, either close the popup blocker or add the portal domain to the allowed sites of your popup blocker application. If the latter still does not solve the problem, close the popup blocker completely.



The RTC application sharing tool runs in the portal. Users must be logged on to the portal in order to use it.

You can enhance the interactivity of a sharing session with third-party tele- or video-conferencing equipment. You can also use the instant messaging tool in the portal to send text-based messages to participants in the application sharing session. See Using the Instant Messenger.



      Clients require a Windows-based operating system.

      To participate in an application sharing session, participants must be logged on to the portal and be online (see Using the Availability Status).



When hosting an application sharing session, you can choose to share a specific application or your entire desktop. When you share a specific application, the session guests see only activity you perform on the selected application. When you share your entire desktop, the session guests view all activity you perform on your desktop.

A session host can grant control of his or her cursor to any participant in the session. This enables other users to interact directly with the shared application or desktop as if they were sitting at the host's machine.



      Scheduling an application sharing session 

      Starting an application sharing session 

      Accepting and rejecting an invitation to an ad hoc sharing session 

      Sending instant messages in an application sharing session

      Adding participants to an ongoing an application sharing session

      Controlling the session host's cursor

      Ending your participation in an application sharing session



Through application sharing you can perform numerous tasks with portal users interactively, no matter what geographical boundaries separate you. Examples include:

      Conducting a remote presentation

        Demonstrating software

        Editing documents and forms interactively

        Viewing relevant information while discussing issues

        Usage with a support helpdesk (providing IT support for employees through the portal)

        Conducting interactive online training classes



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