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The SAP Easy Access user menu appears as a tree structure on the left half of your screen immediately after you log on to an SAP system. It is the user-specific point of entry into the SAP system. The user menu contains only those items that you need to perform your daily tasks, such as transactions, reports, and Web addresses.


Using the Navigation Area

        You can expand and collapse menus in the navigation area by choosing the dropdown arrows to the left of each menu item.

        To open an application in the navigation area, do one of the following:

        Double-click its node

        Choose Enter

        Choose Edit    Execute

        To run an application in a new session, choose Edit    Execute in new window.

        You can access the most important commands and functions in the navigation area by opening the context menu. To open the context menu, position the cursor on any item in the menu bar and click the secondary mouse button.

Working with the Menu

        If a user menu has been defined by your system administrator, it appears when you log on to the system. If you have not been assigned a user menu, or you need to access items that are not contained in your user menu, do one of the following:

        Open the SAP standard menu by choosing Menu    SAP standard menu and use the navigation area to navigate to the items you need.

This way you have a complete overview of the SAP system you are currently working with.

        Contact your system administrator.

        You can create a list of favorites consisting of the transactions, files, and Web addresses you use most frequently.

For more information, see creating and managing Favorites.

Changing SAP Easy Access Settings

        To change SAP Easy Access settings, choose Extras    Settings. A dialog box appears, where you can specify whether:

        Your favorites should appear before or after the menu

        Only your favorites should appear

        Technical names of menu options should appear in the navigation area

        The SAP Easy Access graphic should appear on the right-hand side of the screen

You can also hide this graphic by dragging the split bar from the center to the right edge of the screen.

        You can define whether a user or an SAP standard menu should appear. To do this, choose either Menu    User menu or Menu    SAP standard menu.


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