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As a forum user, you can take part in polls. Each forum user can only vote once in each poll.

Usually, the administrator or moderator has permission to create polls and forum users can only participate in them. However, it is possible to give individual forum users special permissions.

If you have the relevant permission, you can create a poll in a category or forum and then ask other forum users to vote in your poll and perform a rating.


You have permission to create polls.



       1.      Choose Create Poll above a category or forum.

A form appears that you have to fill in.

       2.      Enter the activation date, end date, and expiry date for the poll. The activation date must always be before the end date, and the end date must always be before the expiry date.

During the time period when the poll is active, it appears in the forum in question and users of that forum can vote in it. Once the end date has passed, users can no longer vote but the poll remains active. Once the expiry date has passed, the poll no longer appears in the forum.

       3.      Enter the required options for the polls and save your entries.






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