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Your administrator defines the forums structure, which influences how you, as a forum user, can navigate in forums.


Navigation in the forums structure depends on how the administrator created the structure and the configuration of the user's view of forums.

Here are the two main navigation scenarios:

      The first navigation level contains categories. If you click a category, the next level appears. It displays either subcategories or the actual forums. You can only create messages or answer other people's messages once you have reached the level of the forums.

      You access the forums level directly and can see all forums that are relevant for you. You can begin to create threads and messages in an appropriate forum. In this case, there are no categories.


Even in companies with a large number of forums and a complex forums structure, the administrator can choose to configure the user's view of the forums so that the user only sees forums that are relevant to him or her. In this case, you do not see the entire structure.




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