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The Business Client menu allows quick and easy access to system screens. The structure and content of the various menu entries can vary slightly depending on the product.

In addition to the menu entries described here, which are always available by default in the Business Client, other application-defined menu items that contain application functions may also be available.

Favorites Menu

Menu Entry


Add to Favorites

Adds the screen currently displayed in the application content area to the favorites list


Alphabetical list of screens that you have saved as favorites. You can carry out the following actions for each entry:


Click the required favorite to call it.


Choose the e next to the name of a favorite to rename it.


Choose the x next to the name of a favorite to delete it from the list of favorites.


System Menu

Menu Entry



Client-side configuration settings


Closes the Business Client


Help Menu

Menu Entry



Splash screen with general information about the products, including details on the copyright and version

End users are offered various types of help for the applications that are integrated in the Business Client. Business Client help is based on the Web Dynpro ABAP help concept, although Business Client help differs slightly in appearance to Web Dynpro ABAP help.

If the embedded application is a Web Dynpro ABAP application, choosing Help Help Center calls the same help screen as when clicking the help icon on the right-hand side of the application area or pressing the F1 key within the application.



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