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Background documentation Working with SAP MI on the Mobile Device  Locate the document in its SAP Library structure

When you use a mobile device, you synchronize regularly to download the latest data onto your device, and to upload the data you have edited to the server (for more information, see Performing Synchronization). The administrator can also send system messages to the device (for more information, see System Messages).

If SAP MI has been configured correctly, you can use a number of functions and settings to adapt the behavior of SAP MI to suit your requirements.

      If you want to upload data to the server as quickly as possible, you can suppress the download (see Suppressing the Download).

      You can postpone application downloads that will take a long time to complete (see Confirming Downloads of Mobile Components).

      You can use data packaging if problems occur during when transferring the data (see Using Data Packaging).

      You can change the language and other settings (see Editing User Settings).

      You can change the passwords (see Changing Passwords).

      If problems arise, you can use the trace function to trouble shoot the cause of the error and send it to the administrator (see Setting the Trace for Error Correction).


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