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Procedure documentation Setting the Type of Message Notification in SAP GUI for Windows  Locate the document in its SAP Library structure


You can set the type of message notification in the local layout of SAP GUI for Windows. There are two ways to display system messages in SAP GUI for Windows:

    In the status bar

    In a dialog box

You can also activate a beep for message notification.

If you use a screen magnifier or a screen reader, display the message in a dialog box to keep it in focus.



       1.      On the SAP GUI for Windows screen, press the pushbutton combination Alt + F12, or choose the pushbutton for customizing the local layout.

       2.      Choose Options from the menu.

       3.      In the Options dialog box, choose the Options tab page.

       4.      In the Messages group box, make your preferred settings:

       Beep at Message

       Dialog Box at Success Message

       Dialog Box at Warning Message

       Dialog Box at Error



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