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You may work in a network of portals that are connected with one another and share content. This network of portals is known as a federated portal.

When you create a single search query in a federated portal network, you may receive search results from multiple portals.


     You are working in a federated portal network.

     Your administrator has configured the search results list accordingly.


The search results are displayed on several tab pages. The first tab page contains the list of search results for the current portal. A separate tab page is displayed for each producer portal. The tab page for a producer portal displays the same results list as you would see if you were to run a standard search in this portal.

Search Options and Advanced Search

The link Display Options is displayed next to the search field in place of the Advanced Search link. A restricted number of search options are displayed here for the cross-portal search.

To display the complete advanced search with all the options that are offered in a particular portal, choose the Advanced Search tab page.




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