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Procedure documentation Creating Headers and Footers  Locate the document in its SAP Library structure


For your list, you can create headers and footers that appear on every page of the printout. You can insert one of the following text modules at one of three positions in the header or footer:


      [Date] [Time]

      [Current Page]

      [Current Page] of [Total Pages]

      [Any Text]



       1.      To specify the header and footer for the printout, open the Settings dialog box (see Using the Dialog Box with Settings for the List).

       2.      Choose the Print Version tab page.

       3.      Under Header or Footer, choose the required text module for each position. If you selected the text module Free Text, enter a text into the input field that is to appear at that position.

       4.      To remove the text module from a certain position, choose None.

       5.      Apply your settings to the list as required.


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