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Function documentation Broadcasting to the Printer  Locate the document in its SAP Library structure


If the distribution type is Broadcast to Printer, the broadcasting wizard generates a spool request and sends it to the selected output device for printing. You make the relevant settings for broadcasting to the printer in the Specify Theme and Variable Assignment, Determine Page Layout, and Select Printer steps.


Specify Theme and Variable Assignment

Select the theme you want to use for the precalculation. The theme defines the colors and appearance of the precalculated BI object.

If there are mandatory variables, you need to specify what values are to fill these variables during precalculation.

Determine Page Layout

Specify the paper format and the page orientation.

Paper Size: You can choose DIN A4 format or letter format.

Page Orientation: You can choose portrait format or landscape format.

Select Printer

In the Select Printer step, you specify the printer to be used. The broadcasting wizard automatically displays the printer that is entered in your personal data in the BI system that is appropriate for the selected output format.

You can also select a different printer. As a general rule, only devices that support the selected output format (PS, PCL, or PDF) are displayed.


You can either execute the broadcast setting here or continue to schedule the setting in the wizard.


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