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Function documentation Broadcasting by E-Mail  Locate the document in its SAP Library structure


If the distribution type is Broadcast E-Mail, the broadcasting wizard sends the document in the selected format by e-mail to the specified recipients. You make the relevant settings for broadcasting by e-mail in the Enter E-Mail Message step.


Enter E-Mail Message

In the Enter E-Mail Message step, you make the following settings:

     E-Mail Addresses

Enter the e-mail addresses of the recipients, separated by semicolons, or select them by choosing This graphic is explained in the accompanying text Last Selected Values.


In order to send e-mails to a distribution list, the distribution list has to be recognized on the SMTP server with a valid e-mail address (SMTP address). The e-mail is sent to the distribution list when this e-mail address is specified under E-Mail Addresses in the broadcast setting.


Example (Microsoft Exchange/Microsoft Outlook)

The Microsoft Outlook address book contains the global distribution list "DL EMEA EMPLOYEES". In the properties of the distribution list, the SMTP address is "[email protected]". If you specify this SMTP address as the e-mail address in the broadcast setting, the system sends the e-mail to all recipients on the distribution list.


You can encrypt or sign e-mails that are broadcast using a SMTP server. To do this, you have to set up a Secure E-Mail Proxy. Consult your system administrator if necessary.


Enter a subject line for the e-mail. The text can contain up to 50 characters.


Select the importance you want to attach to the e-mail (low, medium, high).


Enter text for the contents of the e-mail. When online links are sent, the system automatically adds a link to the text of the e-mail.

You can either execute the broadcast setting here or continue to schedule the setting in the wizard.


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