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You can sort the list according to any number of columns. To do this, you specify the columns and for each column, you specify whether its values are to be sorted in ascending or descending order.


      The Sorting tab page is displayed in the Settings dialog box.

      Sorting is permitted for the required column.


Specifying Columns for Sorting


       1.      To sort the list according to multiple columns, open the Settings dialog box (see Using the Dialog Box with Settings for the List).

The Sorting tab page is only visible if sorting is permitted for your application.

       2.      Choose the Sorting tab page.

The Unsorted Columns list contains all the columns with which you can sort the list. If the list is already sorted, the relevant columns are listed under Sorted Columns.


If you display the list as a hierarchy (see Displaying As a Hierarchy), all hierarchy columns are displayed in the Sorted Columns list. They are displayed in color, which means you cannot remove the sort sequence.

       3.      To sort columns, in the Unsorted Columnslist, select the entries for the column you want to sort (see Selecting and Deselecting Rows) and choose Add.

The selected entries are moved to the Sorted Columns list.

       4.      To remove the sorting for the columns, select the entries for the relevant columns in the Sorted Columns list and choose Remove.

The selected entries are moved to the Unsorted Columns list.

Specifying the Sort Direction

For each specific column in the Sorted Column list, you specify whether you want to sort the column in ascending or descending order.


       1.      To specify the sort direction, in the Sorted Columns list, choose the required sort direction for each column under Sort Direction.

       2.      Specify the sequence of the columns if required (see Specifying the Sort Sequence).

       3.      Apply your settings to the list.

The list is sorted according to the columns.



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