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You can set any number of columns as hierarchy columns. All hierarchy columns are then merged into one column and displayed in the first column of the list.


In addition to the general prerequisites for hierarchies (see Displaying As a Hierarchy), you need to ensure that:

      You are displaying a list as a hierarchy (see Showing and Hiding Hierarchies).




       1.      To set a column as a hierarchy column, open the Settings dialog box (see Using the Dialog Box with Settings for the List) and choose the Display tab page.

       2.      Choose Define.

Two lists are displayed in the dialog box: the Selection of Hierarchy Columns list and the Hierarchy Columns list. By default, sorted columns are listed as hierarchy columns in the Hierarchy Columns list. The Selection of Hierarchy Columns list contains all columns that are not defined as hierarchy columns.

       3.      In the Selection of Hierarchy Columns list, select all entries with columns that you want to set as hierarchy columns and choose Add.

       4.      To set a hierarchy column as a normal column, select the relevant entry in the Hierarchy Columns list and choose Remove.

       5.      Apply your settings to the list.


      The data for all hierarchy columns is merged in the first column of the list.

      In this first column, a hierarchy level is created from each hierarchy column. A small arrow icon is displayed next to each entry of a hierarchy level that contains subordinate data (see Showing and Hiding Hierarchy Levels). Lower hierarchy levels are slightly indented. For data from the lowest hierarchy level, a point is displayed in the first column.


The system can be set in such a way that a point is displayed next to the data in the last hierarchy column in the sort sequence. The data in this hierarchy column is not displayed as nodes, but as leaves.

The following figures outline this difference in a hierarchy with three hierarchy columns:

This graphic is explained in the accompanying text


      In the column header for this column, the column headers for each of the hierarchy columns are listed together.

      The list is automatically sorted according to all hierarchy columns.

      In the Settings dialog box, all hierarchy columns are highlighted on the Sorting tab page. This means you cannot remove the sorting for these columns on this tab page.

      Only the entries for the top level are shown by default.


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