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You can restrict the list to those rows that fulfill certain criteria with respect to one or more columns. You filter the list according to these criteria. You can choose from the following options:

      In the actual list (see Using Filter Rows)

      In the Settings dialog box (see Defining Filters in the Dialog Box)

Parts of a Filter

You must provide the following information for a filter:


You specify the column for which you are defining the filter.

      Comparison value and range

The values of a column are compared with another value – the comparison value. You explicitly specify the comparison value. The data records are displayed for values for which this comparison is successful; otherwise they are hidden.

If the values of your column are to be within a certain range in order to be displayed, this comparison value always represents the lower limit of the range. You also specify a second value, which represents the upper limit of the range.


You specify the operator to be used to compare the comparison value with the column values, such as equal to, less than, or greater than.

      Inclusion or exclusion

You specify whether the contents of the column have to match the value in order for the row to be displayed (inclusion), or whether they must not match the value (exclusion).

In addition, you specify whether the capitalization of a value has to exactly match that of the comparison value, or whether the capitalization is to be ignored. This setting applies to all filters you define for the list.


You can use the following functions for filtering:

      Specify column

You can define one or more filters for each column.

      Define filters

You specify for each filter which criteria the values of the column must fulfill in order for the corresponding data record to be displayed.

      Delete filters

You can delete each filter individually or you can delete all filters together (see Deleting Filters).


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