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The portal provides a set of interfaces that can be used by administrators who need to create and administrate portal content within an accessible environment.

This accessible Portal Content Studio does not duplicate all the functionality of the Application Designer, but it does provide sufficient functionality for creating and editing selected objects, and it enables the basic flows required by the administrator.

Implementation Considerations

The target users of the accessible Portal Content Studio need to be defined as content administrator users who require the accessibility features of the portal, and should be assigned to the Accessible Administration role as well as the Content Administrator role.

Once you select the accessibility option, the accessible UI is added as a separate tab to TLN.



Changes made to various Portal Content Studio editors to make them accessible are reflected in the regular environment as well, which causes unexpected behavior by editors in that environment.

Administrators who are logged on using the Accessible Administration role should work only in the accessible administration environment when performing content administration.


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