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An accessible administration environment that provides the requisite tools and functionality for creating and managing portal content.


The accessible administration environment is based on the regular Portal Content Studio (Portal Content Studio) framework. It contains the modifications described in the table below.

Accessible Portal Content Studio


Consists of

Functions /
Additional Information


Message area

Provides explanatory messages when, for example, administrator attempts to access unsupported functions


Optional object identification/breadcrumbs




Contains the Save and Close function buttons, as well as the Display drop-down list of editors for editing objects

Navigation Panel

Portal Catalog tree

Contains only the Portal Content folder

Supports the Browse function, but does not support Search

Items in the Portal Catalog are identified by tooltips, not icons.



Displays function buttons that replace the right-click menu of items in the Portal Catalog tree

Quick Info

Object ID, name, description, and permissions about the selected object in the Portal Catalog

Provides information useful for troubleshooting

Work Area

Wizard and editor UIs

Displays one object at a time

Does not support tab navigation; the first object automatically closes if a second object is opened for editing

Does not display the Property Editor beside the object editor


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