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If you want to be notified about new, changed, and deleted objects, you create a subscription.

If you have the necessary service permissions, you can subscribe for other users, groups, and roles as well as for yourself.



Settings for Notifications for a Subscription



Subscription name

Name for which the subscription is saved.

The name of the subscribed item is the default entry here. Once you have created a subscription, you cannot change this value again.


Notification on

Events for which the system is to send a notification.



Users, groups, or roles to whom the notifications are to be sent.


If you enter other users in the list of recipients and do not add yourself to the list, you only receive a notification that a subscription has been created. You do not receive notifications when documents are created or changed.


Channel used to send the notifications.

By default, the system sends notifications to the universal worklist and to the user’s e-mail address.



Notification interval

     At every event

If you choose this option, you are notified immediately when the event specified in the Notification on field occurs.

     At regular intervals

You can choose a period of time, for example, Weekly. A notification is only sent if the event occurred at least once within the time interval (for example within a week).



Period after the end of which no more notifications are sent.



You can specify that you also want to be notified about items in subfolders as well as in the current folder.

This field is only displayed for folders and only if you have the relevant service permissions.



Text to be sent with every notification.




If you want to receive notifications for a folder, a document, or another item, choose Actions Subscribe in the Details dialog box.

You can change the settings for a subscription that you created yourself at any time. Choose Settings Subscription in the Details dialog box.


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