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Function documentation Navigating in Folders  Locate the document in its SAP Library structure


A folder can contain documents, other items, and other folders. In an iView in the portal, you can navigate in portal structures and access the items they contain.



Functions for Navigation in Folders



Path to current folder

At the top of the iView, the system usually displays the path to the current folder in the folder structure.

Click a folder name in the path to navigate directly to this folder.


Sorting the list

To sort lists, click the column titles. To invert the sort order, click the column title again.



If there are annotations for an object, for example, feedback or discussion posts, the This graphic is explained in the accompanying text icon (annotations) appears next to the object. Click this icon to display the annotations.


Context menu

The This graphic is explained in the accompanying text icon (context menu) appears beside many objects.

Click this icon to open the context menu and choose the appropriate command.


Details dialog box

You can use the Details command in the context menu to open the Details dialog box for an object. It contains all the information, settings, and functions for the object in question. This includes properties, permissions, and subscription settings.




To navigate between folders, do not use the Back button in your Web browser.

Alongside the path to the current folder, click This graphic is explained in the accompanying text (context menu) Goto. In this way, you can navigate back to certain standard folders and to the start folder for the iView in question.



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