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You use functions Hold Data or Set Data when you want to create a group of objects that contain similar data. Both of these functions automatically enter the specified data in the specified field.

When you use Hold Data, you can change the held data when it appears in the input fields. When you use Set Data, the cursor skips input fields with held data and you cannot change it.

There is no limit to the number of screens you can hold data on. The data you hold on a screen is held until you delete it or until you log off the SAP system.


The functions Hold Data and Set Data are not available for every task. If you try to use them in a task where they are unavailable, the SAP system displays a message in the status bar.


Holding Data on Screen


       1.      Enter the data that you want to hold in the input fields.

       2.      From the menu bar, choose System    User profile.

The User profile menu appears.

        To hold data with the option of changing it, choose Hold data.

        To hold data with the option of automatically skipping fields with held data, choose Set data.

You will not be able to change the data.

The data you entered is held on the screen.

Deleting Held Data


       1.      Go to the screen that contains the data you want to delete.

       2.      Choose System    User profile    Delete data.

The data is deleted. The next time you access the screen, no held data is displayed.


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