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The Send E-Mail function allows you to send e-mails, include attachments in your e-mails, and save copies of sent e-mails in your sent messages folder. It can be accessed from the Collaboration Launch Pad and by clicking the context menu on the right-hand side of a user’s name.


To send an e-mail, carry out the actions explained in the table below. You have to enter a value into at least one of the To, Cc, or Bcc fields.






Enter a name or e-mail address of recipient(s)

Use the people finder function to search for users by clicking on Select. If multiple matching entries are found for the user, a dialog box appears asking you to select the correct user.


Enter a name or e-mail address of additional recipient(s)



Enter a name or e-mail address of additional recipient(s). Names and addresses entered here are not visible to other recipients.



Enter the subject of the e-mail


Body-text area

Enter the text content of the e-mail

Use Add… to add a KM link


Set a priority for the e-mail

The default value is Normal

Save copy in sent messages folder

Select this checkbox if you want to save a copy of the e-mail that you are about to send

Your user, password, and the mail server on which your mailbox is located must be configured in the user mapping. The password is mandatory for this feature – even if you have enabled single sign-on.



Click Add… to include attachments relevant to the appointment. A dialog box opens providing you with various options for adding attachments or links. Alternatively, you can click on Browse… to navigate to a document that you want to upload. When you have found the relevant document, click on Upload to attach it to the appointment request.

You can now send the e-mail by clicking on Send E-mail.



If you are using the Send To iView, you see a summary of the e-mail that you have just sent. If you launch the Send E-Mail function from the Collaboration Launch Pad, you do not receive a summary by default.



The Send E-Mail function shows the HTML editor when using Internet Explorer. If you use Netscape, it shows a plain text area. This means that you cannot send HTML e-mails if you are using a Netscape browser.


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