Start of Content Area
safety level
safety margin after production
safety stock (PP-MRP)
safety stock (SCM-APO)
safety stock horizon
safety stock planned independent requirement
safety stock planning
safety stock planning profile
safety stock receipt
safety time (PP-MRP)
safety time (SCM-APO-SNP)
salary balance
salary benchmarking
salary grade
salary group
salary range
salary range width
salary sacrifice
salary statement
salary structure
salary survey
salary survey provider
sale or return
Saleable part
Sales & Operations Planning
sales accrual/deferral
sales activity
sales activity screen
sales agent
sales agreement
sales analysis
sales analytics
sales and administration costs
sales and distribution
sales and distribution document
sales and operations plan
sales area
sales area bundling
sales assistant (CRM)
sales assistant (CRM-BTX)
sales bill of material
sales call list
sales campaign
sales code
sales component
sales contract
sales cycle
sales cycle duration
sales deal
sales deduction account
sales district
sales document
sales document category
sales document item
sales document type (IS-M-AM)
sales document type (SD)
sales effectivity
sales employee
sales end date
sales equalization tax
sales factor
sales forecast (SCM-APO-FCS)
sales forecast (SCM-FRE)
sales funnel analysis
sales grid
sales group (IS-R)
sales group (SD)
sales ID
sales item
sales ledger
sales logistics cockpit
Sales Management
sales manager (SAP)
sales manager (SRM-SUP)
sales method
sales methodology
sales office (FI-TV)
sales office (SD)
sales office determination
sales order (SCM-APO)
sales order (SD)
sales order adjustment
sales order costing
sales order item that carries costs and revenues
sales order profile
sales order stock
sales organization
sales organization responsible
sales package (CRM-MD)
sales package (SRM-EBP)
sales package product
sales performance analysis
sales pipeline analysis
sales pipeline change
sales plan
sales point originated allocation method
sales price (IS-R)
sales price (SD)
sales price basis
sales price calculation
sales price view
sales probability
sales product
sales promotion (ICM)
sales promotion (IS-M-SD)
sales promotion (SD)
sales quotation
sales reduction budget
sales relevance
sales report (IS-BEV-PL)
sales report (RE)
sales representative (FS-ICM)
sales representative (SD)
sales request
sales returns
sales returns entry
sales returns order
sales returns settlement
sales revenue
sales rule
sales scheduling agreement
sales scheduling agreement view
sales source
sales stage
sales start date
sales structure
sales support (IS-U-CS)
sales support (SD)
sales tax (AP-TTE)
sales tax (SBO)
sales tax code
sales tax register
sales transaction
sales tree balancing
sales unit (IS-EC-HBS)
sales unit (SD)
sales variant
sales-based lease-out
sales-based rent
sales-based rent adjustment method
sales-based rent adjustment type
sales-based rent agreement
sales-based settlement
sales-order-related production
sales/index contract
sales/purchases tax law
same-level node
SAML browser artifact
SAML issuer
SAML Service
SAML token profile
sample (CRM-MKT)
sample (FS-BA-PM-HP)
sample (IS-HT-DRM)
sample (LE)
sample (QM)
sample (SD-FT)
sample account
sample application
sample device
sample document (AP-TTE)
sample document (FI)
sample document (FIN-SEM-BCS)
sample function module
sample lot
sample master record
sample number
sample organizational unit
sample quantity
sample size
sample unit
sample-based physical inventory
sample-based-physical-inventory profile
sample-drawing instruction
sample-drawing item
sample-drawing procedure
sampling area
sampling inspection
sampling plan
sampling procedure (IS-U-DM)
sampling procedure (QM)
sampling scheme
sampling system
sampling type
sampling unit
sanctioned party list (FI-CA)
sanctioned party list (SD-FT)
sanctioned party list screening
sandbox client
sandbox system
Santei form
Santei target months
Santei/Geppen evaluation
SAP .Net Connector
SAP Add-On Installation Tool
SAP Advertising Management for Classified Ads
SAP ArchiveLink 4.5 HTTP Content Server Interface
SAP ArchiveLink Viewer
SAP Asia Pacific
SAP Assistant (BC-CI)
SAP Assistant (BC-FES-AIT)
SAP Automation
SAP Automation GUI interface
SAP Automation RFC interface
SAP Best Practices
SAP BI Connector
SAP Biller Consolidator
SAP Biller Direct
SAP buffering
SAP Business Connector
SAP Business Framework
SAP Business Graphics
SAP Business Information Warehouse
SAP Business One
SAP Business One Software Development Kit
SAP Business Partner (AP-MD-BP)
SAP Business Partner (FS-BP)
SAP Business Partner for Financial Services
SAP Business Partner for Healthcare
SAP Business Technology Map
SAP Business Warehouse Patch
SAP Calendar Control
SAP Catalog Authoring Tool
SAP Catalog Content Management
SAP Catalog Search Engine
SAP Certification Authority
SAP character set
SAP Chart Designer
SAP Collaborative Cross Applications
SAP Collaborative Room
SAP Collaborative Room Document Management
SAP Collaborative Room Document Status
SAP Collections Management
SAP Compliance Management
SAP Content Server
SAP cProject Suite
SAP Credit Management
SAP CRM Mobile Client Component
SAP Cryptographic Library
SAP Data Provider
SAP Dispute Management
SAP Document Builder
SAP Duet Add-On
SAP Easy Access
SAP Easy Document Management
SAP Enterprise Portal
SAP Event Management
SAP Exchange Connector
SAP exit
SAP File Search with authorization check
SAP for Aerospace & Defense
SAP for Automotive
SAP for Banking
SAP for Chemicals
SAP for Consumer Products
SAP for Engineering & Construction
SAP for Financial Service Providers
SAP for Healthcare
SAP for High Tech
SAP for Higher Education & Research
SAP for Insurance
SAP for Media
SAP for Mill Products
SAP for Mining
SAP for Oil & Gas
SAP for Pharmaceuticals
SAP for Public Sector
SAP for Retail
SAP for Service Providers
SAP for Telecommunications
SAP for Utilities
SAP Gateway
SAP Gateway Monitor
SAP gateway process
SAP General HTMLBusiness Functions Library
SAP Generic Output Format (BC-CCM-PRN)
SAP Generic Output Format (BC-CCM-PRN)
SAP Global Trade Management
SAP Global Trade Services
SAP Going Live Check Project Session
SAP GoingLive Check
SAP GoingLive Check Analysis Session
SAP GoingLive Check Feasibility Session
SAP GoingLive Check Optimization Session
SAP GoingLive Check Verification Session
SAP GRC Access Control
SAP GUI Machine
SAP GUI reconnect
SAP Hierarchy Graphics
SAP HPGL Display
SAP ICH 5.0 compatibility mode
SAP implementation tools
SAP Index Tables
SAP Interactive Forms by Adobe
SAP Internet Transaction Server
SAP Java Connectivity Builder
SAP Java Connector
SAP Java Resource Adapter
SAP kernel
SAP key figure
SAP Knowledge Provider Web Server
SAP Learning Solution
SAP Library
SAP license
SAP List Viewer
SAP liveCache
SAP lock
SAP lock concept
SAP lock management
SAP Logging API
SAP logon ticket
SAP manifest
SAP Maps
SAP MarketSet Bulletin Board
SAP MaxAttention
SAP memory
SAP Memory
SAP menu
SAP Mobile Engine
SAP Mobile Engine ABAP Server Component
SAP Mobile Engine Client Component
SAP Mobile Infrastructure ABAP Server Component
SAP Mobile Infrastructure Client Component
SAP Mobile Infrastructure J2EE Server Component
SAP Mobile Infrastructure Web Console
SAP name
SAP NetWeaver
SAP NetWeaver Administrator
SAP NetWeaver Application Server
SAP NetWeaver Application Server ABAP
SAP NetWeaver Application Server Java
SAP NetWeaver BI Accelerator
SAP NetWeaver Developer Studio
SAP NetWeaver Enterprise Search
SAP NetWeaver Enterprise Search User Interface
SAP NetWeaver Process Integration
SAP NetWeaver system
SAP Network Graphics
SAP Note
SAP Note download
SAP Note queue
SAP Note upload
SAP object event repository
SAP ODA Connector
SAP Online Store
SAP OPC Data Access
SAP OS/DB Migration Check
SAP Package Assembly/Distribution Engine
SAP Paging
SAP Passport
SAP Patch Manager
SAP Portfolio Graphics
SAP Premium Support
SAP print client
SAP protocol
SAP Pushbutton Graphics
SAP Query
SAP R/3 Enterprise Extension
SAP R/3 Plug-In
SAP Reference IMG
SAP Reference Structure
SAP Retail (IS-R)
SAP Retail (SAP)
SAP Retail Store
SAP Review Program
SAP Security Library
SAP Service Marketplace
SAP Services Map (SV)
SAP Services Map (SV-ASA)
SAP Smart Forms
SAP SNC mode
SAP Software Change Registration
SAP Solution Map
SAP Solution Map Telecommunications
SAP Solutions for Small and Midsize Businesses
SAP spool system
SAP Standard Support
SAP Statistical Graphics
SAP Supplier Self-Services
SAP system
SAP system group
SAP system icon
SAP system ID
SAP System Operation Manual
SAP system service
SAP task
SAP transaction processing due list
SAP Tree
SAP Trust Center Service
SAP update system
SAP Value Calculators
SAP Web Dispatcher
SAP Web Repository
SAP workflow
SAP xApp Analytics
SAP xApp Cost and Quotation Management
SAP xApp Integrated Exploration and Production
SAP xApp Product Definition
SAP xApp Resource and Portfolio Management
SAP XSLT processor
[email protected] Studio
SAPforms Designer
SAPforms form
SAPforms form task
save (BC)
save (PSM-GPR)
save as complete
save as incomplete
save as new
save set
save window
save without check
Save your entries.
saved searches
savings book
savings made in the cost of living
savings per free-up of a storage bin
savings per prevented loss
scale (BC-DB)
scale (BC-FES-GRA)
scale (IS-R)
scale (PA-PD)
scale base type
scale base value
scale level
scale price
scale rate
scale retroactivity
scale type (LE)
scale type (SD)
scale unit
scale value
scaling (BC-ABA)
scaling (IS-U-BI)
scaling factor
scaling factor abbreviation
scan level
scanned letter
scenario (CA)
scenario (CRM-MKT)
scenario (FI-GL)
scenario (FS-BA)
scenario (IS-B-SA-ALM)
scenario (LO-PDM)
scenario (SCM-EM)
scenario (SCM-FC-PMC)
scenario (SV-ASA)
scenario dashboard
scenario data point
scenario data storage
scenario date
scenario editor
scenario for counterparty/issuer risk
scenario group
scenario ID
scenario modeling
Scenario Planner
scenario progression (FS-BA-SD)
scenario progression (IS-B-SA-ALM)
scenario scope
scenario set (CRM-MKT)
scenario set (FS-BA-SD)
scenario view
schedule (EHS)
schedule (IS-HMED)
schedule (PE)
schedule (PE)
schedule (PE-LSO)
schedule (SCM-APO-PPS)
schedule (SCM-APO-PPS)
schedule (SCM-TM)
Schedule B number
schedule category
schedule condition
schedule data
schedule exception
schedule line
schedule line category
schedule line in requirements plan
schedule line type (CRM)
schedule line type (MM-PUR)
Schedule Manager
schedule model (PE)
schedule model (PE-LSO)
schedule priority
schedule record
schedule status
schedule type
schedule vehicle
schedule week
schedule-based means of transport
scheduled activity
scheduled billing
scheduled billing period
scheduled claim
scheduled correspondence
scheduled dates
scheduled delivery
scheduled finish date
scheduled meter reading category
scheduled payment
scheduled processing
scheduled search
scheduled start date
scheduler (BC-SRV-COM)
scheduler (BW-WHM)
scheduler (CA-GTF)
scheduler (GRC)
scheduler (SRM-EBP-CON)
scheduler manager
scheduler service (EP-KM-COL)
scheduler service (MP-APP-DPE)
scheduler setting
scheduling (CRM-RPL)
scheduling (IS-OIL-DS-TD)
scheduling (IS-U-BF-PS)
scheduling (PP)
scheduling agreement
scheduling agreement delivery schedule
scheduling agreement delivery schedule line
scheduling agreement processing
scheduling agreement release (MM-PUR)
scheduling agreement release (SCM-APO-PPS)
scheduling agreement release (SD)
scheduling agreement release schedule line
scheduling agreement with release
scheduling horizon
scheduling job
scheduling margin key
scheduling package
scheduling period
scheduling process
scheduling rule (CRM-CIC)
scheduling rule (ICM)
scheduling status
scheduling strategy
scheduling type (IS-H)
scheduling type (PM)
scheduling work center
scheduling-specific employee information
schema (AP-CAT)
schema (BC-CCM-ADK)
schema (BC-MID-BUS)
schema (CRM-IC-EMS)
schema (IS-U-BI)
schema (MDM)
schema (XAP-OSP)
schema status
schema step
school material subsidy
scientific notation
scope (BC-CUS)
scope (SV-ASA)
scope definition
Scope Document
scope of application
scope of application entry
scope of check
scope of collateral
score (FIN-SEM-CPM)
score (FIN-SEM-CPM)
score (MM-PUR)
score (MP-APP-DPE)
score (SCM-APO-SCC)
scorecard element
scoring (CRM-ANA)
scoring (IS-H)
scoring method
scoring model (CRM)
scoring model (XAP-RPM)
scoring range
scrap (PP)
scrap (QM)
scrap level
Scrap Rate
scrap stock
scrap value
scrap variance
scratch pad
screen (BC-DOC)
screen (BC-FES-GUI)
screen area (BC-DOC)
screen area (BC-DOC)
screen element
screen group
screen layout
screen layout rule
screen list
screen magnifier
screen order
Screen Painter (BC-DWB-TOO)
Screen Painter (SBO)
screen part
screen profile
screen reader
screen sequence (BC-DWB)
screen sequence (LO-MD)
screen source code
screen structure
screen variant (BC-DWB-CEX)
screen variant (CO)
screen variant (FI)
screening inspection
script (CRM-MT)
script (CS)
script expression
script panel
script text
script text field
scripting (BC-BSP)
scripting (IS-T)
scroll arrow
scroll bar
scroll bar shaft
SCS instance
SDK Compatibility License
SDK Development License
SDK Implementation License
SDM Repository
SE number
seal category
seal code
sealed bid
Search & Replace Wizard for Multiple Properties
Search and Classification
search area
Search Bar
search category (BC-EIM-ESH)
search category (FS-CM)
search data provider
search engine (BC-TRX)
search engine (EP)
search engine service
search event
search expression
search field
search framework
search function
search help
search help attachment
search help exit
search help inclusion
search help parameter
search in results
search index
search item type
search mode
search object
search object connector
search object connector template
search object connector type
search object type
search page (CRM)
search page (SCM-EM)
search procedure
search profile
search profile type
search provider (BC-EIM-ESH)
search provider (EP-VC)
search query (BC-SRV-KPR-RET)
search query (PA-ER)
search request
search result
search server
search server relation
search service
search service provider
search syntax
search template element
search type
search variant
season (IS-AFS)
season (IS-BEV-LO-TS)
season (IS-R)
season (IS-U-BI)
season level
season license plate
season processing
season sequence
season wind-up
seasonal index
seasonal limit
seasonal material
seasonal model
seasonal procurement
seasonal trend model
second COBRA qualifying event
second injury fund
second placement
second program grouping
second-level report
second-stage dealer
second-to-default credit derivative
secondary BOM
secondary business transaction
secondary buying rate
secondary care sector
secondary client computer
secondary compensating product
secondary cost element
secondary costs
secondary data source
secondary defective part
secondary diagnosis (FS-CM)
secondary diagnosis (IS-H)
secondary event
secondary exposure
secondary fixed cost variance
secondary index
secondary InfoObject
secondary infotype
secondary injury fund
secondary method
secondary product
secondary proportionality
secondary resource
secondary risk display
secondary screen
secondary script
secondary selling rate
secondary table
secondary tax card
secondary view
secondary wage type
secondary window
secret key
secret key encryption
section (BC-DOC)
section (FI-SL)
section (IS-M-AM)
section (PE-LSO)
section code
section I
section II
section III
Secure Electronic Transaction
Secure HyperText Transfer Protocol
Secure Multipurpose Internet Mail Extension
Secure Network Communication
Secure Sockets Layer
secure storage
secure storage area
Secure Storage Service
Secure Store and Forward
securities account
securities account block
securities account position
securities account statement
securities account transfer
securities firm as bank
securities firm as sovereign
securities position account
securitization pool
security (FIN-FSCM-TRM-TM)
security (SAP)
security (SAP)
security (SLL)
security alert
Security Audit Log
security code
security deposit
security deposit transfer
security deposit type
Security Filters Editor
security level
security log
security policy
security proceeds account
Security Provider Service
security retention amount
security status
security zone
see also cross-reference
see cross-reference
seed URL
segment (BC-CCM-ADK)
segment (BC-SRV-EDI)
segment (CRM-MW)
segment (FI)
segment (FS-BA-AN-PA)
segment (ICM-PFO)
segment adjustment
segment assignment
segment assignment in portfolio assignment
segment assignment object
segment assignment role
segment hierarchy
segment hierarchy node
segment modeling
segment rebook
segment reporting
segment reversal
segment structure
segment summarization
segment table
segment type
segmentation (BC-I18)
segmentation (ICM-PFO)
segmentation basis
segmentation characteristic
segmentation service
segregation key
segregation of duties
select (BC-DOC)
select (BC-SRV-REP)
select all
select block
selected item (AP-CAT)
selected item (FI-LC)
selected set
selection characteristic
selection column (BC-FES-GUI)
selection column (CRM-PCC)
selection condition (BC-DWB-DIC)
selection condition (CO-PA)
selection condition (LO-VC)
selection cover sheet
selection criterion
selection function
selection group
selection group ID
selection horizon (IS-A-S2L)
selection horizon (PP-MRP)
selection include
selection inheritance
selection list
selection log
selection method (BC-DWB-DIC)
selection method (IS-HER-CM)
selection module
selection object
selection option
selection period
selection profile (IS-MP)
selection profile (SCM-EM)
selection range
selection rule (PP-MRP)
selection rule (SCM-APO-PPS)
selection screen (BC-ABA)
selection screen (BC-DWB-TOO)
selection screen (BC-FES-GUI)
selection screen event
selection screen processing
selection screen version
selection set
selection table
selection text (BC-ABA)
selection text (BC-ABA)
selection type (BW-WHM)
selection type (IS-U-EDM)
selection variable
selection variant (CO)
selection variant (FS-BP)
selection variant (IS-HMED)
selection variant (IS-U-EDM)
selection variant (LO)
selection variant (PP-BD)
selection variant (PP-BD)
selection variant (SCM-APO-FCS)
selection view (BC-ABA)
selection view (BC-ABA)
selective release
selector box
self invoice
self reference (BC-ABA)
self reference (BC-ABA)
self-assessment test
self-billing invoice
Self-Billing Monitor
self-payer insurance relationship
self-service procurement
Sell Standardized Services
sell-in (CRM-MKT)
sell-in (IS-HT-DRM)
selling country
semantic integrity
semantical adapter
Semantical Integration Model
semantically related fields
semifinished product
semimonthly payroll
send attribute
send control
send mail
send type
sender adapter
sender agreement
Sender components
sender control record
sender cost center
sender structure
sender type
sending application
sending company
sending country
sending payroll
sending system
seniority (FS-BA-PM-CR)
seniority (PY)
seniority date preference
seniority group
seniority leave
seniority of portion
seniority of tranche
sensitivity analysis
sensory analysis
SEPA direct debit
SEPA mandate
separate language transport
separate provision of cover funds
separation allowance
separation label
separation of assets
separation payment
separation rule
sequence (BC-ABA)
sequence (FS-CMS)
sequence (LO-MD)
sequence (PP)
sequence (XAP-MII)
sequence definition
sequence number (CA)
sequence number (IS-BEV-LO-TS)
sequence number (SBO)
sequence number (SCM-EM)
sequence number (SCM-EWM)
sequence of characteristics
sequence of product allocation procedures
sequence of scenarios
sequence planning board
sequence rule
sequence schedule (PP-FLW)
sequence schedule (SCM-APO-PPS-MMP)
sequence strategy
sequence test
sequence-dependent setup activity
sequenced JIT call
sequencing (PP-FLW)
sequencing (SCM-APO-PPS)
sequencing (SCM-APO-PPS-MMP)
sequential file
sequential markets
sequential processing
sequential reading
sequential sampling inspection
serial number (LO-MD)
serial number (MM)
serial number (SBO)
serial number (SCM-EWM)
serial number profile (LO-MD)
serial number profile (PM)
serial number profile (SCM-EWM)
serial number requirement
serial number transactions report
Serial Shipping Container Code
serial switching
serial workflow
serializable object
serialization (BC-ABA)
serialization (BC-MID-ALE)
serialization (LO-MD)
serialization (SCM-EWM)
serialization context
serialization effect
serialization group
serialization procedure
serialization reporting point
series type
server control block
server event
server group
server network
server PIN
server process
server proxy
server table
Server Tools
server-side rendering
service (AP-BE)
service (BC-ESI)
service (BC-FES-ITS)
service (BC-MID-BUS)
service (BC-XI)
service (BW)
service (CRM-BTX-CTR)
service (EP-PIN-ROL)
service (IS-H)
service (MM-SRV)
service (PE)
service access point
service action
service advisor
service agent
service agreement
service analytics
service API
Service Archive file
service area (CRM-RPL-SRV)
service area (IS-T)
service area (IS-U-WA)
service area (SCM-APO-MSP)
service area activity
service assurance
service audit
service backbone
service billing
Service Browser
service bulletin
service calculation
service call (BC-DWB-TOO)
service call (SBO)
service catalog
service category (IS-H)
service category (IS-U-IDE)
service category (IS-U-WA)
service center
service charge category
service charge group
service charge key
service charge settlement header
service charge settlement verification
service charges
service code (IS-A-DBM)
service code (IS-H)
service company
service component
Service Computation Date
service confirmation
service confirmation item
service connection
service container
service contract (CRM-BTX-CTR-SCO)
service contract (CS)
service contract (IS-EC-BOS)
service contract (SBO)
service contract quotation
Service Control Manager
service cost center
service customization
service date
service description (BC-FES-ITS)
service description (MM-SRV)
service description (SRD-SCM)
Service Desk
Service Development Workbench
service document
Service Editor
service employee
service employee assignment
service engineer (AP-SVO)
service engineer (SV-SMG)
service entry sheet (IS-EC-BOS)
service entry sheet (MM-SRV)
service execution team
service explorer
service factory
service file
service fill
service fill category
service fill decision
service fill executing location
service form
Service Framework
service frequency
service group (CA-GTF-TS-XSS)
service group (IS-H)
service heuristic
service history file
service inbound layer
service index
service infrastructure
service interface
service interval (CRM-BTX)
service interval (IS-U-WA)
service interval grouping
service item (CRM-BTX)
service item (IS-EC-BOS)
service item (MM-SRV)
service item list
service level
Service Level Agreement
service level permissions
service line
service line cost estimate
service link text
service list
service location
service loss
service loss reason
service loss reference date/time
service loss schedule line
service manager (CRM)
service manager (IS-A-DBM)
Service Manager (BC-JAS)
Service Manager (SBO)
service master
service master record
Service Modeler
service module
service name
service notification
service number
service offer
service operation
service order (CRM-BTX-SVO)
service order (CS)
service order instance
service order template
service organization
service organization responsible
service package (AP-CAT)
service package (CRM-BTX-CTR-SCO)
service pair
service parameter
service part
service part confirmation item
service part item
service parts management
service permission
service plan (CRM-BTX)
service plan (CS)
service plan simulation
service price
Service Principal Name
service product (CRM-BTX-SVO)
service product (CS)
service product (SD)
service product confirmation item
service profile (CRM-BTX-CTR-SCO)
service profile (CS)
service profile (SCM-BAS-PSM)
service profit center
service provider (BC-SRV-RM)
service provider (CRM-RPL-SRV)
service provider (EP-PIN)
service provider (FS-CM)
service provider (IS-DFS)
service provider (IS-U)
service provider agreement
service provider agreement type
Service Provider Interface
service provider list
service provider market partner
service provider type
service provisioning
Service Provisioning Markup Language
service quality template
service quantity
service quantity contract
Service Report
service representative
service request (CRM-ISE)
service request (CS)
service resource planner
service resource planning
service rule
service segment
service selector
Service Session
Service Session Workbench
service specifications
service station
service status
service supervisor
service system
service task list
service team
service technician
service ticket
service type (CRM-BTX-SVO)
service type (EP-KM-COL)
service type (IS-M-SD)
service type (IS-U-IDE)
service type (IS-U-WA)
service type (RE)
service type catalog
service user
service value contract
service window (CRM-BTX-SVO)
service window (CS)
service window (IS-U-WA)
service wizard
service zone
serviceable item
serviceable material
serviceable part
servient tenement
session (BC-ABA)
session (BC-NET)
session bean
session communication
session component
session connection
session cookie
session dispatching
Session Failover Service
session guest
session handling
Session History
session host
session ID table
session list
session log
session management
session manager
Session Manager
session of offering
session overview
session package
session participant
Session Release Agent
session tab area
sessional registration status
set (AP-MD)
set (FI-LC)
set (FI-SL)
set (IS-R)
set (PA-CM)
set (PP)
set (PSM-GPR)
set (RE)
set (SRM)
set ID
set indicator
set level
set of goods
set of hits
set of rules
set product
set relationship
set shift
set type
set up
set variable
SET/GET parameter
setter method
settings specific to the determination procedure
settled amount
settlement (CO)
settlement (FIN-FSCM-TRM-TM)
settlement (FS-AM-EP-ST)
settlement (ICM)
settlement (IS-BEV-DSD)
settlement (IS-OIL-DS-EXG)
settlement (IS-U-EDM)
settlement (SD)
settlement account
settlement area for renewable energy
settlement area grid operator
settlement assignment
settlement calendar
settlement category
Settlement Cockpit
settlement column format
settlement condition
settlement cost element
settlement data collector
settlement data measurement
settlement date
settlement diversity
settlement document (CO)
settlement document (ICM)
settlement document (IS-BEV-DSD)
settlement form
settlement group
settlement indicator
settlement item
settlement list
settlement mode
settlement number
settlement office
settlement order
settlement package
settlement parameter
settlement participation
settlement payment
settlement period (FS-AM-EP-ST)
settlement period (IS-B-RA-CL)
settlement period (IS-U-EDM)
settlement period (RE)
settlement procedure
settlement profile (CO)
settlement profile (CRM-RB)
settlement profile (IS-A)
settlement receiver
settlement reference date
settlement request list
settlement rescheduling
settlement risk
settlement rule (CO)
settlement rule (ICM)
settlement run (ICM)
settlement run (SD)
settlement run number
settlement schedule
settlement schedule item
settlement schedule run
settlement schedule sequence
settlement scheduling
settlement share
settlement statement
settlement statement/division of interest cross reference
settlement statistics
settlement step (IS-U-CA)
settlement step (IS-U-EDM)
settlement transaction
settlement type (CO)
settlement type (FI-CA)
settlement type (FS-CM)
settlement type (ICM)
settlement type (IS-EC-CEM)
settlement type (PE)
settlement type (PE-LSO)
settlement type (RE)
settlement unit (IS-U-EDM)
settlement unit (RE)
settlement unit (RE)
settlement unit category
settlement unit for remaining quantity
settlement variant (FI-CA)
settlement variant (FS-CM)
settlement variant (RE)
setup characteristic
setup group
setup group category
setup group key
setup key
setup matrix
setup matrix for characteristic values
setup order
setup recipe
setup status
setup time (LE)
setup time (PP)
setup transition
setup transition without setup key change
setup/clean-out order
severance pay
severance payment
severe disability equivalence certificate
severity (BC-CCM)
severity (BC-VMC)
severity (IS-HMED)
severity (PLM-CPR)
severity of illness
SEVIS school code
SFA key
SFW Migration Workbench
shadow account (FS-AM-CM-CA)
shadow account (FS-MCM)
shadow import
shadow repository
shadow system
shadow table
shadow value date-based balance
shaping character
share capital
share of defects
share of scrap
share of wallet
share policy
share register
share segment
shared employee
shared file system
shared folders
Shared Garbage Collection
shared iView
shared lock (BC-DWB-DIC)
shared lock (BC-DWB-DIC)
shared memory (BC-ABA)
shared memory (BC-CST-MM)
shared memory (BC-JAS)
shared memory enabled class
shared note
shared object (BC-ABA)
shared object (EP-PCT)
shared objects
shared objects memory
shared page
shared repository
shared service
shared service center
shared trash
shared workset
shareholding data
sharing level
sharing of spare parts
shelf life
shelf life expiration date
shelf-edge price marking
Shell Administration Service
Shell Service
shift (CRM-RPL-ICS)
shift (FS-PM)
shift (PP)
shift (PT)
shift abbreviation
shift aggregate schema
shift change compensation (PT)
shift change compensation (PY)
shift definition (PP)
shift definition (SCM-APO-CA)
shift factor (PM)
shift factor (SCM-APO-CA)
shift factors definition
shift function
shift group
shift grouping
shift note
shift of fund assets
shift plan
shift planning
shift report
shift rota
shift schedule
shift segment
shift sequence (PP)
shift sequence (SCM-APO-CA)
shift template
ship-and-debit agreement
ship-from address
ship-to party
shipment (SCM-EWM)
shipment (SCM-TM)
shipment (SD)
shipment cost comparison
shipment cost document
shipment costing
shipment costs (IS-OIL-DS-TD)
shipment costs (SD)
shipment document
shipment downsizing
shipment exclusion table
shipment order
shipment priority
shipment request
shipment scheduling
shipment sizing
shipment tendering
shipment type
shipment upsizing
shipper's export declaration
shipper's letter of instructions
shipping address
shipping and receiving activity
shipping condition
shipping country
shipping document (IS-EC-CEM)
shipping document (LE)
shipping instructions
shipping manifest
shipping material
shipping notification
shipping notification management
shipping package
shipping point
shipping type
shipping unit
shock room
shop floor papers
shop on behalf of
shop papers
shopfloor complaint lot
shopping basket
shopping cart
shopping cart preview
shopping list
short area description
short cut
short description
short dump
short EAN
short profile
short text (BC-CUS)
short text (BC-DOC)
short-stay patient
short-term characteristic
short-term document
short-term inspection
short-term trial planning
short-time exposure limit
shortage analysis
shortage check
shortcut decision
shortcut key
shortened fiscal year
shortfall penalty
shrinkage rate
shukko payoff
shukko working contract
shutdown (BC-CST)
shutdown (FI-AA)
shutdown (PM)
shutdown document
SI unit
sibling object
SIC code
sick pay
sickness insurance act
sickness insurance act mandatory service
side access
side effect
side info file
side information
side menu
sigma difference limit alarm
signal monitor
signal stock level
signature (BC-ABA)
signature (BC-SRV-PMI)
signature (CRM-BF)
signature method
signature strategy
significant account
signing agent
Silk Road
silo stock
similar asset test
similar business
similarity function
Simple and Protected GSS API Negotiation Mechanism
simple appraisal object
simple bind
simple bucket
Simple Business Configuration Set
Simple Buying
simple discontinuation
simple display
simple event type
simple key figure
simple maintenance
Simple Maintenance
simple object
Simple Object Access Protocol (BC-MID)
Simple Object Access Protocol (EP)
simple process
simple process data request
simple requirement
simple requirement description
Simple Transformation
simple variable
simplification of elimination
simplified acquisition procedures
simplified acquisition threshold
simplified Chinese
simplified declaration procedure
simulated attendance
simulated infotype
simulation (CRM-ANA)
simulation (FI)
simulation (FS-BA)
simulation (FS-PM)
simulation (PLM-CPR)
simulation (PT)
simulation category
simulation cockpit
simulation costing
simulation mode
simulation of capacity leveling
simulation type
simulation version (PS)
simulation version (SCM-APO-PPS)
simultaneous consolidation (EC-CS)
simultaneous consolidation (FI-LC)
simultaneous costing
single activity trace
single administrative document
single agent drug
single appointment
single article
single byte code
single code page system
single code page-dependent
single codepage system
single company-single client
single contract
single correspondence recipient
single cycle plan
single document (BW-BEX)
single document (FS-CD)
single entry
single inheritance (BC-ABA)
single inheritance (CRM-BF-CFG)
single launch pad
single log
single material (IS-R)
single material (LE)
single packaging
single point of failure
single pool contract
single processing
single profile
Single Relation Editor
single requirement combination
single resource
single sampling inspection
single selection list
single settlement item
single settlement request
single sign-on
Single Sign-On
single sourcing
single step
single transaction check
single transaction check product
single transaction commitment
single unit
single value
single value analysis
single value analysis in ALM
single value data set
single versioning with reversal
single-activity resource
single-byte character set
single-byte language
single-dimension set
single-entry screen
single-host installation
single-level BOM
single-level packing instruction
single-level supply and demand mapping
single-level where-used list
single-mixed resource
single-object controlling (CRM)
single-object controlling (PLM-CPR)
single-quantity procedure code
single-record buffering
single-segment planning
single-selection mode
single-step task
single-store vendor order
single-task activity
single-transaction-related collateral
single-transaction-related collateral provision
single-unit inspection
single-value characteristic
single-value recording
SINTEGRA material number
SIREN number
SIRET number
site (BC-FES-ITS)
site (BC-SRV-COM)
site (CRM-CIC)
site (CRM-MW)
site (IS-DFS)
site (IS-R-KUNDE)
site (LE)
site class
site development
site group
site maintenance
site map
site master record
site protection
site type
site visit
site wizard
situation template
size category
size class
size of package for parallel processing
skeleton time
skip approval
SKU data
SKU group procedure
SKU horizon
SKU level
SKU level horizon method 1
SKU level horizon method 2
SKU quantity adjustment
SKU status
slack time
slave graphics proxy
slave host
slave index
slave index server
slave name server
slider box
sliding dose
slot (CS)
slot (SBO)
slot (SCM-APO-MSP)
slot task list
slotting heuristic
slow-moving item (LE-WM)
slow-moving item (LO-LIS)
slow-moving item (SCM-EWM)
small-scale industry
smaller business partner and subsidiary integration
smart card
Smart Implementation
smart indexing
smart number
Smart Synchronization
smart tag
smoothing factor
snapshot (FI-CA)
snapshot (PLM-CPR)
snapshot (SBO)
snapshot (SCM-ICH)
snapshot statement
snapshot storage path
SNC connection
SNC entry
SNP aggregation
SNP checking horizon
SNP disaggregation
SNP heuristic
SNP optimization bound profile
SNP optimizer
SNP optimizer profile
SNP planning profile
SNP priority profile
SNP production horizon
SNP stock transfer
SNP stock transfer horizon
SNP stock transfer without source location
SNP/CTM runtime object
social application
social application approval
social application item
social area
social case
social certificate
social insurance group modifier
social insurance modifier
social service plan
social service plan activation
social service plan approval
social service plan assignment profile
social service plan determination strategy
social service plan item
social services eventing
Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Transactions
SoD conflict
SOD management by exception
SoD remediation
SoD risk level
soft bounce
soft constraint
soft phone
soft rating characteristics
soft reference
soft shutdown
soft-down merge
soft-down split
soft-up merge
soft-up split
Software Agent Framework
software component (BC-UPG)
software component (NW)
Software Component Archive
software component version (BC-CTS)
software component version (BC-MOB)
software component version (BC-XI)
Software Delivery Archive
Software Delivery Assembler
Software Delivery Catalog
Software Delivery Composer
Software Delivery Manager
Software Deployment Archive
Software Deployment Manager
sold circulation
sold or licensed right
sold-to party
sole and exclusive agent
sole provider
sole sourcing
solution (CS)
solution (SBO)
solution (SCM-EM)
solution in detail
solution lifecycle management
Solution Manager project
solution operations services
Solution Review
solution search
solutions knowledge base
sort buffer
sort code
sort rule (LO-BM)
sort rule (SCM-EWM)
sort strategy
sort type
sort version
sorted table
source (EHS)
source (EHS)
source (SAP)
source (XAP-CQM)
source (XAP-EM)
source allocation
source allocation scheduling logic I
source allocation scheduling logic II
source attribute
source business partner
source category
source chart of accounts
source code
source code modularization
source code page
source code plug-in
source company
source control
source currency
source data basis
Source Data Layer
source determination (MM-PUR)
source determination (SCM-APO-SNP)
source document (CA-DMS)
source document (FI)
source document (SD)
source external ID
source file
source inspection
source item
source language
source level
source list
source list record
source location
source location subrange
source message
source object (EP-OBN)
source object (EP-PIN)
source object (SBO)
source object element
source of excise tax
source of supply (MM-PUR)
source of supply (SCM-APO)
source of supply for in-house production
source operation
source planning step
source release
source routine
source storage bin
source storage type
source structure
source system (BC-CTS)
source system (BW)
source system (EHS)
source version
sourcing bin
sourcing control
sourcing hub
sourcing preparation view
sovereign of incorporation
sovereign of incorporation as per cross-guarantee system
sovereign of incorporation of business partner
SP POID parameter
space management
spacing restriction
spare device
spare part
Spare Parts Procurement
SPEC 2000
spec home
SPEC message
special account balance
special advance payment
special area
special arrangement
special assessment
special asset for gain/loss posting
special buy agreement
special content transport
special depreciation
special development system
special excise duty
special G/L account
special G/L indicator
special G/L transaction
special invoice
special items with reserve
special ledger
special mobility
special mobility status
special operating hours
special pay scale group
special payment
special period
special posting
special premium
special price
special processing indicator
special procurement type
special provision
special publication
special purpose code
special purpose entity
Special Purpose Ledger
special retention amount
special rights
special rights in claim
special rights in contract
special service
special stock
special stock indicator
special tax region
special text variable
special transport
special work rules text
special working conditions
specialized lending
specialty category
specific download
specific exemption
specific header
specific inflation gain or loss
specific inflation index
specific market risk
specific questionnaire
specific tax rate
specific transit time
specification (BC-MID-BUS)
specification (EHS)
specification (LO-PDM)
specification category
specification limit
specification parameter
specification reference
specification system
specification type
specifications document
speculative load
speech bubble
speech text
speed status setting
Spend Analysis
spend method
spend value
spending limit
spending value
spending value breakdown
SPL-requested return
split (IS-OIL-DS-EXG)
split (PP)
split (SD)
split amount
split derivative of a structured financial instrument
split indicator (IS-OIL-DS-EXG)
split indicator (PY)
split invoice
split invoicing
split length
split quantity
split remainder
split results
split revaluation of depreciation
split rule
split valuation
split value
splitscreen editor
splitting environment
splitting factor
splitting service
sponsor identifier
sponsored class
sponsored funds
sponsored link
sponsored program
spool administration
spool request
spool server
spool system
spool work process
sports type
spot delivery
spot exchange transaction
spot price
spot rate
spot rate method of currency translation
spot review
spread (CPM-BPC)
spread (FI)
spread (FIN-FSCM-TRM-TM)
spread (IS-AFS-ARUN)
spread clause
spread curve
spread curve type
spread dependent on financial instrument
spread of hedge
spud date
SQL Audit
SQL trace
SQL Trace
SRM Server
SSE subscription
SSF profile
SSL client PSE
SSL Provider Service
SSL server identity
SSL server PSE
SSL termination
SSO administration wizard
SSO Personal Security Environment
stability rule
stability study
stable value clause
stack height
stacker crane
stacking factor (IS-BEV-VSO)
stacking factor (SCM-APO-SNP)
staff assignment
staff assignment rule
staff assignments
staff indicator
staffing action
staffing dashboard
staffing level
staffing percentage (PA-PM)
staffing percentage (PA-RC)
staffing status
stage (GRC)
stage (IS-HER-CM)
stage analysis
stage detour
stage formula
staggered billing
staging (BW)
staging (CRM-MD-PCT)
staging area (CRM-MKT)
staging area (IS-HT-DRM)
staging area (SCM-APO-CPR-SCH)
staging area (SD)
staging type
stakeholder (FIN-SEM-SRM)
stakeholder (SRM-CM)
stakeholder (XAP-RPM)
stakeholder list
stale request
stamp paper
stamp tax
STAMPIT Integration
STAMPIT setting code
stand-alone data type
standalone component
standalone dispatcher
standalone enqueue server
standalone gateway
standalone item
standalone scenario
standard abbreviation
standard activity agreement
standard activity design
standard address
standard address type
standard admission
standard agreement
standard allocation rule
standard application for commission
standard available capacity
standard back-end integration version
Standard Banking Code
standard benefit
standard BOM
standard buffer
standard capacity
standard catalog
standard charge
standard class
standard commission contract
standard condition (FS-AM-PR-CD)
standard condition (IS-B)
standard condition (IS-B-BCA)
standard control
standard cost (CO-PC)
standard cost (SBO)
standard cost estimate (CO-PC)
standard cost estimate (CO-PC)
standard costs
standard data object
standard delimiters
standard design
standard domain
standard element
standard execution step
standard feature
standard folder
Standard for the Exchange of Product Model Data
standard form print
standard hierarchy (CO-OM-ABC)
standard hierarchy (CO-OM-CCA)
standard industry sector
standard initial room role
standard item (SCM-ECT-DLP)
standard item (SRM-EBP)
standard job
standard key (BC-ABA)
standard key (BC-DWB-DIC)
standard layout
standard list status
standard macro
standard maintenance routing
standard material type
standard milestone
standard model
standard module
standard network
standard object
standard of valuation for dental services
standard of valuation for panel physician services
standard operating procedure
standard option
standard overview
standard page header
standard pallet
standard partner
standard phrase
standard plan
standard planning layout
standard premium
standard price (MM)
standard price (XAP-CQM)
standard price procedure
standard project
standard project definition
standard purchase order
standard question group
standard recipient
standard release
standard remuneration clearing agreement
standard report (BC-SRV-REP)
standard report (FI-LC)
standard request
standard response
standard rule
standard safety stock planning
standard scheduling agreement
standard search
standard selection
standard selection screen (BC-ABA)
standard selection screen (BC-FES-GUI)
standard selection variant
standard sequence
standard service catalog
standard service number
standard setting
standard settlement rule
standard simulation
standard supplier
standard symbol
standard table
standard task
standard text
standard text variable
standard toolbar
standard trigger point
standard unit of measure
standard valuation (EC-CS)
standard valuation (FI-LC)
standard value (PA-BN-FB)
standard value (PP-BD)
standard variant
standard volume
standard Web template (BW-BEX)
standard Web template (BW-BEX)
standard XStep repository
standardized approach
standardized financial data
standardizing entry (EC-CS)
standardizing entry (FI-LC)
standards data
standby database
standby power
standing instructions
standing order
standing order with fixed amount
standing order with variable amount
standing request (FI-CA)
standing request (PSM-FM)
start condition
start date (MP-APP-DPE)
start date (SBO)
start function code
start macro
start of operation
start of supply
start offset
start page
start page group
start parameter
start phase
start price
start process
start profile
start transaction
start value
start-finish relationship
start-finish rule
start-start relationship
start-up method
starting balance
starting location
startup plug
state license fee zone
state license number
state of having a negative effect on subsidy
state of joint liability
state tax number
stateless (BC-BSP)
stateless (BC-FES-ITS)
statement block
statement of reserve fund
statement of stockholders' equity
statement pooling
statement structure
statement wage type
statement without turnovers
static attribute (BC-ABA)
static attribute (MP-APP-DPE)
static breakpoint
static chart
static component
static fill-in
static lot-sizing procedure
static method
static product determination
static section
static stopping
statistic (BC-SRV-QUE)
statistic (QM)
statistical analysis
statistical charge calculation
statistical company
statistical condition
statistical goods receipt
statistical key figure
statistical key figure group
statistical line item (FI-CA)
statistical line item (PSM-GPR)
statistical order
statistical posting
statistical process control
statistical range of coverage
statistical reserve
statistical value (QM)
statistical value (SD-FT)
statistics (CA)
statistics (MP-APP-BB)
statistics (SRM-SUD)
statistics content component
statistics content component hierarchy
statistics tool
status (AP-PPE)
status (BC-SRV-ARL)
status (BC-SRV-CM)
status (BC-SRV-EDI)
status (FIN-SEM-CPM)
status (FS-CMS)
status (PA)
Status and Tracking System
status attribute (BC-CCM)
status attribute (BC-SRV-COM)
status attribute (MP-APP-CR)
status attribute (SCM-EM)
status attribute name
status attribute profile
status attribute type
status attribute value
status attribute value for document flow
status bar (BC-FES-GUI)
status bar (SBO)
status board
status carrier object
status characteristic (IS-M-AM)
status characteristic (MP-APP-CR)
status code
status concept
Status Concept of Physical Documents
status confirmation
status due report
status file
status group
status history
status icon
status indicator
status information
status line
status log
status management (CA)
status management (FS-CMS)
status management (SCM-BAS-STM)
status management service
status message
status network
status number
status object
status of physical documents
status profile (BC-SRV-CM)
status profile (CA)
status profile (CRM-IM-IPM)
status profile (IS-H)
status reason (PA-ER)
status reason (PA-RC)
status record
status retrieval
status schema
status selection profile (CA)
status selection profile (PS)
status transfer
status transfer of physical documents
status transition
status type (BC-DWB-TOO)
status type (CA-DMS)
status type (SCM-BAS-STM)
status value (MP-APP-CR)
status value (SCM-BAS-STM)
status window
status-dependent project version
statutory consolidation
statutory period
steering committee
step (BC-BMT-WFM)
step (CAF-GP)
step (KM-ITU)
step (PA-PD)
step acquisition (EC-CS)
step acquisition (FI-LC)
step consolidation
step definition
step in an operation
step loop
step loop technique
step name
Step-by-Step Guide
stepwise simultaneous consolidation
stochastic blocking
stock (IS-DFS)
stock (MM-IM)
stock account
stock adjustment due to physical inventory
stock allocation
stock attribute
stock balance
stock category
stock correction
stock days' supply
stock determination (MM-IM)
stock determination (SCM-EWM)
stock determination group
stock determination rule
stock determination strategy
stock element
stock entry
stock exhaustion date
stock exhaustion warning date
stock identification
stock in quality inspection
stock in transfer
stock in transit
stock inquiry
stock item (PP)
stock item (SCM-ECT-LIM)
stock keeping unit
stock keeping unit item
stock key
stock ledger
stock ledger group
stock level
stock list (IS-BEV-LO-RE)
stock list (MM)
stock management level
stock management unit
stock material
stock of material provided to vendor
stock on truck
Stock Option Accounting
stock overview
stock planner
stock planner group
stock population
stock posting
stock quantity
stock removal
stock removal strategy (LE-WM)
stock removal strategy (SCM-EWM)
stock search
stock season
stock selection
stock sorting
stock source trade promotion
stock split
stock status
stock status 1
stock status 2
stock status code
stock storage location
stock transaction
stock transfer (LE-WM)
stock transfer (MM-IM)
stock transfer costs
stock transfer document
stock transport order
stock transport order quantity difference
stock transport scheduling agreement
stock type
stock unit
stock value
stock/requirements list
stockkeeping unit
stockpile and product blending
stop (BC-CST)
stop (SCM-EWM)
stop scheduling agreement release (IS-A-EMM)
stop scheduling agreement release (SCM-APO-CPR)
stop sequence
stopmark manager
storage area
storage area for partial quantities
storage bin
storage bin check
storage bin identifier
storage bin section
storage bin stock
storage buckets profile
storage capacity
storage category
storage class
storage control
storage control relevance
storage costs
storage costs indicator
storage good
storage group
storage hazard class
storage location (BC-CCM-PRN)
storage location (CA-DMS)
storage location (LO)
storage location MRP
storage location MRP area
storage location priority
storage location selection list
storage location stock
storage object
storage object access mode
Storage Object Browser
storage object characteristic
storage object class
storage object history
storage object segment
storage object sequence number
storage object type
storage parameter
storage path
storage plant
storage report
storage resource (PP-PI)
storage resource (SCM-APO-MD)
storage section (LE)
storage section (LE-WM)
storage service
storage supply
storage system (BC-ILM)
storage system (BC-SRV-ARL)
storage type
storage type role
storage type search
storage unit
storage unit document
storage unit number
storage unit type
store (BC-CCM-ADK)
store (BC-SRV-ARL)
store (IS-R)
store and assign
store and enter
store autonomy
store card
store characteristic
store communication
store confirmation request
store delivery
store department
store master
store master record
store order
store phase
store retailing (IS-R)
store retailing (IS-R)
store retailing system
store return
storing for subsequent assignment
storing for subsequent entry
storing in dialog
straight loading
straight reverse
straight-line depreciation from APC
straight-line depreciation from net book value
strategic advice
strategic characteristic
strategic enterprise management
strategic planner
strategic planning (IM)
strategic planning (SCM-APO-MSP)
strategic planning (SCM-EWM)
Strategic Portfolio Management
strategic posting
strategic program position
strategic simulation
strategy category
strategy plan
strategy profile
strategy type
street route
street section
strength substitution
stress data
stress test (FS-BA)
stress test (SV-ASA)
strict versioning
strike currency
string expression
string function
string literal
string operator
string template
strong authentication
structural authorization check
structural authorization profile
structural content component
structural content component hierarchy
structural enhancement
structural funds
structural graphics
structural report
structural sales
structure (BC-ABA)
structure (BC-ABA)
structure (BC-CCM-ADK)
structure (BC-DWB-DIC)
structure (KM-KW)
structure category
structure component
structure component selector
structure depth
structure gap (CRM-MD)
structure gap (IS-AD-CC)
structure graphic (BC-FES-GRA)
structure graphic (PM)
structure hierarchy
structure ID
structure include
structure indicator (IS-H)
structure indicator (PM)
structure level
structure link
structure list
structure mapping
Structure Modeler
structure modeling
structure node (AP-PPE)
structure node (BC-CUS-TOL)
structure node (BC-SRV-RM)
structure node (EC-EIS)
structure node (FS-BA-SD)
structure overview
structure proxy
structure relationship
structure scenario
structure title
structure tree
structure type (IS-DFS)
structure type (QM)
structure variable
structure view
structured article
structured contract
structured conversion object
structured data type
structured facts capture
structured material
structured payment notes
structured private data
structured product (CRM-MD)
structured product (FS-AM-CM)
structured product (FS-BA)
Structured Query Language
structured template
structured type
Structures Workbench
structuring element
Student Info Center
student level
student number
study segment
style (BC-SRV-SCR)
style (CA-GTF-DOB)
style (IS-M-AMC)
style parameter
style sheet
stylesheet variable
sub ad spec
sub ad spec linking
sub location product
sub-change process
sub-settlement unit
subannual consolidation
subassignment (EC-CS)
subassignment (FIN-SEM-BCS)
subclaim type
subcontract order (MM-PUR)
subcontract order (SCM-APO-PPS)
subcontract type
subcontracting (IS-AD)
subcontracting (MM)
subcontracting (SCM-APO-PPS)
subcontracting challan
subcontracting component
subcontractor (IS-AD)
subcontractor (IS-EC-BOS)
subcontractor (MM)
subcontractor (PSM-GM)
subcontractor (SCM-APO-PPS)
subcontractors gross payment voucher
subcontractors tax certificate
subcontractors tax certificate number
subfeature operation
subgroup-consolidating entry
subitem (CRM)
subitem (EC-CS)
subitem (FI-CA)
subitem (IS-AD-MPN)
subitem (IS-EC-BOS)
subitem (IS-U-IN)
subitem (PP)
subitem category
subitem category-like characteristic
subject (CRM-BTX)
subject (IS-HER-CM)
subject (PA-ER)
subject matter expert
subject profile
subject profile category
subject to cover
subject to final payment balance
subledger account
subledger accounting
submission deadline
subobject (BC-CUS)
subobject (FS-BA-SD)
subobject (IS-H)
suborder (IS-A-DBM)
suborder (PM)
suborder (SCM-APO-SNP)
suborder plant
suborder type
subordinate call list
subordinate class
subordinate configurable line item
subordinate configurable line item number
subordinate contract
subordinate packing instruction
subordinate relationship
subprocess (GRC)
subprocess (IS-U-IDE)
subprocessing schema
subproject (PLM-CPR)
subproject (PS)
subrogation (FI-CA)
subrogation (FS-CM)
subroutine pool
subscreen (BC-ABA)
subscreen (IS-H)
subscreen (PA-PA)
subscreen area
subscreen container
subscreen dynpro
subscribe (BC-SRV-COM)
subscribe (BC-SRV-COM)
subscriber (EP-KM-CM)
subscriber (EP-KM-CM)
subscriber (IS-M-SD)
subscription (AP-BE)
subscription (BC-SRV-COM)
subscription (CRM-MW)
subscription (EP-KM-CM)
subscription (EP-KM-CM)
subscription (IS-M-SD)
subscription agent
subscription configuration
subscription contracts
subscription customer
subscription event
subscription generation data object
subscription generator
subscription list
subscription offer
subscription owner
subscription service
subsequent account posting type
subsequent allocation
subsequent calculation of value
subsequent change
subsequent consolidation (EC-CS)
subsequent consolidation (FI-LC)
subsequent credit
subsequent debit
subsequent debit order
subsequent delivery free of charge
subsequent measurement
subsequent posting
subsequent random selection
subsequent settlement
subsequent shipping
subsequent sickness
subsequent supply
subsequent test
subsequent transport
subsidizer with customer account
subsidy (FI-AA)
subsidy (FS-CM)
subsidy (FS-CM)
subsidy (FS-CMS)
subsidy agency
subsidy budget
subsidy rate
substance contained in a substance listing
Substance in legal entity
substance in legal terms
Substance legal authorization group
substance list
substance listing
substance rating
substance type
Substituição Tributária
substitute (BC-SRV-COM)
substitute (FIN-SEM-CPM)
substitute article
substitute collateral
substitute entitlement product
substitute item
substitute material
substitute product
substitute profile
substituted kit component
substituted kit component item
substitution (EP-BC-UWL)
substitution (FI-SL)
substitution (PT)
substitution activity
substitution assignment (IS-R)
substitution assignment (IS-R-KUNDE)
substitution assignment (SCM-FRE)
substitution control (IS-R)
substitution control (SCM-FRE)
substitution demand
substitution exit
substitution list
substitution merge profile
substitution of remanufactured products
substitution profile (IS-R)
substitution profile (SCM-FRE)
substitution receipt
substitution set
substitution table
substitution type (IS-R)
substitution type (PT)
substitution type (SCM-FRE)
substitutional part
substring (BC-CST)
substring (PSM-FM)
substructure (BC-ABA)
substructure (BC-DWB-DIC)
substructure (KM-KW)
subthreshold earnings
subtotal filter
subtype (BC-DWB-TOO-BOB)
subtype (CPM-BPC)
subtype (PA)
subvaluation run
subvaluation run type
success rate
succession plan
succession planner
Succession Planning
succession planning simulation
successor (BC-CTS)
successor (BC-FES-GRA)
successor (BC-SRV-EDI)
successor (PS)
successor processing
successor processing profile
successor product planning date
successor product receipt date
suggested retail price
suitability percentage
suitability range
suitable receipt
sum-of-the-years-digits method of depreciation
summarization (CO-PC)
summarization (IS-B-RA)
summarization area
summarization category
summarization dates
summarization hierarchy
summarization indicator
summarization item (PA-PM)
summarization item (PSM-FM)
summarization level
summarization object
summarization order
summarization rule
summarization schema
summarized BOM
summarized financial statements
summarized JIT call
summarized node
summarized range call
summarized requirements
summary (CRM-BTX)
summary (CRM-EM)
summary (CRM-PCC)
summary confirmation
summary data
summary delivery document
summary delivery record
summary procedure code
summary task
Summary Task
summated rating
summated value group
super user
superable earnings
superannuation fund
superior class
superior equipment
superior order
superordinate contract
supersession chain
supersession planning horizon
Superuser Privilege Management
supervisory board compensation
supervisory differential
supplement (IS-H)
supplement (IS-M-SD)
supplement (PSM-FM)
supplement change directory
supplement change piece list
supplement component directory
supplement component piece list
supplement item
supplemental demand
Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Child
supplemental payment
supplemental pension
supplemental run
supplementary account assignment
supplementary auto liability insurance for rental cars abroa
supplementary character
supplementary code point
supplementary collateral
supplementary invoice
supplementary logistics service
supplementary plane
supplementary rule
supplementary value-added service
supplementation language
supplementation logic
supplier (CRM-MOM)
supplier (IS-DFS)
supplier access
supplier back-end product
supplier catalog
supplier delivery performance rating
supplier directory
supplier enablement
supplier evaluation in SRM
supplier factor
supplier freight invoice request
supplier freight quote
supplier hierarchy
supplier master manager
Supplier qualification
Supplier Screening
Supplier selection
supplier self-registration
supplier self-services
supplier share
supplier shipment quote
Supplier Survey Cockpit
Supplier Workplace
supplier-side functions
supply and demand propagation
supply category
supply chain
supply chain analytics
Supply Chain Cockpit
supply chain code
supply chain coordination
Supply Chain Engineer
supply chain execution (IS-R)
supply chain execution (SAP)
Supply Chain Execution
supply chain management
Supply Chain Management Alert
supply chain model
supply chain networking
Supply Chain Operational Reference model
supply chain planning (IS-R)
supply chain planning (SAP)
Supply Chain Planning
supply chain technology
supply chain unit
supply function
supply horizon (PP-SOP)
supply horizon (SCM-APO-SNP)
supply limit
Supply Network Planning
Supply Network Planning Aggregate Hierarchy
supply permit processing
Supply Planning
Supply Planning Request Procurement Run
Supply Planning Request Production Run
supply relationship (IS-DFS)
supply relationship (QM)
supply segment
supply shortage
supply source determination
Supply strategy development
supplying distribution channel
supplying division
supplying plant for relocation
supplying sales organization
support (CRM-MKT)
support (SAP)
Support Desk
support group
Support Package (BC-UPG-OCS)
Support Package (BC-UPG-OCS)
Support Package Collection
Support Package level
Support Package Manager
support relationship
Support Release
support services
support team (PA-ER)
support team (XAP-OSP)
Support Tools
supporting document
surcharge (FI)
surcharge (IS-U-BI)
surcharge category
surcharge rule
surcharge schema
surge option
surgery situation
surgery task
surgery task component
surgery task template
surgery type
surgery work station
surplus budget
surplus delivery
surplus reporting
surrogate bid
surrogate bidding
surrogate code point
surrogate index
surrogate pair
survey (CRM-CA)
survey (GRC)
survey (SRM-EBP-VE)
survey administration
Survey Builder
survey deadline
survey monitor
survey owner
survey package
survey reviewer ID
survey status
Survey Suite
Survey Tool
surviving order
survivor benefits
suspend order
suspended data
suspense entry
suspension phase
suspension system
suspicious record
swap file
swap rate
swap space
SWIFT code
SWIFT number
Swiss adjustment
switch (BC-DWB-TOO-SFW)
switch (CS)
switch (FS-PM)
switch (PM-WCM)
switch back
switch document
Switch Framework
switch off
switch on
switch view (BC-FES-GUI)
switch view (IS-U-IDE)
switched line
switching costs
switching location
switchover information (IS-R)
switchover information (SCM-FRE)
switchover software
symbol (BC-FES-GUI)
symbol (BC-SRV-SCR)
symbol (EHS)
symbol (IS-M-AMC)
symbol for data retrieval
symbolic account
symbolic name
symptom (CS)
symptom (SBO)
sync/async bridge
sync/async communication
synchronization (BC-FES-GRA)
synchronization (BC-FES-ITS)
synchronization (BC-MOB)
synchronization (LE-TRM)
synchronization (SCM-APO-PPS)
synchronization BDoc type
synchronization cockpit
synchronization job
synchronization key
synchronization mode
synchronization object
synchronization point
synchronization reporting point
synchronization type
synchronizer business object
synchronizer control record
synchronous archiving
Synchronous Collaboration
synchronous collaboration framework
synchronous communication
synchronous goods movement
synchronous method
synchronous OPC Data Access
synchronous Remote Function Call
synchronous retrieval
synchronous server
synchronous signature process
synchronous storing
synchronous update
syndicated global portal
syndicated loan agreement
syndication (MDM)
syndication (SAP)
synopsis schema
syntactical character set
syntax error
syntax group
synthetic fund
synthetic profile
synthetic securitization
system (BC-FES-GUI)
system (EP-PIN)
system action
System Administration Assistant
system alias
system architecture
system attribute
system availability
system backup
system business object
system change option
system class
system contract
system currency
system date
system environment
system field
system group
system ID
system infrastructure
system inventory record
system landscape (BC-CTS)
system landscape (EP-PIN)
system landscape catalog
system landscape configuration
System Landscape Directory
system language
system list
system log
system log file
system log record
system menu
system menu button
system message (BC-CST)
system message (BC-MOB)
system news
system number
system of units
system organizational unit
system overhead
system parameter
system performance
system principal
system PSE
system requirement
system resolving service
system services
system setting (BC-CTS)
system setting (BC-CUS-TOL)
system setting (SV-ASA)
system status (BC-SRV-CM)
system status (CA)
System Switch Upgrade
system symbol
system template (BC-FES-ITS)
system template (CA-GTF-DOB)
system thread
system time
system trace
system type (BC-CTS)
system type (IS-DFS)
system unit
system user
system variable
System z
Syukko (PY-JP)
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