Start of Content Area
R and S phrases
R square
R/3 Form
R/3 Repository
R/3 Repository merge
rack jobber
rack meter
rack price
rack pricing
rack-jobber module
radio button
radio button group (BC-FES-GUI)
radio button group (BW-BEX)
radio frequency event message profile
radioactive material
radiology department
RAMQ number
random number generator
random selection
random storage
range (QM)
range (SBO)
range group
range of coverage (IS-AD-ROT)
range of coverage (LO-LIS)
range of coverage (MM-IV)
range of coverage (SCM-FRE)
range of coverage factor
range of coverage in days
range-of-coverage profile
ranges table
ranges table type
rank (IS-DFS)
rank (LO-ECH)
rank (MP-APP-DPE)
ranking (PA-ER)
ranking (RE)
ranking class
ranking method
ranking order
ranking overview
ranking ratio
rapid delivery confirmation
Rapid Planning Matrix
raster graphic
rate (IS-MP-NF)
rate (IS-MP-NF)
rate (IS-U-BI)
rate category
rate change date
rate currency
rate determination key
rate determination module
rate determination routine
rate effective date
rate fact group
rate fetch quantity
rate of capacity utilization (CO)
rate of capacity utilization (PP)
rate of utilization
rate plan
rate plan combination
rate ready
rate requirement
rate routing
rate type
rate unit
rate-based planning
rating (CRM-BTX)
rating (EHS)
rating (EP-KM-CM)
rating (FS-BA-SD)
rating (FS-BP)
rating (FS-CML)
rating (MDM)
rating category
rating model
rating of record
rating period
rating permission
rating procedure
rating profile
rating record
rating scale
rating trend (FS-BP)
rating trend (FS-BP)
ratio (CO-PC)
ratio (FI)
ratio (FI-LC)
raw data interface
raw exposure
raw material cost estimate
raw price
RDA profile
RE Navigator
RE search request
re-year end adjustment
REACH substance authorization group
reactivation costs
reactivation reason
reactive energy
reactive order monitoring
reactive power
read procedure
read program
read view
read-only interface element
readiness (IS-DFS)
readiness (PA-ER)
reading type
readjustment mode
readmission sequence
ready (CRM-IC)
ready (SRM-LA)
Ready-to-run Implementation
real enforcement title
real estate and buildings
real estate cadaster
real estate contract
Real Estate general contract
real estate group
real estate loan
real estate object (FS-CMS)
real estate object (RE)
Real Estate object
real estate register
real estate register number
real land register
real memory
real missing quantity
real output management system
real properties register
real properties register number
real property loan
real substance
real time
real value
Real-Time Collaboration
real-time data acquisition
real-time datafeed
Real-Time Decisioning Engine
real-time offer management
Real-Time Offer Management Cockpit
real-time positioning
real-time pricing
real-time screen pop
realignment (CO-PA)
realignment (CRM-MW)
realignment (FS-BA-AN-PA)
realignment request
realignment run
realized exchange rate
realized loss
reallocation of initial buy
realtime update (EC-CS)
realtime update (FI-LC)
reason code
reason for admission
reason for cancellation
reason for dose difference
reason for exemption from consolidation (EC-CS)
reason for exemption from consolidation (FI-LC)
reason for inclusion (EC-CS)
reason for inclusion (FI-LC)
reason for movement
reason for multiplication factor
reason for removal
reason for time difference
reassessment rate
reassign (BC-FES-GUI)
reassign (CA-GTF-RCM)
reassign stored object
reassignment lock
reassignment of order confirmations
rebate (CRM-RB)
rebate (LO)
rebate agreement (CRM-RB)
rebate agreement (LO)
rebate agreement currency
rebate agreement type
rebate arrangement
rebate due list
rebate extract
rebate period
rebate profile
rebate settlement
rebate settlement material
rebind operation
rebook (PE)
rebook (PE-LSO)
rebooking (PE)
rebooking (PE-LSO)
rebuild run
recall (FS-PE)
recall (GRC)
recall (ICM)
recall (IS-M-SD)
recall (LO-WTY)
recall date
recall status
receipt days' supply
receipt element
receipt log
Receipt of Cancellation
receipt quantity (IS-R)
receipt quantity (SCM-APO-PPS)
receipt value (IS-R)
receipt value (MM-IV)
Receipt Wizard
receipts view
receivable (FI)
receivable (FS-CMS)
receivable component
receivable in pool
receivable portion
receivable position
receivable secured amount
receivables list
receiver (BC-MOB)
receiver (CA-GTF-TS)
receiver (FS-BA-AN-PA)
receiver adapter
receiver agreement
receiver code
Receiver components
receiver control record
receiver determination
receiver function module
receiver generation data object
receiver instance
receiver meta model
receiver pre-identification
receiver report
receiver type
receiver type function module
receiving company
receiving document item
receiving inspection
receiving payroll
receiving plant
receiving point
receiving storage location
receiving system
Recent Notifications
recipe (IS-HMED)
recipe (PLM-RM)
recipe counter
recipe formula
recipe group
recipe management (SAP)
recipe management (SAP)
recipe material list
recipe object
recipe quantity
recipe-dependent formula
recipient (BC-BMT-WFM)
recipient (BC-CTS)
recipient (BC-SRV-COM)
recipient (IS-R)
recipient (XAP-OSP)
recipient group (FS-BA-SD)
recipient group (PE)
recipient group (PE-LSO)
recipient item (FS-AM-OM-SO)
recipient item (FS-PE)
recipient list
recipient priority
recipient system
recipient type (BC-SRV-COM)
recipient type (IS-EC-CEM)
recipient-driven flow-through
recision period
reclassification (EC-CS)
reclassification (FIN-SEM-BCS)
reclassification (SLL)
reclassification rule
recommended field
recommended treatment
reconciliation (FIN-SEM-BCS)
reconciliation (GRC)
reconciliation (IS-U-EDM)
reconciliation (SBO)
reconciliation account
reconciliation bucket lot
reconciliation data
reconciliation document
reconciliation key (FI)
reconciliation key (FI-CA)
reconciliation ledger
reconciliation of balances
reconciliation posting
reconciliation procedure
reconciliation rule
reconciliation type
reconnect (CRM-CIC)
reconnect (IS-T)
record (BC-MID-BUS)
record (EHS)
record (EP-VC)
record model
record number
record set
record type (BC-SRV-ARL)
record type (BC-SRV-EDI)
record type (CO-PA)
recordkeeping process
Records Browser
Records Management System
Records Modeler
Records Organizer
recoverable amount
recovery (BC-DB)
recovery (PSM-FM)
recovery rate (IS-B-RA-CL)
recovery rate (IS-U-BI)
recruitment activity
recruitment activity view
recruitment instrument
Recruitment Management
recruitment request
recurrence rule
recurring activities (PE)
recurring activities (PE-LSO)
recurring document
recurring entry
recurring entry document
recurring entry original document
recurring payment
recurring payments/deductions
recursion depth
recycled family item
recycling rule
red rating
redefined definition
redemption period
redemption rate
redirection purchase order
redistribution schema
reduced excise duty rate
reduced inspection
reduced maximum rate
reduced order quantity
reduced per diem/flat rate
reduced subject to final payment balance
reduced working hours
reduced-from price
reduction (FS-CM)
reduction (PP)
reduction (RE)
reduction category
reduction factor (PA-PF)
reduction factor (SCM-APO-ATP)
reduction in capitalization
Reduction in Force
reduction method
reduction quantity
redundant array of independent disks
reel calculation
reel category
reel clearance
reel stock
reel type
reentrant enterprise bean
reference (BC-ABA)
reference (BC-DOC)
reference (BC-TWB)
reference (CA-GTF-DOB)
reference (CRM-FM)
reference (FIN-FSCM-TRM-TM)
reference (MP-APP-DPE)
reference account
reference account details
Reference and Simulation Costing
reference area
reference basic booking unit
reference business partner
reference category
reference characteristic (CA-CL)
reference characteristic (FS-BA-SD)
reference code
reference code search
reference company code
reference condition type
reference consumption
reference cost estimate
reference currency (FI)
reference currency (FS-BA-PM-HP)
reference currency (PA-CM)
reference cycle
reference data (CRM-MD)
reference data (FS-PE)
reference data connector
reference date (IS-OIL-DS-MAP)
reference date (PM)
reference date (PP)
reference date (PY-CH)
reference date (SBO)
reference determination procedure
reference determination schema
reference document (FI)
reference document (LE-TRM)
reference document (SD)
reference document ID
reference document number
reference employee
reference equipment
reference field
reference field group
reference flow type
reference force element
reference functional location
reference functional location category
reference group
reference interest rate (FIN-FSCM-TRM-TM)
reference interest rate (FS-BA-SD)
reference interest rate cash deposit
reference item
reference license type
reference lot
reference market data scenario
reference material (IS-AFS-SD)
reference material (LO-MD)
reference measuring point
reference model
reference node
reference number
reference object (BC-SRV-ASF)
reference object (CRM-BTX-SVO)
reference object (PM)
reference object check
reference obligation
reference operation
reference operation set (PP-BD)
reference operation set (PP-BD)
reference operation set group
reference operation set header
reference order (CO)
reference order (IS-MP)
reference partner
reference period
reference point (IS-EC-BOS)
reference point (PS)
reference policy
reference price
reference product (CRM-MD)
reference product (SCM-APO-CA-CDP)
reference purchasing organization
reference quantity
reference rate routing
reference resource
reference role (AP-TTE)
reference role (ICM)
reference salary
reference sales item number
reference sales order number
reference scenario (IS-B-SA-ALM)
reference scenario (PA-CM)
reference service
reference shift
reference specification
reference step
reference structure
reference substance
reference table
reference time
reference type (BC-ABA)
reference type (BC-EIM-IQM)
reference type (IS-EC-CEM)
reference type (SCM-APO-MD)
reference unit (PE)
reference unit (PE-LSO)
reference user
reference user analysis
reference value (CO)
reference value (EHS)
reference value (IS-U-BI)
reference variable
reference variant
reference workflow
referenced billing plan
referenced credential type
referenced quantity
referenced value
referencing attribute
referencing credential type
referencing procedure
referential integrity
referential relationship type (BC-DWB-TOO-DMO)
referential relationship type (BC-DWB-TOO-DMO)
referral (IS-H)
referral (IS-H)
referral (PSM-GPR)
referral diagnosis (IS-H)
referral diagnosis (IS-H)
referral type (IS-H)
referral type (IS-H)
referred customer
referring hospital
referring physician (IS-H)
referring physician (IS-H)
referring physician type
refill time
refinement indicator
refresh rate
refunding key
refurbishment material
refurbishment order (PM)
refurbishment order (XAP-IEP)
refusal period
regenerative planning
region code
region pattern
region within country
regional bonus scheme
regional code
regional financial center
regional health service
regional location
regional location key for heating value days
regional reservations facility
regional sales manager
regional structure
regional structure area
regional tax office
regional telematics network
Regional Value Content
register category
register group
register identification
register relationship
register RG 1
register RG 23A
register RG 23C
register RG 23D
register type
registration (BC-CST-GW)
registration (PE)
Registration Authority
registration card
registration card number
registration classification
registration consent
registration date
Registration deadline
registration district
registration form
registration scope
registry (BC-MID-ALE)
registry (BC-MOB)
registry (CA-GTF-RCM)
regression type
regular expression
regular payments
regular payments/deductions
regular tax
regular total amount
regular vendor
regulated production
regulation set
regulatory measures
regulatory protocol
regulatory reporting
Regulatory Reporting Interface
reimbursable order
reimbursement (IS-U-IN)
reimbursement (SD-FT)
reimbursement by insurer
reimbursement funding
reimbursement rate
reinsurance (FS-RI)
reinsurance (SAP)
rejected (PA)
rejected (XAP-OSP)
rejected document
rejecting outcome
rejection (FS-PE)
rejection (QM)
rejection code
rejection letter
rejection number
rejection reason
related contract
related date
related links
Related Links Editor
Related Links iView
related object
related right
related task
relation path
relation resolving service
relation weight
Relational Command Processor
relational data
relational data model
relational data provider
relational database
relational database management system
relational expression
relational integrity
Relational Metadata API
Relational Metadata Model
relational model
relational operator
Relational Query API
Relational Query Model
relationship (BC-SRV-KPR-DMS)
relationship (CRM-BF)
relationship (FS-BA-SD)
relationship (IS-A-VMS)
relationship (PA)
relationship (PE-LSO)
relationship (PP-PI)
relationship (PS)
relationship (SCM-APO-PPS)
relationship (SCM-APO-SCC)
relationship category (FS-BA-PM-CR)
relationship category (FS-BP)
relationship category (XAP-OSP)
relationship category in Risk Basis
relationship class
Relationship Editor
relationship matrix
relationship monitoring
relationship table
relationship type (BC-SRV-KPR-DMS)
relationship type (CRM-MD)
relationship type (PM)
relationship type (SCM-APO-MD)
relationship version
Relationships Editor
relative density
relative deviation
relative due date scenario
relative maturity band
relative path
relative statistical error
relative type name
releasable product
release (BC-CTS)
release (CA-TS)
release (CO-PC)
release (FIN-FSCM-TRM-TM)
release (FS-BA-PM-HP)
release (MM)
release (PLM-CPR)
release (SD)
release as course content
release attribute
release category
release check
release code
release condition
release creation periodicity
release creation profile
release Customizing
release date (ICM)
release date (IS-T)
release date for conversion into checked delivery
release dates
release discount
release documentation
release group
release history
release horizon (MM-PUR)
release horizon (SCM-APO-PPS-CDS)
release identifier
release indicator (BC-TWB)
release indicator (MM-PUR)
release info
release key
release list
release note
release object
release order list
release period
release period key
release point
release prerequisite
release procedure
release process
release profile
release project
release reason
release restriction
release rule (ICM)
release rule (IS-AFS-ARUN)
release scheduling agreement release
release stop indicator
release strategy
release to customer
release transfer
release type
release upgrade
release view
release-authorized purchasing organization
release-specific IMG
relevance (BC-TRX)
relevance (FIN-CGV-MIC)
relevance set
relevance test
relevancy indicator
relevancy to costing
relevant contracts tax
relevant country for country risk
relevant for pegging
relevant for relocation
relevant income
relevant minimum
relevant payments card
relevant per diem
relevant scrap quantity
reload program
relocation (BC-CTS)
relocation (IS-DFS)
relocation (IS-DFS)
relocation (PA-GE)
relocation assistance
relocation delivery
relocation planning (IS-DFS)
relocation planning (IS-DFS)
relocation sequence
relocation step
relocation stock transport order
relocation transport
REM heuristic
remainder object
remainder of iteration basis
remainder rule
remaining capacity requirement
remaining capital
remaining flying hours
remaining input variance
remaining liability value
remaining life
remaining material
remaining plan
remaining product allocation
remaining requirement
remaining response time
remaining shelf life (IS-R)
remaining shelf life (SCM-APO-MD)
remaining term
remaining variance
remanufactured product
reminder period
reminder rule
reminder scripting (CRM-CIC)
reminder scripting (CS)
remittance challan
remodeling rule
remote content provider
remote delta link
Remote Function Call
remote function module
remote interface
remote iView
remote key
Remote Method Invocation
Remote Object Container Service
remote project
remote role assignment
remote system
remote user
remote worklist
remote-enabled function module
removal sequence
remuneration activity
remuneration agreement
remuneration amount
remuneration clearing
remuneration clearing agreement
remuneration clearing rule
remuneration criterion
remuneration detail line
remuneration disbursement
remuneration distribution
remuneration entitlement
remuneration filter
remuneration form
remuneration group
remuneration guide
remuneration indicator
remuneration inquiry
remuneration item
remuneration line
remuneration list
remuneration procedure
remuneration quantity
remuneration rate
remuneration result
remuneration scheduling
remuneration statement
remuneration type
rendered .NET Custom iView
rendering (BC-BSP)
rendering (BC-I18)
renewable document
renewable document chain
renewable document management
renewable document type
renewable energy supply process
renewal commission
renewal date
renewal option
renewed document
rent adjustment
rent adjustment accrual/deferral
rent cap
rent capping
rent reference value
rental collateral
rental items
rental items order
rental object
rental object type
rental order
rental order type
rental price
rental request
rental space
rental unit
reorder cycle method
reorder days' supply
reorder point (IS-R)
reorder point (PP-MRP)
reorder point (SCM-FRE)
reorder point method
reorder point planning
reorganization (BC-SRV-COM)
reorganization (IS-AFS-ARUN)
reorganization (IS-DFS)
reorganization schema
repair flag
repair hint
repair order
repair procedure
repair request item
repair-based planning
repairable component
repairable spare
repayable advance
repayment (FS-CML)
repayment (PSM-GM)
repayment method
repayment plan
repayment request
repeat appointment
repeat function
repeat period
repeat print
repeated process data request
repeating group (EHS)
repeating group (FI)
repetition group
repetition item
repetition specifications
repetition structure
repetitive code
repetitive manufacturing
repetitive manufacturing profile
repetitive payment
repetitive payment account
repetitive payment record
replace (PE)
replace (PE-LSO)
replaced archiving session
replacement article
replacement ASN
replacement business
replacement glyph
replacement material
replacement period
replacement product
replacement strategy
replacement text
replacement type
replacement value (FI-AA)
replacement value (IS-U-EDM)
replacement value creation
replacement value procedure
replacement value procedure group
replacement value process
replay trip
replenishment (IS-R)
replenishment (LE-WM)
replenishment element (IS-A-S2L)
replenishment element (PP-REM)
replenishment indicator
replenishment lead time
replenishment plan
replenishment proposal
replenishment quantity (IS-R)
replenishment quantity (LE-WM)
replenishment quantity (MM-IM)
replenishment run
replenishment strategy
replenishment-based inventory management
replicated database service
replication ID
replication model
replication object
replication phase
replication table
replicator starter
report (BC-ABA)
report (BC-SRV-REP)
report (BW-BEX)
report (CA)
report (CA)
report (EHS)
report administration
report application
report based on line items
report body
report book
report bundling
report catalog
report category (BC-DWB-TOO)
report category (PY)
report class
report composer
report date
report definition (BC-CCM)
report definition (SBO)
report definition link
report delivery type
report designer
Report Designer
report documentation
report generation variant
report group (CO-OM-CCA)
report group (FI-SL)
report group (IS-H)
report group (PM)
report instance
report job
report library
report organizer
report package
report package link
report page
Report Painter
report portfolio
report portfolio report
report program
report selection
report shipping object
report shipping order
report shipping order bundle
report shipping order package
report simulation
report template
report time
Report Tracking/Monitoring
report tree
report type (IS-OIL-DS-OGSD)
report type (QM)
report variant (BC-SRV-REP)
report variant (CO)
Report Writer
report-report interface
reportable item code
reportable quantity
reported financial data (EC-CS)
reported financial data (FIN-SEM-BCS)
reported quantity
reporting (BC-ABA)
reporting (BC-SRV-REP)
reporting (CO)
reporting according to Foreign Trade and Payments Ordinance
Reporting Agent
reporting and analysis
reporting base (IS-MP-NF)
reporting base (IS-OIL-DS-MAP)
Reporting Business Information Warehouse system
reporting cockpit
reporting country
reporting currency
reporting event
reporting point (PP-REM)
reporting point (SCM-APO-PPS)
reporting point kanban
reporting point level
reporting point type
reporting quota type
reporting rule
reporting service
reporting structure
reporting time type
reporting year
reporting-relevant entity
repository (EP-KM-CM)
repository (EP-UNI)
repository (SLL)
Repository Explorer
repository filter
repository framework
Repository Information System
repository manager
repository prefix
repository service
Repository switch
repository view
representative alias
representative company
representative document
representative item
representative ledger
representative list of rents
representative list of rents adjustment method
representative list of rents label
representative list of rents spread
representative material
representative value
representative well
representative well completion
request (FI-CA)
request (FS-CM)
request (IS-HMED)
request (LE-TRM)
request (SRM-EBP)
request (XAP-CQM)
request attribute (BC-CTS)
request attribute (BC-EIM-ESH)
request category (BC-CTS)
request category (CRM-ISE-WBF)
request category view
request consistency
request data (IS-BEV-PL)
request data (SCM-TM)
request data structure
request editor
Request For Comments
request for customer freight quote
request for customer shipment quote
request for external staff
request for quotation (MM-PUR)
request for quotation (MM-PUR)
request for quotation (SCM-APO-SCC)
Request for Quotation
request for quote
request for supplier freight quote
request for supplier shipment quote
request handler
request letter
request management
request manager
request message
request overview
request owner
request release
request source client
request status
request type
requested budget/resources
requested delivery date
requested end
requested overconsumption
requested quantity (LE-WM)
requested quantity (SCM-BAS-QOS)
requested quantity/date
requested right
requested start
requester (FS-CM)
requester (PA-ER)
requester (XAP-OSP)
requesting organizational unit
required (PE)
required (PE-LSO)
required capacity
required characteristic exclusion conflict
required entry
required entry field
requirement (CA-GTF-BS-MC)
requirement (ICM-CRD)
requirement (IS-A-S2L)
requirement (IS-HER-CM)
requirement (IS-M-AM)
requirement (MM)
requirement (PA-PD)
requirement (PT)
requirement (SCM-APO-PPS)
requirement (SD)
requirement (XAP-PD)
requirement assignment
requirement assignment type
requirement catalog
requirement catalog version
requirement category (IS-HER-CM)
requirement category (LE)
requirement coverage request
requirement date (MM-PUR)
requirement date (PP-MRP)
requirement date/time
requirement group
requirement grouping
requirement pattern
requirement prioritization
requirement priority
requirement profile
requirement profile type
requirement set
requirement structure
requirement totaling
requirement tracking number
requirement type (LE)
requirement type (LE-WM)
requirement type (PP-MP)
requirement urgency
requirement urgency group
requirement's season
requirements ascertainment
requirements ascertainment horizon
requirements check
requirements combination type
requirements definition
requirements description
requirements element
requirements grouping
requirements list
requirements management
requirements matchup
requirements plan
requirements planning
requirements profile (PA-PD)
requirements profile (SCM-APO-ATP)
requirements profile (SCM-TM)
requirements record
requirements selection
requirements simulation
requirements sort
requirements sorting
requirements source
requirements subgroup
requirements totaling
requirements type
Requirements Verification Tool
requirements view
requisition details
requisition statistics
requisition title
resale and claim message processing
resale ship date
rescheduling (SCM-APO-PPS-RSP)
rescheduling (SD)
rescheduling check
rescheduling proposal
rescission balance
rescission period (FS-AM-OM-AC)
rescission period (FS-CML)
research (CRM-BTX-COM)
research (PP)
research (SAP)
research and development
research request
reservation amount
reservation area
reservation category
reservation object
reservation object type
reservation of priority
reservation percentage
Reservation Planning
reservation status
reservation type (PE)
reservation type (RE)
reservations for health reasons
reserve (CRM-IM-IPM)
reserve (FS-CM)
reserve (ICM)
reserve account (FI)
reserve account (SBO)
reserve for bad debt
reserve for special depreciation
reserve group cluster
reserve history
reserve invoice
reserve lot
reserve management
reserve of bad debts
reserve period
reserve position
reserve price
reserve release
reserve requirement/balance sheet pooling
reserve sample
reserved amount
reserved stock
reserves for costs of complaints
reserves for imminent loss
reserves for unrealized costs
reserves management for sample
reset category
reset procedure
residence time (BC-ILM)
residence time (IS-U)
resident alien
resident tax area
resident taxpayer
residential and commercial construction companies
residual budget
residual item
residual maturity class
residual order plan
residual period
residual valuation
residual value risk
resolution (CRM-CLA)
resolution (GRC)
resolution time
resolve a conflict
resource (BC-CCM-ADK)
resource (BC-JAS)
resource (CAF-GP)
resource (CO-OM-CCA)
resource (CO-PC)
resource (CRM-RPL-SRV)
resource (EP-KM-CM)
resource (LE-TRM)
resource (PE)
resource (PE-LSO)
resource (PP-PI)
resource (SBO)
resource (SCM-APO-MD)
resource (SCM-EWM)
resource (XAP-RPM)
resource adapter
resource adapter archive
resource adapter module
resource availability indicator
resource bundle
resource category (PP-PI)
resource category (SCM-APO-MD)
resource consumption
resource context
resource decomposition
resource disaggregation
resource element
resource element type
resource equipment
resource factory
resource group
resource ID
resource management
resource manager
resource master
resource menu
resource metadata
resource network
resource overload
resource plan
resource planning table
resource planning tool
resource pool
resource pool builder
resource pool ID
resource price
resource registry
resource renderer
resource reservation (PE)
resource reservation (PE-LSO)
resource selection (PE)
resource selection (PE-LSO)
resource type (CO-OM-CCA)
resource type (CRM-RPL)
resource type (CRM-RPL-SRV)
resource type (EP-KM-CM)
resource type (LE-TRM)
resource type (PE)
resource type (SCM-APO-MD)
resource type (SCM-EWM)
resource wizard
resource-related billing
resource-usage variance
resources not yet assigned (PE)
resources not yet assigned (PE-LSO)
respite care
response attribute
response chunking
response code
response ID
response import
response message
response plan
response probability
response profile (CRM-BTX-CTR-SCO)
response profile (CS)
response rate (CRM-ANA)
response rate (CRM-RPL-ICS)
response recording
response time (CS)
response time (SBO)
response time category
response time distribution
responses report
responsibility (BC-BMT-OM)
responsibility (IS-R)
responsibility hierarchy
responsible agent
responsible department
responsible user
responsible work center
rest of trip
restart log
restitution (SD-FT)
restitution (SD-FT)
restitution claim
restitution invoice
restitution rate
restore (BC-DB)
restore (BC-FES-GUI)
restore (CO-PA)
restore function
restricted bid invitation
restricted interchangeability for FFF classes
restricted interchangeable part
restricted recruiter
restricted shipment phase
restricted stock awards
restricted-use stock
restriction (EHS)
restriction (SCM-APO-PPS-MMP)
restriction category
restriction group
restriction hits view
restriction matrix
restriction type
restrictions of logging profile
resubmission (BC-SRV-COM)
resubmission (FIN-FSCM-COL)
resubmission (FS-PE)
resubmission interval in days
result calculation type
result category
result database
result group
result group type
result group versioning
result handling
result indicator
result list
result list threshold
result node category
result node type
result object
result object version
result of counterparty/issuer default risk
result screen
result type (BC-SRV-BRF)
result type (FS-BA-RD)
result type (ICM)
result type (ICM)
result type (PT)
result value distribution
result view
result view category
result-oriented order BOM
resulting costs
resulting item category
resulting NoA
resulting order
results analysis
results analysis category
results analysis data
results analysis key
results analysis method
results analysis type
results analysis version
results data
results data area
results data framework
Results Data Layer
results database for effectiveness measurement
results document
results metadata
results storage
ResultSet API
resumable exception
resume (PA-ER)
resume (SRM-LA)
resume order
resume parsing
retail (IS-M)
retail (IS-R)
retail classification
retail execution
Retail Ledger
retail margin
retail markup
Retail Method of Accounting
retail network
retail price
Retail Revenue Management
Retail Revenue Management Interface
retail sector
retail site
retailer (IS-M)
retailer (IS-R)
retailing system
retained earnings (EC-CS)
retained earnings (FI-LC)
retained grade
retained pay plan
retained step
retention (ICM)
retention (PSM-GPR)
retention account
retention agreement
retention allowance
retention amount
retention of title
retention period (BC-CCM-ADK)
retention period (BC-ILM)
retention period (PA-ER)
retention period (SCM-APO-SPP)
retention process
retention quantity determination table
retention rate
retention rule
retention time
retirement (FI-AA)
retirement (FI-LC)
retirement (IS-DFS)
retirement (IS-EC-CEM)
retirement age
retirement benefit point system
retirement benefits system
retirement date
retirement due to catastrophe
retirement income
retirement lump-sum allowance system
retirement pension
retirement statement
retrieval date
retrieval system (BC-FES)
retrieval system (BC-SRV-KPR-RET)
retrieval table
retrieve (BC-CCM-ADK)
retrieve (CRM-IC)
retroactive accounting
retroactive accounting limit
retroactive accounting period
retroactive accounting result
retroactive billing
retroactive case processing
retroactive change
retroactive period
retrograde shrinkage
retrospective effectiveness test
retrospective payroll calculation
retrospective regression analysis
return (BC-DWB-TOO)
return (FI)
return (IS-OIL-DS-TD)
return classification
return code
return components
return date
return delivery (IS-DFS)
return delivery (MM-IM)
return delivery order
return delivery requisition
return delivery slip
return file
return item
Return Merchandise Authorization
return of funds
return operation
return order
return part
return period
return potential
return reason
return request
return request number
return storage type
return system of pension assets
Return to Logistics Level
return to vendor
return transfer
return value (BC-ABA)
return value (PA)
return-within period
returnable packaging (IS-A-RL)
returnable packaging (SD)
returnable packaging account
returnable packaging account matching
returnable packaging stock at customer
returnable transport packaging (IS-R)
returnable transport packaging (MM-IM)
returned debit memo
returns (IS-HT-DRM)
returns (IS-M-SD)
returns (LO)
returns (SD)
returns allocation table
returns and repairs processing
returns item
returns list
returns loading note (IS-BEV-DSD)
returns loading note (IS-BEV-LO-RS)
returns lot
returns order
returns refund code
returns refund determination
returns tracking
reusable object
reusable structure
reuse mode
revaluation (CO)
revaluation (FI-AA)
revaluation (IS-OIL-DS-EXG)
revaluation (SBO)
revaluation amount
revaluation area
revaluation at retail
revaluation balance test report
revaluation difference area
revaluation key
revaluation measure
revaluation method (FI-LC)
revaluation method (SBO)
revaluation of single-level consumption
revenue account (FI)
revenue account (SD)
revenue account determination
revenue account determination procedure
revenue budget
revenue element
revenue in excess of billings
revenue management
revenue management - contract accounting
revenue management - convergent invoicing
revenue plan
revenue posting from withholding tax
revenue recognition
revenue rent
revenue surplus
revenue type
revenue value
revenue-based expenditure
reversal (FI)
reversal (FIN-FSCM-TRM-TM)
reversal (FIN-SEM-BCS)
reversal date
reversal document
reversal item
reversal journal number
reversal reason
reverse auction
Reverse Business Engineer
reverse charge
reverse convertible bond
reverse kitting
reverse link
Reverse Load Delivery
reverse-charge sales list
review (EP-KM-COL)
review (IS-B-RA-CL)
review (SV-ASA)
review data storage
review period
review request
reviewer (FIN-FSCM-BC)
reviewer (SRM-EBP-WFL)
reviewers checklist report
revisable form document
revision due date
revision level
revision phase
revision scope
revocability of an external facility
revoked check
revolving loan
rewarehousing period
rework (CO-PC)
rework (IS-AD)
RF monitor
RFC adapter
RFC client
RFC connection
RFC debugging
RFC number
RFC profile
RFC protocol
RFC server
RFC Server Group
RFID device
RFID device controller
RFID device group
RFM analysis
RFM response rate model
RFM segment
RFM segmentation model
RFQ view
RFx respondent
RFx response (PSM-GPR)
RFx response (SRM-EBP-BID)
RFx response evaluation
RFx response modification
RIB calculation formula
RIB object
RIB rule
ribbon annotation
rich text
Rich Text Format
RIF number
rig schedule
right of use contract
right to benefits
rights acquisition
rights acquisition contract
rights and royalties scope
rights availability analysis
rights availability check
rights availability request
rights availability scenario
rights cube
rights dimension
rights dimension characteristic
rights dimension combination
rights in
rights inventory
rights owned and represented
rights sale contract
rights sales
rights scope
rights template
rights usage tracking
risk (EHS)
risk (GRC)
risk (SRM-CM)
risk (XAP-RPM)
risk activity
risk analysis (EHS)
risk analysis (GRC)
Risk Analysis and Remediation
risk and control relationship
risk assessment (EHS)
risk assessment (FS-PM)
risk assessment plan
risk asset
risk category (FS-BA-PM-CR)
risk category (FS-CM)
risk category (IS-B-RA-CL)
risk category (SD)
risk category class
risk characteristic
risk code
risk commitment period
risk country of business partner
risk differentiation
risk factor (IS-B-RA)
risk factor (IS-H)
risk hierarchy
risk ID
risk information
risk level
risk management (SAP)
risk management (SD)
Risk Matrix
risk object
risk of mortality
risk of rent loss
risk potential
Risk Profile Report
risk rating
risk segment
risk sensitivity
risk status
risk violation
risk weight
risk-oriented valuation
RMA overview
RMAC macro
RNF structure
RNN number
roadmap pattern
role (BC-SRV-COM)
role (BW-BCT)
role (CA)
role (EP-PIN-ROL)
role (FS-BP)
role (FS-CM)
role (FS-CMS)
role (SBO)
role (XAP-OSP)
role assigner
role bearer
role component
role distribution
Role Editor
role function
role generator
role ID
role mapping
role menu
role of business partner in securitization transaction
role profile (FS-CM)
role profile (PE-LSO)
role set
role template ID
role template name
role toolbar
role transfer
role type
role-based performer
roll area
roll back commission case
roll buffer
roll down
roll file
roll forward commission case
roll memory
roll up (BW-WHM)
roll up (PA-CM)
roll up (PSM-GPR)
roll-on roll-off transport
rollback log
rolling kernel switch
rolling purchase history
rolling release
rolling reserve
Rollout Roadmap
rollover (FS-BA-PM-HP)
rollover (FS-CML)
rollup (EC-CS)
rollup (FI-LC)
rollup (FI-SL)
rollup (XAP-RPM)
rollup company
rollup sequence
room (EP-KM-COL)
room (PE)
room (PE-LSO)
room (RE)
Room Documents
room equipment (PE)
room equipment (PE-LSO)
room log
room object
room owner
room profile
room template
room type
root category
root cause event
root certificate
root class
root component
root folder
root object (EP-PCT-MGR-HR)
root object (PA-OS)
root organizational unit
root requirement
root task
root variable
root version
RosettaNet (IS-HT-SW)
RosettaNet (SAP)
rotable order code
rotating shift method
Roth Individual Retirement Account
rough goods receipt
rough workload estimate (IS-DFS)
rough workload estimate (LE)
rough-cut capacity planning
rough-cut planning profile
round to the nearest whole number
round trip (SCM-APO-VS)
round trip (SCM-TM)
rounded requested quantity
rounding account
rounding core algorithm
rounding difference (EC-CS)
rounding difference (FI-LC)
rounding entry (EC-CS)
rounding entry (FI-LC)
rounding function
rounding mode
rounding number
rounding procedure
rounding shell
rounding tolerance interval
rounding type
rounding value (PP-MRP)
rounding value (SCM-APO-CA)
rounding-off value
route (IS-BEV-LO-RP)
route (IS-U-WA)
route (LE-TRM)
route (LE-TRM)
route (SCM-EWM)
route (SCM-ICH)
route (SD)
Route Accounting
Route Accounting Database
route connection
route determination (IS-BEV-LO-RP)
route determination (SCM-EWM)
route determination profile
route follow-up recording
route of administration
route optimization
route permission table
route planning
route processing
route sales
route schedule
route settlement
route settlement type
route string
routing (BC-MID-BUS)
routing (FI-TV)
routing (PP)
routing (PP)
routing bag
routing class
routing group (CRM-CIC)
routing group (PM)
routing group (PP)
routing guide
routing header (AP-PPE)
routing header (PP-BD)
routing rule
routing scenario
routing server
row block
row heading
row pattern
row type
rowkey range
royalties dimension
royalties item
royalties key
royalties scope
royalty processing allowance
RPM segment
RPM time series
RTL Layout
RTP billing
RTP interface
RUC number
rule (BC-BMT-WFM)
rule (CPM-BPC)
rule (CRM-BF-CPE)
rule (EHS)
rule (FI-SL)
rule (GRC-SPC)
rule (ICM)
rule (MP-APP-DPE)
rule (PA-AS)
rule (SCM-APO-ATP)
rule architect
rule attribute
rule base
rule basis
rule builder
rule condition set
rule container (BC-BMT-WFM)
rule container (IS-HER-CM)
rule criterion
rule definition
rule engine (IS-HT-DRM)
rule engine (MP-APP-DPE)
rule entry
rule for entitlement and liability transfer
rule for legal right to future commission
rule for limits
rule for run admnistration
rule for scoring and credit limit calculation
rule for setup group generation
rule line
rule model
rule module
rule MTE
rule parameter
rule procedure (IS-HT-DRM)
rule procedure (SCM-EM)
rule processing parameter
rule processor (AII)
rule processor (LE)
rule profile
rule resolution
rule script
rule set (FS-CM)
rule set (FS-PE)
rule set (SCM-EM)
rule set for effectiveness
rule strategy
rule strategy sequence
rule strategy type
rule type (IS-H)
rule type (IS-HT-DRM)
rule type (SCM-APO-ATP)
rule violation
rule violation report
rule violation type
rule-based account assignment distribution
rules designer
rules matrix
rules used for FTE budgets
rules-based ATP check
run (CRM-IM-IPM)
run (FS-BA-AN-PA)
run (FS-BA-IF)
run (QM)
run administration
run administrator workbench
run chart
run definition
run for effectiveness test
run group
run limit alarm
run mode
run number
run schedule quantity
run that was reset
Run Time Type Services
run type
run variant
run-in length
run-in reel
run-out flange
run-out flange thickness
run-out length
run-out reel
running bond
runtime (BC-ABA)
runtime (BC-BMT-WFM)
runtime (CAF-GP)
runtime (CRM-IM-IPM)
runtime (EP-PIN)
runtime administration
runtime analysis
runtime environment
runtime error
Runtime Info Provider Service
runtime lane
runtime mode
runtime object
runtime property
Runtime Workbench
Russian Pension Fund
RUT number (FI)
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