Start of Content Area
object (AII)
object (BC-ABA)
object (BC-DWB-TOO-BOB)
object (BC-FES-GRA)
object (CRM-MD)
object (FS-BA-SD)
object (FS-CML)
object (FS-CMS)
object (ICM)
object (MDM)
object (PA)
object (PP-BD)
object (PSM-FM)
object (SV-ASA)
object abbreviation
object accessory
object accumulation
object allocation
Object and Data Provider
object assignment
Object Browser Pattern
object bundle
object category (BC-CTS)
object category (FS-CMS)
object category (IS-EC-BOS)
object category (SCM-BAS-STM)
object channel
object characteristic (FS-CM)
object characteristic (FS-PM)
object characteristic (RE)
object class (CO)
object class (CRM-MKT)
object collector
object component selector
object creation wizard
object currency
object dependencies
object determination
object directory
object documentation
object editor
Object Editor
object editor configuration
Object Editor Pattern
object family
object for parallel processing
object generator
object group (RE)
object group (SBO)
object header area
object header area with hierarchical view
object hierarchy
object history
object ID (CRM-MD-PRO-OBJ)
object ID (PA)
object information
object key
object kind in portfolio assignment
object level
object link (CA-DMS)
object link (IS-OIL-DS-MRN)
object link (PLM-CPR)
object link (PM)
Object Linking and Embedding Database
object list (BC-CTS)
object list (BC-CUS-TOL)
object list (CO)
object list (CRM-BTX-CTR-SCO)
object list (CRM-MSA)
object list (IS-HMED)
object list (PM)
object list (PS)
Object List Configurator
object list notification
object management (CRM-IT)
object management (FS-PM)
Object Management Group
object management record
object manager (BC-BMT-WFM)
object manager (PA)
object mandate
object mandate company code
Object Mapper
object mapping
object master data
object name
Object Navigator
object network
object orientation
object outbox
object overview
object overview variant
object parts
object plugin
object position
object reference (BC-ABA)
object reference (BC-DWB-TOO-BOB)
object reference variable
object relation
object relationship (FS-BA-SD)
object relationship (IS-U-WM)
Object Relationship Service
object representation
object representation selection
Object Selector Pattern
object stack
object state
object status attribute
object subtypes
object tag
object to be planned
object transfer structure
object type (BC-ABA)
object type (BC-DWB)
object type (BC-DWB)
object type (BC-DWB-TOO-BOB)
object type (CO)
object type (CRM-BF)
object type (FS-CMS)
object type (ICM)
object type (LO-ECH)
object type (LO-PDM)
object type (PA)
object type (PP-BD)
object type component
object type handler
object type in portfolio assignment
object value
object variant
object view
object-based navigation
Object-Based Navigation Editor
object-oriented programming
object-specific function
Object/Relational mapping
objection script
objective (FIN-SEM-CPM)
objective (SRM-CM)
objective breakdown
objective catalog
objective value deviation
OBN source iView
occupancy characteristic
occupancy characteristic view
occupancy contract
occupancy management
occupancy obligation
occupancy overview
occupancy type
occupancy view
occupational retirement schemes ordinance plan
occupied position
occurrence of an object
ocean bill of lading
ODS object
OeNB ident number
OeNB number
off work
off-balance sheet transaction
off-balance-sheet securitization exposure
off-cycle payroll run
off-invoice cap
off-site work
offcut determination
offer (CRM-IC-RTD)
offer (RE)
offer (SBO)
offer detection
offer letter
offered object
office application
Office for Coorganization
office of exit
Office of Management and Budget
office of transit
office settings
official ARE-1 number
official ARE-3 number
official bond number
official document number
official document number format
official excise document number
official form
official license number
official receipt
official record of change
official service type
official subcontracting challan number
offline administrator
offline capability
offline operation
Offline Player
offset (BC-ABA)
offset (BC-CCM-ADK)
offset (CRM-RPL)
offset (SCM-APO-PPS-RSP)
offset / length specification
offset account
offset context
offset determination
offset method
offset percentage
offset specification
offset time
offsetting account
offsetting entry
offsetting function of settlement schedules
offsetting payment notes category
offshore logistics management
OFK number
oil content
oil quantity conversion
oil statement profile
OK code field
ok field
OKATO code
OKDP code
OKFS code
OKIN system
OKOF code
OKOPF code
OKP code
OKPO code
OKSO system
OKVED code
OLAP Command Processor
OLAP data provider
OLAP Metadata API
OLAP Metadata Model
OLAP Query Model
OLAP reporting
OLAP Table Model
OLAP trace
OLE for Process Control
OLTP scheduling agreement
on call
on hold
on-balance-sheet netting
on-balance-sheet pooling
on-balance-sheet securitization exposure
on-order stock
on-time delivery performance
once-only payments/deductions
one-dimensional period management
one-dimensional versioning
one-off payment
one-sided interunit elimination
One-Step Business
one-step production confirmation
one-step stock transfer
one-step stock transfer procedure
one-system landscape
one-time account
One-time account
one-time credit
one-time customer (MM-PUR)
one-time customer (MM-PUR)
one-time cycle
one-time demand
one-time kanban
one-time package
one-time payment (FS-CD)
one-time payment (PSM-GM)
one-time vendor
one-to-one e-mail
one-to-one marketing
one-way link
online analytical processing
online constituent account
Online Correction Support
online form
online item type
online meeting
online session
online style
online test
Online Text Repository
online transaction processing system
OO transaction
OPC Alarms/Events server
OPC Alarms/Events subscription
OPC client
OPC Data Access server
OPC Data Access subscription
OPC event
OPC item
OPC item ID
OPC item name
OPC server
OPC server browsing
OPC server ID
open (MP-APP-DPE)
open (SCM-APO-PPS)
open (SRM-EBP-CON)
open amount
Open Catalog Interface
open enrollment
open exchange infrastructure
open goods receipt
open hub data source
open hub destination
open hub service
open integration
Open Internet standards
open invoice
open item
open item management
open item proxy
open list
open market sale
open order
open OTB-relevant purchasing document
open packed goods movement quantity
Open Partner Interface
open portal infrastructure
open purchase order quantity
open quantity (IS-AFS-ARUN)
open quantity (SCM-BAS-QOS)
open question
Open Source
Open SQL
Open SQL Engine
Open SQL for Java
Open sql interface
open status
open storage
open study segment
open subitem
open time
open time pair
open unpacked goods movement quantity
open-loop order
open-loop scenario
open-to-buy check
open-to-delivery date
opening balance
opening bank
opening date
opening entry
opening period
opening period for planned order
opening stock
opening time
operand (BC-ABA)
operand (IS-U-BI)
operand (SRM-LA)
operand category
operand position
operand type
operating characteristic curve
operating concern
operating concern template
operating costs
operating facilities
operating hours
operating instructions
operating level
operating rate
operating resources
operating system collector
operating system monitor
operating time
operating time utilization
operating volume
operation (AP-PPE)
operation (FS-BA-PM-CR)
operation (IS-DFS)
operation (LO)
operation (PP-PI)
operation (PSM-EC)
operation (PY)
operation (SCM-APO-MD)
operation category
operation concept
operation contingent
operation lead time
operation mode
operation mode switching
operation number
operation scrap
operation segment
operation time unit
operation-internal relationship
operation-level costing
operational area
operational assortment planning and control
operational condition
operational contract
operational contract hierarchy
operational contract ID
operational cycle
Operational Data Store
operational date
operational force element
operational group
operational integrity
operational keyword
operational list
operational method sheet
operational phase
operational planning
operational position
operational profit
operational protection
operational role
operational simulation
operational sourcing
operational status
operational structure
operational system
operational tag
operational type
operational version
Operational WCD
operations layout
operations notification
operative delivery schedule
operative production rate
operative scenario
operative takt time
operative unit of measure
operative user
operator (BC-ABA)
operator (CS)
operator (EP-VC)
operator (MP-APP-DPE)
operator inspection
operator's maintenance program
opportunistic cross-docking
opportunities pipeline
opportunity (CRM)
opportunity (MP-APP-DPE)
opportunity (XAP-CQM)
opportunity analysis
opportunity assessment
opportunity churn rate
opportunity churn rates management
opportunity contribution
opportunity cost
opportunity costs
opportunity funnel analysis
opportunity group
opportunity initiator
opportunity interest rate
opportunity list
opportunity management
opportunity pipeline analysis
opportunity plan
opposite language dependent
optical character recognition
optimistic lock
optimization element
optimization horizon
optimization level
optimization log
optimization profile (SCM-APO-PPS)
optimization profile (SCM-APO-VS)
optimization range
optimization-based capacity leveling
optimization-based planning
optimized plan
optimum capacity (PE)
optimum capacity (PE-LSO)
optimum lot-sizing procedure
optimum shelf quantity
option (CA)
option (FIN-FSCM-TRM-TM)
option date
option premium
option price calculator
option rate
option rate calculation by area
option rate calculation by cubic volume
option rate determination
option type (CRM-LAM)
option type (IS-OIL-DS-MRN)
optional activity
optional assortment
optional contract
optional defining characteristic for a position
optional entry
optional entry field
optional part
optional requirement
optional segment
Options Handler Report
options profile
OR data collector
or process
Orbian Active Account
Orbian Credit
Orbian Member
Orbian Reserve Account
Orbian Sponsor
order (CO)
order (FS-AM-OM)
order (IS-HMED)
order (LO)
order (SCM-APO-PPS)
order acknowledgement
order acquisition
order amount
order assembly
order BOM (LO-VC)
order BOM (PP-BD)
order BOM cost estimate
order browser
order cancelation
order category (CA)
order category (FS-AM-OM)
order change management
order characteristic
order code
order combination
order commitments
order completion
order control
order cycle
order data area
order data type
order date
order description
order document type
order due list
order duration
order engine
order file
order filler
order for project
order for provision of material
order fulfillment and flexible order fulfillment capabilitie
order group (CO)
order group (SCM-APO-SNP)
order header
order hierarchy (CO)
order hierarchy (PM)
order history
order initiator
order item (IS-A-DBM)
order item (IS-HMED)
order lead time
order list (IS-AFS-SD)
order list (IS-BEV-LO-RE)
order list (IS-M)
order list (IS-R)
order management
order number
order of a counterparty risk object
order of seniority
order period table
order phase (CO)
order phase (CO-OM-OPA)
order price history
order processing lead time of supplier
order processing view
order processor
order proposal
order proposal management
order quantity
order reallocation
order recall
order record
order release
order scheduling
order sequence number
order settlement (IS-H)
order settlement (PP)
order split (IS-A-DBM)
order split (PP-SFC)
order split (SCM-APO-PPS)
order status
order status request
order template (CRM-ISA)
order template (IS-HMED)
order time
order type (IS-HMED)
order type (LO)
order type (PSM-GPR)
order unit
order value
order view
order with revenues
order-dependent setup time
order-internal relationship
order-related production
ordered folder
ordered product
ordered service
ordering party
orders with PRN agent
orders with sliding dose
ordinary depreciation
ordinary least squares
ordinary notice of dismissal
organ explantation
Organisation for Data Exchange by Tele Transmission in Europ
Organization and Planning
organization form
organization identifier
organization model
organization number
organization registration number
organization set
organization structure questionnaire
organization type
organization view
organizational area (CA-CL)
organizational area (IS-DFS)
organizational area type
organizational category
organizational change
Organizational Change Management
Organizational Chart Launcher
organizational chart tester
Organizational Chart Viewer
organizational data profile
organizational element
organizational flexibility
organizational hierarchy
organizational level
Organizational Management
Organizational Management object
organizational measure
organizational model
organizational object (BC-BMT-OM)
organizational object (PA-CP)
organizational object type
organizational personnel structure
organizational plan (BC-BMT-OM)
organizational plan (IS-R)
organizational plan (PA-OS)
organizational position plan
organizational priority (IS-DFS)
organizational priority (MM)
organizational release code
organizational responsibility
organizational root
organizational structure (ICM)
organizational structure (IS-DFS)
organizational structure (PA-OS)
organizational structure (SV-ASA)
Organizational Structure List
organizational structure view
organizational unit (BC-CUS-TOL-NAV)
organizational unit (FS-BA-SD)
organizational unit (FS-PM)
organizational unit (ICM)
organizational unit (IS-H)
organizational unit (MP-APP-DPE)
organizational unit (PA-OS)
organizational unit (SV-ASA)
organizational unit type
organizational view
organizer (IS-U-CS)
organizer (MP-APP-CR)
organizer (PE)
orientation area
origin (CO-PC)
origin (FI-BL)
origin group
origin indicator
origin of remuneration
origin sequence
origin type
original (BC-CTS)
original (KM-KW)
original amount
original application file
original article
original batch (IS-MP)
original batch (LO-BM)
original batch reference material
original budget
original cost
original currency
original customer demand
original display
original document (AP-TTE)
original document (FI)
original document (PA-CP)
original equipment manufacturer
original inspection
original journal
original language (BC-DWB-TOO)
original language (PLM-CPR)
Original Leave Quota
original material (IS-R)
original material (LO-BM)
original maturity
original order (IS-MP)
original order (SCM-APO-PPS-FOT)
original parts master
original plan
original plant
original policy
original product (SCM-APO-PPS-FOT)
original product (SCM-FRE)
original quantity
original recipient
original request
original result
original task
original tax form
original term
original value
original value recording
original-value recording
originals model
originating good
originating NoA
originator (FS-BA-PM-CR)
originator (SBO)
originator catalog
OSI reference model
OSI Reference Model
OTB allocation
OTB bucket
OTB monitoring
OTB procurement
OTB reservation (IS-R)
OTB reservation (IS-R)
OTB special release
OTB-relevant contract
OTB-relevant purchasing document
OTC option
other elimination difference (EC-CS)
other elimination difference (FI-LC)
other payables
other public registers
other receivables
other resource (IS-HER-CM)
other resource (PE)
Otsu Ran
outbound call
outbound delivery (LE)
outbound delivery (SCM-ECT-DLP)
outbound delivery group
outbound delivery order
outbound delivery process
outbound delivery request
outbound file
outbound interface (BC-XI)
outbound interface (PA-EC)
outbound partner profile
outbound plug
outbound processing (BC-SRV-EDI)
outbound processing (BC-XI)
outbound sequenced JIT call
outbound summarized JIT call
outbound task
Outbound Telesales
outcome reason
outer diameter
outer packaging
outgoing document
outgoing employee
outgoing funds
outgoing grant
outgoing invoice
outgoing payment
outgoing payment order
outgoing royalties
outgoing royalties accrual
outgoing royalties key
outgoing student
outlier charge
outline (SRM-EBP)
outline (SRM-EBP-BID)
outline agreement (CRM)
outline agreement (MM-PUR)
outline agreement release
outline contract
outline level
outline window
Outlook add-in
Outlook calendar integration
Outlook item
outpatient activity
outpatient clinic management
outpatient clinic/service facility work station
outpatient cost distribution
outpatient day
outpatient documentation work station
outpatient electronic data interchange
outpatient visit
outpayment order
output (ICM)
output (SD)
output assignment
output check
output client system
output codepage
output console
output controller
output deal
output device
output device status
output distribution key
output document
output group
output layout
output length (BC-DWB-DIC)
output length (IS-MP)
output management system
output material
output parameter
output price
output price variance
output processing
output processor
output product
output quantity variance
output queue
output request
output sequence
output side
output statement
output status
output tax
output template
Output Text Format
output type (CA-GTF-BS-MC)
output type (CA-GTF-DOB)
output variant
output VAT
outright sale
outsorting check group
outstanding amount
outstanding awards
outstanding empties list
outstanding interest
outstanding maintenance notification
outstanding payment
outward processing
overall amount
overall appraisal
overall budget
overall dispersion
overall mean value
overall network
overall payment schedule
overall profile (PA)
overall profile (PP-CRP)
overall rating
overall release
overall score
overall status
overall user administrator
overconfirmation alert
overdelivery tolerance
overdraft amount
overdraft protection
overdue payment
overdue service call
overdue task
overflow at bank statement printer
overflow bed
overflow space
Overhead Cost Controlling
overhead cost order
overhead costing
overhead costs
overhead group
overhead key
overhead rate (CO)
overhead rate (CO)
overhead rate base
overhead structure
overlap check
overlay number
overload capacity
overload factor
overloaded function
overnight deposits
overnight money
override requirement
overriding commission
overrun of personnel costs
overtake and undertake amounts
overtime compensation (PT)
overtime compensation (PT)
overtime hours
overtime limit
overview area
overview display
overview mode
overview page
overview planning
overview screen
own business
own collateral value share
own service provider (IS-U-IDE)
own service provider (IS-U-IDE)
own transport
own-account trading
owner (CAF-GP)
owner (CPM-BPC)
owner (CRM)
owner (SBO)
owner (SCM-ECT-LIM)
owner (XAP-PD)
owner allocation
owner level allocation method
owner organizational unit
owner settlement
ownership checking
ownership factor (RE)
End of Content Area