Start of Content Area
label (BC-FES-GRA)
label (BW-BEX)
label category
label set
label type
labeling article grouping
labeling customer group
labeling data
labeling material grouping
labeling system
labeling transaction
labor complexity factor
labor costs census
Labor Management
labor resource
Labor Risk Insurance Company
Labor Standard Inspection Office
labor utilization rate
labor value
labor value catalog
labor value main type
labor value master
laboratory analysis
lagging type
land lease right
land quality indicator
land reallocation activities
land reference value
land register (RE)
land register (RE)
land register inscription
land register page
land register ranking
land use map
land value (FS-CMS)
land value (RE)
landed costs
landing site
landing time
landscape management
language code
language dependent
language environment
language export
language export wizard
language import
language key
Language List
language of communication
language package
language relationship
language resource
language resource file
language status
language supplementation program
Language Support Package
language transport
language version (CA-DMS)
language version (EP-KM-CM)
language versioning
large itemset
last activity time
last adjustment date
last page
last purchase price
last revaluation date
last screen
late payment fee
late recovery
late storing with bar codes
lateral move
lateral object
latest dates
latest end
latest finish date
latest start
latest start date
latest start of treatment
latest starting date
layer (EP-VC)
layer (LO)
layer (MM-IV)
layer pattern of a packaging material
layer type of a packing proposal
layer version
layered windows
layout (BC-FES-GRA)
layout (BC-SRV-ALV)
layout (EP-KM)
layout (FI-GL)
layout area (IS-R)
layout area (LO-MD)
Layout board
layout control
layout controller
layout editor
layout menu
layout module
layout module version
layout profile
layout set
layout template
layout type
layout workbench
layout-oriented storage control
lazy communication
LDAP Connector
lead (CRM)
lead (FS-PM)
lead (SBO)
lead business type
lead column
lead count
lead currency
lead days
lead funnel analysis
lead group
lead management
Lead Management
lead origin
lead priority
lead qualification
lead qualification level
lead time (ICM)
lead time (IS-B-RA-MR)
lead time (PP)
lead time (PSM-FG)
lead time (SCM-APO-PPS)
lead time (SCM-ICH-IMO)
lead time (SRM-EBP-SHP)
lead time of payment
lead-in length
lead-out length
lead-time offset
lead-time scheduling
leader (BC-TWB)
leader (IS-M-AMC)
leader characters
leading agent
leading business transaction category
leading case
leading change master record
leading characteristic
leading company code
leading currency
leading inspection characteristic
leading insurer
leading insurer commission period
leading ledger
Leading legal entity
leading order
Leading organizational unit
leading part within MPN-MRP Set
leading primary product
leading product (CRM-MKT)
leading product (SCM-APO)
leading system
leading validity area
leaf (AP-MD-BP)
leaf (EC-CS)
leaf (MDM)
Lean WM
learned date
learner account
learner group
Learning Management System
learning net
learning object
learning object template
learning objective
Learning Portal
learning strategy
lease or buy
leased asset
leasing expenses
leasing type
least unit cost procedure
leave (CRM-IC)
leave (PT)
leave compensation (PT)
leave compensation (PY)
leave encashment
leave entitlement (PT)
leave entitlement (PY)
Leave Management
leave of absence threshold
leave type
leave without pay
leave year
ledger (FI)
ledger (FI-GL)
ledger group
legacy asset data
Legacy System Migration Workbench
legal amendment
legal contract
Legal Contract Authoring
legal contract hierarchy
legal document for the movement under duty-suspension
legal entity (AP-TTE)
legal entity (FS-BA-PM-FC)
Legal entity
Legal entity object XML
legal owner
legal reactivation
legal regulation
legal relationship
legal right to future commission
legal transfer price
legal unit (SD-FT)
legal unit (SLL)
legal valuation view
legislative district code
legitimate relationship
lending limit
lending limit as an amount
lending markdown
lending object
lending range
lending rate
lending revenue
lending value
length batch
length calculation
length function
length of position assignment
length of service (PA-BN)
length of service (PY)
length of the assortment
length plan
length value
length-based material
LEQ factor
Letter of access
letter of credit (PSM-FM)
letter of credit (SD-FT)
letter of credit check
letter of exemption
letter of reconciliation
letter of rejection
letter of undertaking
level (AP-PPE)
level (BC-FES-GUI)
level (EP-VC)
level (LE-TRM)
level (PS)
level (SCM-EM)
level change macro
level indicator
level of collateral provision
level of fulfillment
level of progress
level of readiness
level of target achievement
level of task
lexicographical aggregation
LGD class
LGD grading
LIA document
liability agreement
liability case
liability for absolute valuation
liability for difference valuation
liability interruption
liability model
liability period
liability reserve
liability reserve contract
liability rule
liability transfer
liability type
liability value
library (BC-CUS-TOL)
library (CRM-IM-IPM)
library (FI-SL)
library (IS-M)
library type
license (CRM-IM-IPM)
license (IS-HT-SW)
license (IS-OIL-DS-TDP)
license (SD-FT)
license agreement
license fee
license key
license key file
License Sales and Merchandizing for Broadcasting
license split
license type
Life and Work Event
Life and Work Events Builder
Life and Work Events runtime
life cycle (CRM-MD)
life cycle (IS-R)
life cycle stage
life event
Life Insurance and Spouse Tax Deduction Form
life sciences
life telegram
life-cycle collaboration
Life-Cycle Collaboration
life-cycle data management
Life-Cycle Data Management
life-cycle phase
life-cycle profile
lifecycle management
lifecycle planning
lifetime contribution limit
lifetime dose
lifetime period
LIFO liability
LIFO principle (LE-WM)
LIFO principle (LO-BM)
LIFO procedure
LIFO valuation procedure (FIN-BAC-INV)
LIFO valuation procedure (MM-IV)
LIFO withdrawal method
LIFO/FIFO indicator
LIFO/FIFO valuation area
LIFO/FIFO valuation level
lift percentage
light dimensions
light directory
Lightweight Directory Access Protocol
like modeling
likelihood to churn
LIME document
limit (FS-CM)
limit (IS-B-RA-CL)
limit (IS-B-RA-CL)
limit (PA-CP)
limit (PY)
limit area
limit category
limit characteristic
limit confirmation
limit deviation
limit history
limit item
Limit Management
limit product group
limit reservation (IS-B-RA-CL)
limit reservation (IS-B-RA-CL)
limit transfer
limit type
limit type filter
limit utilization
limit utilization factor
limit utilization run
limit value
limitation period
limited freeze horizon
limited quantity
limiting quality
LIMU Object
line area
line assignment
line balance
line balance graphic
line balance rate
line balancing
line category
line characteristic
line command
line design
line editor
line entry
line group
line hierarchy
line ID
line item (CO)
line item (FI)
line item (FI)
line item (FS-RI)
line item (XAP-OSP)
line item attribute
line item display
line item group
line item method
line item number
line item process type
line item report
line item rule
line item table
line layout (FI-LC)
line layout (PY)
line maintenance
line manager (PA-EC)
line manager (PA-RC)
line network
line of business
line of credit
line price
line representation
line representation selection
line resource
line routing
line segment (AP-PPE)
line segment (PP-FLW)
line segment category
line structure
line type (BC-ABA)
line type (IS-HMED)
line-of-business application
line-of-business data
line-of-business entity
line-of-business identifier
line-of-business service
line-of-business system
linear display order
linear/volumetric conversion constant
lines flip-flop
linguistic search
link (BC-CUS-TOL)
link (BC-FES)
link (BW-BEX)
link (CS)
link (EP-KM-CM)
link (ICM)
link (PM)
link (SCM-BAS-DF)
link (SCM-EM)
link attribute
link category
link dialog
link equipment
link functional location
link object (FS-PM)
link object (PM)
link table
link type
linkage table
linked accounts
linked equipment
linked functional location
linked object
linked server selector
linking operator
liquidation (FS-CMS)
liquidation (SD-FT)
liquidation measure
liquidity (FI)
liquidity (IS-B-SA-ALM)
liquidity effect
liquidity management
list (BC-ABA)
list (BC-DOC)
list (BC-FES-GUI)
list (CRM-PCC)
list box (BC-FES-GUI)
list box (BW-BEX)
list character
list creation
list driver
list dynpro
list event
list field
List form
list header
list level
list of catalog characteristics
list of conditions
list of documents
list of DRG charges
list of exceptions
list of filters
list of hospital ambulatory records
list of hospital discharge records
list of ownership
list of providers
list of suppliers
list page
list price
list processing
list processor
list view (BC-FES-GUI)
list view (SCM-EWM)
list-edit XSL
list-view XSL
listed goods
listed substance
listener (BC-FES-GRA)
listener (BC-JAS)
listener (BC-MID-BUS)
listing (CRM)
listing (IS-R)
listing check
listing condition
listing header
listing item
listing item type
listing period (IS-R)
listing period (SCM-FRE)
listing procedure
listing window
Literature search
little endian
live auction
Live Auction Cockpit
live logging
live mode
live Web collaboration
LKF scoring
load (IS-U)
load (LE-WM-CD)
load balancing (BC-CST)
load balancing (IS-OIL-DS-TD)
load balancing (SCM-ICH-TLB)
load balancing cookie
load building
load carrier (LE)
load carrier (LO-HU)
load delivery
load from data stream
load from external systems
load generator
load history
load oil
load package
load profile
load shape
load shape of interval customer
load statistics log
load transfer point
loading agenda
loading bay
loading bay category
loading confirmation
loading data
loading date
loading employee
loading group (SCM-ICH-TLB)
loading group (SD)
loading place
loading point
loading resource
loading time
loading unit (IS-BEV-DSD)
loading unit (IS-BEV-LO-RP)
loading/unloading point
loading/unloading point sequence
loan (IS-DFS)
loan (PY)
loan condition
loan in terms of Basel II
loan officer
loan order
loan repayment plan
loan requisition
loan to managers
loan-to-value ratio
local article
local assortment
local assortment module
local business entity content transport
local Business Information Warehouse system
local change request
local characteristic (CRM-BF-CFG)
local characteristic (FS-BA-SD)
local consumer proxy
local contract
local control
local currency (CPM-BPC)
local currency (EC-CS)
local currency (FI)
local currency (FI-LC)
local currency (PSM-FM)
local currency (SBO)
local currency (SD)
local currency amount
local currency for Profit Center Accounting
local data
local dimension
local era calendar
local event
local exchange
local exclusion list
local funding
local health agency
local identifier
local interface
local item
local ledger
local material
local network
local object
local parameters
local patient identifier
local payments
local planning
local plant group
local private object
local purchase order
local repository (EP-VC)
local repository (KM-KW)
local repository (PE-LSO)
local sales tax
local sales tax number
local search
local server
local subdistrict
local tax office
local time-independent appointment
local times view
local tracking data store
local transaction
local unit
local update
local valuation
local vendor
local window
local Workflow
local zoning code
Local-to-Remote Conversion Wizard
locale (AP-CAT)
locale (BC-ABA)
locale (BC-I18)
locality adjustment
locality pay area
localization (BC-CTS)
localization (IS-H)
localization (SBO)
locally initiated back-end purchase order
location (CRM-RPL-ICS)
location (CRM-RPL-SRV)
location (IS-A-RL)
location (IS-AD-SPC)
location (IS-R-DM)
location (PM)
location (PM-WCM)
location (RE)
location (SCM-APO-MD)
location (SCM-EM)
location (SCM-TM)
location (SRD-DEV-OM)
location (SRM-EBP)
location alias
location class
location code (CA-GTF)
location code (IS-DFS)
location code (SCM-EM)
location code set
location determination (SCM-APO-ATP)
location determination (SCM-APO-PPS)
location determination activity
location determination alternative procedure
location determination procedure
location identification
location independent rendering
location interchangeability
location list
location movement
location price cluster
location priority
location product (SCM-APO-MD)
location product (SCM-APO-SCC)
location product (SCM-FRE)
location product group
location product status
location product substitution chain
location product substitution procedure
location relationship
location split
location structure
location substitution chain
location transportation lane
location type
location-specific pricing
lock (BC-ABA)
lock (CPM-BPC)
lock argument
lock collision
lock container
lock cumulation
lock entry
lock function module
lock life span
lock management
lock mode
lock note
lock object
lock owner (BC-CST-EQ)
lock owner (FS-FND)
lock priority
lock protection span
lock resource
lock rule
lock server
lock table
lockable object
locked activity chain
Locking Manager
Locking Service
LOFO liability
log (BC-CCM)
log (BC-FES-ITS)
log (BC-JAS)
log and service book
log attribute
log category
log configuration
Log Configuration
Log Configurator Service
log controller
log destination
log entry (FS-CM)
log entry (IS-AD-PRM)
log entry type
log file (BC-CST-GW)
log file (SBO)
log file agent
log filter
log for application logging
log formatter
Log Manager
log measurement document
log notification
log of incomplete items
log off
log on
log sheet
Log Viewer
logger class
logger pattern
logging (BC-DWB-DIC)
logging (BC-JAS)
logging (CS)
logging application
logging configuration
logging filter
logging flag
logging level
logging mode
logging profile
logic builder
logical company structure
logical component
logical connector (CORPORATE-SPO)
logical connector (GRC)
logical database
Logical Database Builder
logical destination
logical document
logical event
logical expression (BC-ABA)
logical expression (CRM-IC-RTD)
logical field group
logical field name
logical home path
logical hyperlink
logical info object
logical inventory (IS-HT-DRM)
logical inventory (IS-OIL-DS-EXG)
logical inventory adjustment
logical invoice
logical operator (BC-CUS-TOL-NAV)
logical operator (SBO)
logical output management system
logical port
logical profile allocation number
logical register
logical routing
logical service
logical spool server
logical stock
logical system
logical transaction
logical transaction step
logical unit
logical unit of work
logical view (FIN-SEM-CPM)
logical view (PY)
Logical Volume Manager
login module
login module stack
Logistic Functional Area Services
Logistic Reporting
logistical follow-up
logistical requirements
logistical variant
logistics adjustment parameter
logistics handling group
logistics information
Logistics Information System
logistics integration
Logistics Inventory Management Engine
logistics level
logistics management
logistics monitor
logistics payment block
logistics request
logistics scenario for material withdrawal
logistics scenario for the procurement of materials and serv
logistics service provider
logistics task folder
logistics unit of measure
logon administration
logon context
logon group
logon language
logon load balancing
logon page
logon ticket
LogViewer Service
long area description
long products planning
long service payment
long text
long-lead item
long-term average
long-term care
long-term characteristic
long-term document
long-term incentive plan
long-term inspection
long-term investment
long-term planned order
long-term planning
long-term planning matrix
long-term vendor declaration
lookup (BC-JAS)
lookup (MDM)
lookup (MDM)
lookup table
loop (BC-ABA)
loop (BC-BMT-WFM)
loop (PS)
loop type
loose coupling
Lorenz curve
loss allocation
loss cancellation
loss creation
loss equivalent class
loss given default
Loss of Qualification Form
loss of work compensation
loss realization
loss run
loss-free valuation
lost sales
lost seal
lost subsidy
lot (IS-R)
lot (MP-APP-DPE)
lot (PP-MRP)
lot (SD)
lot (SRM-LA)
lot container
lot size (IS-U-DM)
lot size (PP-MRP)
lot size (QM)
lot size (SCM-APO-MD)
lot size according to flexible period length
lot size planning
lot size variance
lot-for-lot order quantity (PP-MRP)
lot-for-lot order quantity (SCM-APO-PPS)
lot-size calculation
lot-size independent costs
lot-size-independent costs
lot-sizing procedure (PP-MRP)
lot-sizing procedure (SCM-APO-PPS)
low stock quantity
low surrogate
low-level code
low-level coding
low-value asset
lower level contract
lower threshold critical zone
lower threshold normal range
lower-level bill of material
lower-level costs
lower-level node
lower-level service
lowest value comparison
lowest value principle
loyalty account
loyalty program
LP procedure
luminosity bar
lump sum (IS-H)
lump sum (SRM-EBP)
lump sum budget or plan
lump sum funding
lump-sum payment
lumpy demand (SCM-APO-FCS)
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