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J2EE Connection Architecture
J2EE Connector Architecture
J2EE Engine library
J2EE Engine manager
J2EE Engine service
Java (BC)
Java (EP)
Java 2 Enterprise Edition
Java application server
Java central instance
Java central services instance
Java Configuration Browser
Java Database Connectivity
Java Dictionary
Java EE connector Architecture
Java Enterprise Runtime
Java iView
Java iView Runtime
Java Mail Client Service
Java mapping program
Java Metadata Interface
Java Metadata Interface Service
Java Native Interface
Java remote function call
Java SE Adapter Engine
Java Support Package Patch
Java System Reports
Java Virtual Machine
JavaServer Pages
JCo RFC Provider Service
JDBC Connector Service
JIT call (IS-A-JIT)
JIT call (PP-FLW)
JIT cockpit
JIT customer
JIT delivery schedule (MM-PUR)
JIT delivery schedule (PP-FLW)
JIT delivery schedule horizon
JIT Inbound
JIT Outbound
JMBG number
JMS Connector Service
JMS Provider Service
JMX Adapter Service
JMX Notification Service
JNDI Registry Service
job (BC-CCM-BTC)
job (IS-A-DBM)
job (MDM)
job (PA-OS)
job advertisement
job application
job code
job commander
job container
job description
job family (PA-EC)
job family (PA-TM)
job family level
job function
Job Generator
job group
job index (PA-OS)
job index (PA-PM-PB)
job list
job match
job posting
job pricing
job title
job type
join (BC-DWB-DIC)
join (CA-GTF-DRT)
join (EP-VC)
join (MDM)
join condition
joint encumbrance
Joint Financial Management Improvement Project
joint liability
joint ownership
joint product order
joint production
joint venture accounting
joint venture company
Joule-Thomson effect
journal (CPM-BPC)
journal (FI)
journal (FIN-FSCM-TRM-TM)
journal (FS-BA-PM-FC)
journal (SRM-SUD)
journal entry (EC-CS)
journal entry (FS-PM)
journal entry (SBO)
journal entry layout
journal entry report (EC-CS)
journal entry report (FI-LC)
journal number
journal remark
journal type
journal voucher (FI)
journal voucher (SBO)
JSP tag handler
judgmental techniques
jurisdiction code
jurisdiction level
jurisdiction type
just-in-time compiler (BC-VMC)
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