Start of Content Area
e-business and e-treasury
e-business collaboration
E-Commerce logon procedure
E-Commerce logon procedure with UME
e-mail activity management
E-mail client
E-Mail Response Management System
EAD category
EAN category
EAN.UCC compliance
earliest dates
earliest finish date
earliest possible retroactive accounting period
earliest start date
early amortization clause
early cancellation
early cancellation liability
early settlement
early storing with bar codes
EarlyWatch Alert (SBO)
EarlyWatch Alert (SV-SMG)
EarlyWatch Alert Agent
EarlyWatch Alert Back-End
EarlyWatch Service
earmarked funds
Earned Income Credit
earned value
earnest money deposit
easement number
easement register
Easy Cost Planning
Easy Graphics Framework
Easy Graphics Framework cockpit
Easy Graphics Framework object
Easy Graphics Framework viewer
Easy Simulation
ECA risk score
ECC number
economic bloc
economic order quantity
Economic Price Adjustment
economic profit
ED relief/reduction account
EDI architecture
EDI archive
EDI data element
EDI data element directory
EDI inbound processing
EDI Interface
EDI invoice
EDI message code
EDI message type
EDI order type
EDI outbound processing
EDI segment
EDI standard
EDI subsystem
EDI vendor
EDI version
edit (BC-FES-GUI)
edit (IS-B-RA-MR)
edit control mode
edit mask
edit merge
edit page
edit XSL
editable overview page
edited table
editing mask
editor command
editor for personnel assignment groupings
editor lock
editor mode
EDRPOU number
EDT filesplit
education and training category
education and training program
education cess
education level
educational leave
effective capital (FS-AM)
effective capital (FS-BA-PM-HP)
effective capital (FS-CMS)
effective capital per payment
effective cash pooling
effective date (CRM-MKT)
effective date (ICM)
effective date (PA-CM)
effective date (SBO)
effective date (XAP-OSP)
effective date quantity
effective interest method
effective interest rate
effective number of exposures
effective price
effective validity
effective value
effectively end a commission contract
effectiveness indicator
effectiveness indicator for accounting
effectiveness test
effectiveness test environment for fair value hedge
effectiveness test method for fair value hedge
effectiveness test rule for fair value hedge
effectiveness test schema for fair value hedge
effectiveness test variant
effectivity data
effectivity parameter
effectivity profile
effectivity type
efficiency variance
EG memory
EGRUL code
EH&S Expert server
EH&S management server
EJB Container
EJB Container Service
electromagnetic compatibility
electronic batch recording
Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment
electronic data interchange
Electronic Data Interchange (BC-SRV-EDI)
Electronic Data Interchange (SD)
Electronic Health Record
electronic manufacturing service provider
electronic medical administration record
Electronic Medical Record
electronic parcel map
electronic patient record
electronic signature and audit trails
electronic tax return
element (BC-SRV-RM)
element (CA-GTF-DOB)
element (EP-VC)
element category
element list
element palette
element status
element text
element type (BC-SRV-RM)
element type (CA-GTF-DOB)
elemental order type
elementary collateral instrument
elementary data type
elementary field
elementary lock
elementary product
elementary product calculation module
elementary product package
elementary profile
elementary search help
elementary step
elementary step category
elementary target
elementary target type
elementary template
elementary test
elementary transaction
elementary valuation
eligibility (CRM-IC-RTD)
eligibility (PA-BN)
eligibility (PA-CM)
eligibility check
eligibility date
eligibility grouping (PA-BN)
eligibility grouping (PA-EC)
eligibility rule (CRM-IPH)
eligibility rule (PA-BN)
eligibility rule (PA-CM)
eligibility rule (PA-EC)
eligibility rule variant (PA-BN)
eligibility rule variant (PA-EC)
eligibility service
eligibility threshold
eligible amount
eligible costs
eligible expenditure
eligible person
eliminating entry (EC-CS)
eliminating entry (FI-LC)
elimination difference (EC-CS)
elimination difference (FI-LC)
elimination entry
elimination of IC payables & receivables
elimination of IC profit and loss
elimination of IC profit/loss in inventory (FI-LC)
elimination of IC profit/loss in inventory (FI-LC)
elimination of IC profit/loss in transferred assets (FI-LC)
elimination of IC profit/loss in transferred assets (FI-LC)
elimination of intercompany revenue and expense
elimination of interunit profit and loss in transferred asse
elimination of investment income (EC-CS)
elimination of investment income (FI-LC)
elimination of IU payables and receivables
elimination of IU profit and loss
elimination of IU profit and loss in transferred assets
elimination of IU profit and loss in transferred inventory
elimination of IU revenue and expense
elimination profit center
elimination set
EM backing store
embedded iView
embedded object
embedded test
emergency admission
emergency credit limit
emergency credit threshold
emergency dataset
emergency dataset part I
emergency dataset part II
Emergency Schedule
emergency service
emergency temperature
employee (PA)
employee (PA)
employee billing
employee capacity
employee contribution grouping
employee contribution rule
employee contribution rule variant
employee cost
employee credit
employee criteria group
employee expenditures (PT)
employee expenditures (PT)
employee group
employee grouping
employee grouping for account determination
employee hierarchy
employee internal control data
employee list (PE)
employee list (SBO)
employee master document
employee object on loan
employee on an extended business trip
employee one-off payment
employee recurring payments/deductions
employee remuneration information
employee responsible
employee savings bonus
employee stock options
employee subgroup
employee subgroup grouping
employee subgroup grouping for personnel calculation rules
employee subgroup grouping for time quota types
employee subgroup grouping for work schedules
employee succession profile
employee time balance
employee trip
employee view
employee welfare fund
employee with local terms of employment
employee-funded supplemental pension
employee's address
employee's basic pay
employee's communication data
employee's contribution
Employee's Income Tax and Family Dependant Tax Deduction For
employees pension fund plan
employees pension insurance
employer assignment unit
employer contribution grouping
employer contribution rule
employer contribution rule variant
employer identification number
employer national insurance cost/saving
employer-funded supplemental pension
employer-specific insurance fund
employer's contribution
employment book
employment contract
employment overview
employment stabilizing fee
employment tax statement
empties (IS-BEV-LO-EM)
empties (IS-R)
empties account
empties archiving
empties balance
empties balance confirmation
empties block
empties BOM
empties BOM type 7
empties credit memo
empties data
empties data record
empties deposit
empties evaluation
empties field
empties flow
empties group
empties issue
empties management
Empties management
empties movement
empties movement record
empties receipt
empties return
empties return block
empties stock
empties stock account
empties table
empties update
empties warehouse
empty bin location
empty date
empty pallet zone
empty statement
empty status
empty storage bin
empty transport
empty view
emulation mode
enabling solutions
encounter group
encryption table
encumbrance accounting
encumbrance type
end customer (IS-HT-DRM)
end customer (PM)
end date (CRM-ANA)
end date (SRM-LA)
end date tickler
End Item Manufacturer Code
End Item Part Number
end node (BC-DOC)
end node (BC-DOC)
end node (EC-EIS)
end of commitment date
end of fixed-interest period
end of interest rate condition period
end of month
end of notification period
end of operation
end of supply
end of year payment
end order
end point
end process
end user
end-of-day processing (FS-AM)
end-of-day processing (IS-B-RA-CL)
end-of-day processing of collectors
end-of-medication date
end-time gap
end-to-end monitoring
end-to-end scenario
end-user documentation
end-user procedure
ending balance
Endpoint coverage
Endpoint document
energy data identification system
energy data management
energy price
energy-feeding curve
enforcement measure
enforcement title
enforcement workitem
engineer (SRM-SUP)
engineer (XAP-IEP)
engineered labor standards
engineering change order
engineering change request
engineering order
enhanced AAAI storage
enhanced back-end integration version
enhanced determination
enhanced factor set
enhanced model
Enhanced Rebate
enhancement area
Enhancement Builder
enhancement documentation
Enhancement Framework
enhancement implementation
enqueue diagnosis
enqueue key
enqueue replication server
enqueue server
Enqueue Service
enqueue work process
enrollment (PA-BN)
enrollment (PA-PF)
enter pushbutton
entered by - ID
enterprise area
enterprise bean
enterprise contract
Enterprise Controlling
enterprise data model
Enterprise Information System
enterprise intelligence (CRM)
enterprise intelligence (SAP)
Enterprise JavaBeans (BC)
Enterprise JavaBeans (BC-JAS)
enterprise management and communication
enterprise management for banks
enterprise menu
enterprise model (BC-CUS-TOL-NAV)
enterprise model (SV-ASA)
enterprise number
enterprise organization
enterprise organization diagram
enterprise portal
Enterprise Portal Base Component
Enterprise Portal Client Manager
enterprise reporting
Enterprise Role Management
Enterprise Search
enterprise service-oriented architecture (SWE)
enterprise service-oriented architecture (XAP-OSP)
Enterprise Services Repository Content
enterprise structure
entitled days
entitled to cover
entitled volume
entitlement (ICM)
entitlement (PY)
entitlement (PY-DE)
entitlement and liability transfer
entitlement category
entitlement for return
entitlement group
entitlement object identification
entitlement object type
entitlement overview
entitlement profile category
entitlement transfer
entity (AP-BE)
entity (BC-DWB-TOO-DMO)
entity (CPM-BPC)
entity (XAP-OSP)
entity bean
entity service
entity tree
entity type
entity view
entity-level control
entry aid
entry date into civil service
entry grid operator
entry in relationship table
entry interval
entry list
entry mode
entry object
entry object type
entry point (EP-KM-CM)
entry point (ICM)
entry point (IS-U-EDM)
entry point provider
entry point repository
entry profile
entry screen
environment (CO)
environment (CO-OM-CCA)
environment (CRM-MT)
environment (EC-PCA)
environment analyzer
environment for hypothetical derivative approach
environment log
environment object
environment, health and safety (SAP)
environment, health and safety (SAP)
environment, health and safety (SAP)
environment, health and safety (SAP)
Environment, Health and Safety
EOG order
EOQ period
EOQ/SFT calculation
EPC Information Service
epsilon factor
equal distribution
equal distribution restriction
equalization levy
equalization tax
equalized wage
equipment (PM)
equipment (PP-PI)
equipment (SBO)
equipment (SCM-TM)
equipment bill of material
equipment category
equipment hierarchy
equipment in terms of materials
equipment item
equipment package
equipment requirement
equipment restriction
equipment status
equipment task list
equipment type
equipment usage period
equity aging report
equity method (EC-CS)
equity method (FI-LC)
equivalence number (CO-OM-CCA)
equivalence number (CO-PC)
equivalence number distribution
equivalence unit
equivalency determination
equivalent of productive time
error DRG
error handler
error handling
error log
error message
error operation
error total
error type
error vector
error-tolerant FIFO valuation
ERS invoice number
escalation handling
escalation management
escape character
escape character function
escape route
escape sequence
ESF Repository
ESN rate
essential booking (PE)
essential booking (PE-LSO)
essential requirement
establishment code
estimated activation date
estimated annual usage
estimated benefit cost for company car
estimated completion date
estimated costs at completion
estimated plan
estimation (IS-H)
estimation (IS-U-DM-MR)
estimation (PS)
estimation posting
estimation procedure
estimation sequence
EU threshold for public sector procurement
euro conversion
euro translation
Euro Workbench
European Free Trade Association
European health insurance card
European option
evaluated receipt settlement
evaluation area
evaluation category
evaluation class
evaluation criterion (FS-CM)
evaluation criterion (MM-PUR)
evaluation currency
evaluation date
evaluation directory
evaluation group
evaluation method
evaluation object
evaluation path
evaluation period (PA-EC)
evaluation period (PP-FLW)
evaluation period (PY)
evaluation period (SRM-EBP-VE)
evaluation record
evaluation rule
evaluation structure
evaluation type
evaluation version for process messages
evaluation wage type
event (AP-BE)
event (BC-ABA)
event (BC-BMT-WFM)
event (BC-FES-GRA)
event (BC-WD)
event (BW)
event (EHS)
event (EP-PIN)
event (FI-CA)
event (FS-AM-CM)
event (FS-BA-PM-FC)
event (FS-CM)
event (IS-A-DBM)
event (IS-HMED)
event (IS-OIL-DS-TD)
event (IS-R)
event (LE-TRA)
event (PA-PA)
event (PM)
event (PP)
event (PS)
event (SBO)
event (SCM-EM)
event (SV-ASA)
event (XAP-IEP)
event area
event block
event breakpoint
event category
event code
event code type
event collector
event condition
event confirmation
event consolidation profile
event container
event counter
event creation
event creator
event data recording
event detail page
event detail record
event dimension
event document
event field definition
event generation horizon
event handler (BC-ABA)
event handler (BC-BSP)
event handler (CRM-BTX)
event handler (IS-HMED)
event handler (SCM-EM)
event handler attribute
event handler set
event handler set profile
event handler set relation
event handler set relation code
event handler set relation type
event handler type
event handling
event history
event ID
event information
event interception
event keyword
event location
event management
Event Management attribute
Event Management object
event manager
event message
event message profile
event message reporting page
event name
event occurrence
event offering
event owner
event parameter
event planning
event propagation
event queue
event receiver
event reference
event set
event severity
event source (BC-WD)
event source (PP-PI)
event stack
event status
event storage
event subcondition
event type (BC-BMT-WFM)
event type (FS-AM)
event type (PP-PI)
event type (SCM-EM)
event type linkage
event-based billing
event-controlled bank statement
event-controlled product change
event-driven fee
event-driven message processing
event-driven process chain (CORPORATE-SPO)
event-driven process chain (SV-ASA)
event-driven quantity assignment
event-triggered fee calculation
eventing mechanism
evergreen contract
eviction policy
Ex Works
ex-post forecast (PP-MP)
ex-post forecast (SCM-APO-FCS)
exact daily base
exact search (AP-CAT)
exact search (BC-TRX)
Exactly Once
Exactly Once In Order
exam admission
exam date/time
exam mode
exam office
exam profile
examination category
examination type
example-based classification
example-based taxonomy
excepted quantity
exception (BC-ABA)
exception (BC-BMT-WFM)
exception (BW-BEX)
exception (FIN-CGV-MIC)
exception activity
exception base profile
exception class
exception group
exception handling
exception level
exception list
exception message
exception number
exception object
exception reporting
exception rule
exception text
exception value
exception-free period
excess collateral
excess coverage
excess demand
excess earnings
excess spread
excessive rent limit
exchange (FIN-FSCM-TRM-TM)
exchange (IS-T)
exchange agreement
exchange balance
exchange component piece list
exchange key
exchange part
exchange partner
exchange profile
exchange program
exchange rate (EC-CS)
exchange rate (FI)
exchange rate (FS-AM-IM)
exchange rate (IS-MP-NF)
exchange rate category
exchange rate comparison
exchange rate currency
exchange rate difference
exchange rate difference account
exchange rate differences report
exchange rate gain account
exchange rate indicator (EC-CS)
exchange rate indicator (FI-LC)
exchange rate loss account
exchange rate type (FI)
exchange rate type (FS-AM-IM)
exchange rate variance
exchange statement
exchange student
exchange studies
exchange type
exchange visitor
excise bond
excise bond balance
excise bond type
excise bond value
excise commissionerate
Excise Control Code
excise division
excise document
excise document number
excise document series group
excise duties
excise duty (FI)
excise duty (IS-OIL-DS-TDP)
Excise Duty
excise duty add back
excise duty balancing
excise duty claim
excise duty free
excise duty liability
excise duty license
Excise Duty number
excise duty owing
excise duty pricing key
excise duty relevance
excise duty status
Excise Duty type
excise group
excise invoice
excise invoice reference document
excise range
excise register
excise registration
excise registration number
excise tax
excluded agent
excluded territory
exclusion category
exclusion list
exclusion module
exclusion reason
exclusion requirement
exclusion table
exclusive bonus quantity (IS-R)
exclusive bonus quantity (SD)
exclusive but not cumulative lock
exclusive code
exclusive contract
exclusive lock (BC-ABA)
exclusive lock (BC-DWB-DIC)
exclusive lock (BC-DWB-DIC)
exclusive number
exclusive right
exclusive rule
exclusive rule strategy
executable function
executable program
execute (BC-FES-GUI)
execute (PP)
executed transportation activity
executing branch
execution control object
execution date
execution day-specific subject to final payment balance
execution forecast
execution method
execution mode (CRM-CIC)
execution mode (SCM-ICH)
execution mode (SRM-CM)
Execution opportunity report
Execution Service
Execution Services
execution step
execution time (PA)
execution time (PP)
execution time (SRM-CM)
execution type
Executive Menu
executive sheet
exempt cost element
exempt revenues account
exempt tax invoice
exemption amount for leading insurer commission
exemption card
exemption category
exemption code
exemption group
exemption license (AP-TTE)
exemption license (IS-OIL-DS-TDP)
exercisable awards
exercise (FIN-FSCM-TRM-TM)
exercise (IS-DFS)
exercise (PSM-GPR)
exercise contingent
exercise force element
exercise period
exercise position
exercise price (PA-CM)
exercise price (PA-EC)
exercise target
exercise type
exercise window (PA-CM)
exercise window (PA-EC)
exercise window rule
exercised awards
exhausted budget
existing chemical substance
existing customer
existing disability
exit (BC-FES-GUI)
exit (MP-APP-CR)
exit grid operator
exit hard
exit macro
exit message
exit plug
exit point
exit rule
exit soft
exogenous spread
exotic option
expand (BC-FES-GUI)
expand (CRM)
expand all
expand node
expanded withholding tax
expanding group
expatriation phase
expectation reserve
expected commercial value
expected consumption
expected delivery
expected event
expected event monitor
expected event processor
expected event profile
expected event requirement set
expected event requirement set rule
expected event requirement type
expected exposure
expected goods receipt
expected goods receipt notification
expected loss
expected object
expected payment
expected short/excess receipt
expenditure budget
expenditure ceiling
expenditure document
expenditure type
expense (FI)
expense (RE)
expense account
expense claim
expense invoice
expense payment
expense receipt
expense reclassification
expense type (CRM-FM)
expense type (SBO)
expenses (FS-CM)
expenses (IS-R)
expert mode (FS-CM)
expert mode (IS-B-SA-ALM)
expert mode (PA-OS)
expert opinion
expert opinion adjustment type
expiration date (CRM-ISA-AUC)
expiration date (IS-R)
expiration date (MP-APP-BB)
expiration date (SCM-APO-SNP)
expiration date (SD)
expiration date (XAP-OSP)
expiration period
expiration time
expired (SRM-EBP-CON)
expired (XAP-OSP)
expired vendor
expiring credential period
expiring quantity
expiry date (BC-SRV-COM)
expiry date (ICM-CRD)
expiry time
explain SQL
explanation log
explanation of benefit
explanation of consensus finding
explanation of review
explanation on the user interface
explanation tool
explanatory text
explicit archive path
explicit classification
exploded bill of material
exploitable right
explosion level
explosion profile
explosion scope
explosion type
explosive substance
exponential smoothing
export (BC-CTS)
export (BC-SRV-COM)
export (SD-FT)
export (XAP-CQM)
export control class
Export Control Table
export credit agency
export credit insurance
export declaration for EC export reimbursements
export from the Community
export ledger
export object type
export parameter
export period
export procedure
export steps
export type
Export-Import Bank of the US
exposure (EHS)
exposure (IS-B-RA-CL)
exposure amount
exposure before CEQ
exposure group
exposure log
exposure profile (EHS)
exposure profile (FS-BA-PM-CR)
Exposure scenario
express confirmation
express delivery company
Express Dispatch
express document
express invoice
Express Planning
expression (BC-ABA)
expression (BC-BMT-WFM)
expression (BC-SRV-BRF)
expression (CRM-IC-RTD)
expression (SBO)
expression type
extend order
extendable IMG activity
extendable material
extended approval task
extended classic scenario
extended contract
extended cost
extended coverage type
extended e-mail
extended e-mail editor
extended e-mail inbox
extended hierarchy
extended memory
extended memory size
extended program check
extended resale amount
extended retention of title
extended safety stock planning
extended service
extended settlement
extended SNP production horizon
extended staffing process
extended transport control
Extended Van Seller
extending coverage type
eXtensible Markup Language
eXtensible Markup Language structure
extensible object
extensible object framework
Extensible Style Language
Extensible Stylesheet Language Transformations
extension (BC-SRV-EDI)
extension (FS-AM-OM-AC)
extension (SBO)
extension duration
extension group
extension notification
extension type
external (FS-AM)
external (PE)
external (PE-LSO)
external activity
external admission status
external agent scheduling agreement
external alert system
external application
external application data object
External Application Interface
external bank card
external billing account reference
external billing system
external business transaction
external call number
external capacity
external certification
external clearing
external code
external collaboration
external collateral agreement
external command
external commitment
external community portal
external condition category
external contract
external counter
external credit information
external credit line
external data (BC-DWB)
external data (SBO)
external data module
external data transfer (ICM)
external data transfer (IS-B)
external delivery order
external document number
external drug ID
external event
external event code
external event code ID
external event code set
external exclusion
external group roster
external heating expenses settlement
external hedge ID
external hierarchy
external ID
external insert
external labeling system
external limit
external link
External List Management
external manufacturer
external measurement results
external medication
external number
external ordering party
External organisation
external organization
external Output Management System
external participant
external person
external person ID
external physician
external price (PE)
external price (PE-LSO)
external price calculator
external price determination
external process type
external processing (FIN-BAC-INV)
external processing (LO)
external procurement (MM)
external procurement (SCM-APO-CA)
external procurement order
external procurement planning
external procurement relationship
external procurement relationship category
external product (CRM-BTX)
external product (FS-BA-SD)
external rating procedure
external reconciliation
external reference
external run ID
external SAP System
external service (CAF)
external service (ICM)
external service charge settlement
external service configuration
External Services Management
external session
external shipping process
external sold-to party
external sort number
external staff
external statement
external status
external structure indicator
external subject
external supplier
external system (BW)
external system (FS-BA-AN-HDB)
external tax warehouse number
external text
external trading partner
external transaction (FI-BL)
external transaction (IS-B-RA-CL)
external treatment certificate number
external usage
external usage type
external valuation model
external value added
external version
external wage component
externally processed activity
extra amount
extra charge
extra-budget treatment
extra-European Union trade statistics
extract (CO)
extract (CRM-MD-PRO-OBJ)
extract (CRM-RB)
extract (FI-SL)
extract (FS-AM-IM-GL)
extract data
extract dataset
extract key
extract time
extract time determination
extract type
extraction category
extraction ID
extraction layer
extraction monitor
extraction structure
extractor (BC-BW)
extractor (PT)
extractor (SCM-EM)
extraordinary notice of dismissal
extrapolation (IS-U-DM-MR)
extrapolation (MM-IM)
extrapolation of profile values
EXTRASTAT declaration (SD-FT)
End of Content Area