Start of Content Area
cache data access
cache entry
cache group
cache hit
cache key
cache manager
cache miss
cache object
cache reader
cache region
cache server
CAD desktop
cadastral category
cadastral revenue
CAF Runtime Configurator
calculated cash desk amount
calculated characteristic
calculated costs
calculated key figure
calculated measurement service
calculated revenue
calculated seniority
calculation base (CO)
calculation base (LE)
calculation base (PA-CM)
calculation base date
calculation based on investment
calculation based on premium
calculation based on sums insured
calculation currency
calculation date
calculation environment
calculation expression
calculation form
calculation formula
calculation input characteristic
calculation instructions
calculation length
calculation level
calculation method (FI-AA)
calculation method (FS-BA-PM-CR)
calculation method (IS-HMED)
calculation module
calculation module version
calculation object
calculation of time specifications
calculation procedure for tax on sales and purchases
calculation profile (CRM-RB)
calculation profile (SCM-APO-ATP)
calculation rule
Calculation Server
calculation service
calculation service URL
calculation trigger
calculation type (BC-ABA)
calculation type (FS-BA-PM-CR)
calculation type (ICM)
calculation type (IS-U-CS)
calculation type (SD)
calendar for invoice dates
calendar integration
calendar is lenient
calendar resource (SCM-APO-MD)
calendar resource (SCM-APO-PPS)
calendar schema
calibration inspection
calibration validity
call attached data
call center
call component
call context
call control
call hierarchy
call history
call horizon
call interval
call list
call list assignment
call list statistics
call list synchronization
call me back
call result
call sequence (BC-ABA)
call sequence (BC-ABA)
call sign (IS-DFS)
call sign (IS-OIL)
call state
call status display
call structure
call transaction
call type
call waiting
callable object
callback queue
callup point
calorific value
calorific value district
calorific value procedure
campaign (CRM-MKT)
campaign (EP-KM)
campaign (IS-U-WM)
campaign (PP-PI)
campaign automation
campaign bar
campaign color
campaign element
campaign framework
campaign management (CRM)
campaign management (SAP)
campaign optimization
campaign planning (SAP)
campaign planning (SCM-APO-PPS)
campaign response handling
campaign status
Campus Management
can be crushed
can be occupied by
cancel (BC-FES-GUI)
cancel (PE)
cancel (PE)
cancel (PE-LSO)
cancel (PE-LSO)
cancel-part relationship
canceled (PSM-GM)
canceled (XAP-OSP)
cancellation (CRM-BE)
cancellation (ICM)
cancellation (ICM)
cancellation (PA-CM)
cancellation (RE)
cancellation date
cancellation document (FS-CD)
cancellation document (SD)
cancellation liability
cancellation option
cancellation procedure
cancellation rate
cancellation reserves
cancellation rule
cancellation threat
candidate (IS-HER-CM)
candidate (PA-ER)
candidate document
Candidate for authorization
candidate list
candidate status
cannibalization group
canonical name
canonical XML representation
CAP goods classification
CAP products
CAP products list number
capability index
capacity (CO)
capacity (CRM)
capacity (CRM-RPL-SRV)
capacity (IS-OIL-DS-TSW)
capacity (IS-U-EDM)
capacity (PE)
capacity (PE-LSO)
capacity (PP)
capacity (SCM-APO-MD)
capacity category (PP)
capacity category (XAP-RPM)
capacity check
capacity consumption
capacity factor
capacity group
capacity leveling (PP)
capacity leveling (SCM-APO-SNP)
capacity leveling profile
capacity load
capacity offset lead time
capacity planner group
capacity planning (CRM-RPL)
capacity planning (IS-BEV-LO-RP)
capacity planning group
capacity point
capacity requirement (PP)
capacity requirement (SCM-APO-PPS)
capacity requirements planning
capacity roll
capacity utilization level
capacity variant
capital allowance
capital formation savings payment
capital invested in group equity
capital investment order
capital lease method
capital requirement factor
capital requirement ratio
capital stock
capital tie-up
capital transfer
capitalization (FI-AA)
capitalization (PA-PF)
capitalization and valuation allowances
capitalization key
capitalization method
capitalization of an asset under construction
capitalization rule
capitalization structure
capitalized costs
capitalized profit
capitalized value
CAPP element
CAPP formula
CAPP method
CAPP process
CAPP rule
CAPP subcalculation
CAPP technical data
capping provision
capture (CRM-ISE)
capture (EP-PIN-IVS)
Capture Configuration Tool
captured area
car allowance
car benefit
card cancellation
card contract
card issuer
card issuing authority
card manufacturer
card pool
card pool cancellation
card rank
card settlement
card type
card verification value
care benefit
care management
care provided by substitute
care type
care unit
care unit staff
care unit type
care unit work station
career group
career item
career model
cargo manifest
carnet ATA
carnet TIR
carriage and insurance paid to
carriage paid to
carried interest
carried-over prepayment
carrier (IS-M-SD)
carrier (LE)
carrier processing (IS-BEV-LO-RS)
carrier processing (IS-OIL-DS-OGSD)
carrier route
carrier ticket
carry forward an overall budget
carryforward level
carrying distance
carrying forward of overall budget
carryover data
CAS number
cascade billing
cascading fonts settings
cascading line items
cascading menu
cascading stylesheet
case (BC-SRV-CM)
case (CA-GTF-RCM)
case assignment profile
case category
case classification
case container
case creation strategy
case determination strategy
case group
case group catalog
case hospitalized for less than 24 hours with overnight stay
case list
Case Management
case mix (IS-H)
case mix (IS-H)
case mix index
case procedure
case revision
case selection
case sensitive
case type (BC-SRV-CM)
case type (IS-H)
case type determination strategy
cash account
cash accounting
cash amount
Cash and Bank Book
cash balance plan
cash basis for VAT accounting
cash box
cash card
cash check
cash concentration (FI)
cash concentration (FS-AM-IM-CC)
cash concentration contract
cash control (IS-R)
cash control (PSM-FM)
cash control object
cash deposit
cash discount
cash discount base amount
cash discount terms
cash flow (FIN-FSCM-TRM-TM)
cash flow (FS-AM)
cash flow (FS-BA-SD)
cash flow (IM)
cash flow (IS-B-RA)
cash flow (RE)
cash flow (SBO)
Cash Flow Calculator
cash flow category (FS-BA-PM-FC)
cash flow category (FS-BA-SD)
cash flow condition
cash flow determination method
cash flow distribution
cash flow disturbance
cash flow engine
cash flow filter
cash flow fixer
cash flow fixing
cash flow hedge
cash flow indicator (FS-BA)
cash flow indicator (IS-B-RA)
cash flow set
cash flow splitting
cash flow transaction (CA-FIM)
cash flow transaction (FIN-FSCM-TRM-TM)
cash flow view (FS-BA-PM-FC)
cash flow view (FS-BA-SD)
cash fund
cash journal (FI)
cash journal (FI-CA)
cash journal business transaction
cash journal document (FI)
cash journal document (FI-BL)
cash journal posting
cash ledger
cash loss
cash management and forecast
cash management group
cash management position
cash management variant
cash payer
cash position
cash sale
cash security deposit
cash-based multiple transaction collateral
cash-on-delivery partner
cashed checks
casting operator
casual user
casualty unit
catalog (EP-KM-CM)
catalog (MDM)
catalog (PM)
catalog (QM)
catalog (SBO)
catalog area
catalog area type
catalog category
catalog content
Catalog Content Management
Catalog Content Manager
catalog determination
catalog entry (CA)
catalog entry (EHS)
catalog entry type
catalog group (CA)
catalog group (EHS)
catalog header
catalog item (AP-CAT)
catalog item (CRM-MD-PCT)
catalog item (IS-T)
catalog item characteristic
Catalog Manager
catalog profile
catalog publishing
catalog type (AP-CAT)
catalog type (CRM-MD-PCT)
catalog type (PM)
Catalog User
catalog variant
catalog view (AP-CAT)
catalog view (CRM-ISA)
catch weight
catch weight product
catch-up period
catchable runtime error
category (AP-CAT)
category (BC-EIM-ESH)
category (BC-TRX)
category (CO-PC)
category (CRM-IC-EMS)
category (CRM-MD)
category (EP-KM-COL)
category (IS-AFS-BD)
category (IS-HER-CM)
category (IS-MP)
category (LO-WTY)
category (MDM)
category (SBO)
category (SCM-APO-ATP)
category (SRM-SUD)
Category approach
category for off-cycle reason
category hierarchy
category management (IS-R)
category management (SAP)
category manager
category node
category of limit item
category of primary transaction
category of scheduled payment
category of specialized lending
category of user lists
category structure (IS-AFS-BD)
category structure (SRM-SUD)
category tree
category type
CATS classic
CATS for service providers
CATS instant
CATS notebook
CATS phone
CATS regular
CATT log
CATT menu
CATT variable
CATT variant
causal factor
causal model
cause of death
cause of loss
cause-effect chain
CCF class
CCMS agent
CCMS system repository
CCS bucket
CCS element
CCS type
CE rating category
ceding contract
ceding remuneration line
ceiling amount
ceiling type
cell information
cell padding
Central ABAP Spooler
Central Contractor Registration
central controlling system
central data collection
central delegation
central incoming payments
central instance
central logon module
central master data maintenance system
central object of SAP NetWeaver Application Server
central payments
Central Performance History
Central Personnel Data File
central planning
central planning plant
Central Print System
central reservations facility
Central Sales Tax
central sales tax number
central SAP Web Application Server object
central search
central services
Central Software Deployment Tool
central system
central task list
central tracking data store
Central User Administration
central value-added tax
centralized CHN model
centralized processing
centrally agreed contract
CENVAT reversal
CEQ factor
certificate list
certificate logon
certificate of deposit
certificate of exportation
certificate of origin (MM)
certificate of origin (SD-FT)
certificate parser
certificate request
certificate response
certificate revocation list
certificate store
certification (GRC)
certification (PSM-EC)
certification accountant
Certification Authority
certification manager
certification phase
certification procedure
certification report
certification run
certification test
certified contribution
certified expenditure
certified sales
certifying authority
certifying official
CFOP code
CGA magnetic file
CGA number
CGA pension scheme
chain liability
chain liability method
chain of command
chain of dependency
chain package
chained statement
challenge type
Change and Transport Organizer
Change and Transport System
change application
change category
change directory
change document (CA-GTF)
change document (PS)
change document (SV-SMG)
change document object
change document object class
change document update program
change flag
change hierarchy
change implementation reporting
change in indirect investment (EC-CS)
change in indirect investment (FI-LC)
change in legal person
change in staffing level
change list (BC-UPG-OCS)
change list (BC-XI)
change lock
Change Logistics
change management (BC-CUS)
change management (LO-ECH)
Change Management
Change Management Service
change manager
change master record
change notification agent
change notification service
change number
change number for product master data
change object (FS-CMS)
change object (LO-ECH)
change of activity type
change of insurer certificate
change of method
change of stratum
change of utilizer
change option
change option journal
change order (CA-GTF-ECM)
change order (LO-ECH)
change order type
change package
change piece list
change pointer
change process
change process chain
change processing profile
change protection
change recording
change request (BC-CTS)
change request (CA-GTF-ECM)
change request (LO-ECH)
change request (SV-SMG)
Change Request Management
change rule
change sequence graph
change state
change task
change to fund allocation key
change transaction
change transaction type
change transfer
change type (CA-GTF-ECM)
change type (PP)
change validation
change version
changeable agreement
changeover recipe
changes in balance sheet from local to consolidated values
changes in balance sheet values (EC-CS)
changes in balance sheet values (FI-LC)
changes in investee equity (EC-CS)
changes in investee equity (FI-LC)
changes in investments (EC-CS)
changes in investments (FI-LC)
changing parameter
channel (BC-EIM-ESH)
channel (EP)
channel (EP-KM)
channel analytics
channel assignment
Channel Commerce
channel interface
channel inventory
channel inventory initialization
channel inventory reconciliation
Channel Logic Layer
channel master
channel partner
channel partner hierarchy
channel sell-in
chapter ID
character (BC-ABA)
character (BC-I18)
character encoding form
character encoding model
character encoding scheme
character format
character key
character literal
character representation
character set (BC-I18)
character set (SBO)
character set conversion cache
character string
character unification
character-like data object
character-like data type
characteristic (AP-CAT)
characteristic (BC-SRV-REP)
characteristic (BW)
characteristic (CA-CL)
characteristic (CO)
characteristic (CO-PA)
characteristic (CRM-BF)
characteristic (EC-CS)
characteristic (EHS)
characteristic (FI)
characteristic (FIN-FSCM-TRM-TM)
characteristic (FS-BA-SD)
characteristic (IS-B)
characteristic (IS-R)
characteristic (LO-LIS)
characteristic (SCM-APO-ATP)
characteristic (SCM-APO-CA-CDP)
characteristic (SCM-BAS)
characteristic attribute (EC-EIS)
characteristic attribute (QM)
characteristic attributes of retention rule
characteristic category
characteristic derivation
characteristic display
characteristic exclusion conflict
characteristic feature
characteristic filter for limit types
characteristic group (CO-PA)
characteristic group (EHS)
characteristic group (RE)
characteristic inheritance
characteristic overwrite
characteristic pattern
characteristic profile
characteristic propagation
characteristic repository
characteristic requirement
characteristic specifications
characteristic structure
characteristic type (IS-R)
characteristic type (QM)
characteristic type (SCM-APO-CA-CDP)
characteristic valuation
characteristic value (CRM-BF-CFG)
characteristic value (EHS)
characteristic value (FS-BA-SD)
characteristic value (IS-B)
characteristic value (IS-R)
characteristic value (LO-LIS)
characteristic value (QM)
characteristic value (SCM-APO-FCS)
characteristic value assignment (CA-CL)
characteristic value assignment (SCM-APO-CA-CDP)
characteristic value group
characteristic value inheritance
characteristic value matrix
characteristic values combination (SCM-APO-FCS)
characteristic values combination (SCM-APO-PPS-MMP)
characteristic-based process instruction
characteristics alert
characteristics combination (FI-GL)
characteristics combination (LO-LIS)
characteristics combination (SCM-APO-ATP)
characteristics group (CA-CL)
characteristics group (CRM-BF)
characteristics group (IS-R)
characteristics group (PP-PI)
characteristics key
characteristics profile
characteristics-dependent planning
charge category
charge code
charge factor (IS-H)
charge factor (IS-H)
charge factor value
charge notification date
charge quantity
charge type
charge weight
chargeable component
chargeable component info record
chargeable node
chargeback (CRM-CLA)
chargeback (CRM-IPH)
chargeback history
chargeback recovery
chargeback write-off
chart (BC-FES-GRA)
chart (BW-BEX)
chart (PP-CRP)
Chart Engine
chart of accounts (FI)
chart of accounts (SBO)
chart of accounts index
chart of accounts list
chart of commitment items
chart of depreciation
chart report
chart setting
chart subtype
chart template
chart type (BC-FES-GRA)
chart type (PP-CRP)
chart type (XAP-OSP)
chartering broker
chat (CRM-CIC)
chat (MP-APP-CR)
chat (SRM-LA)
chat transcript
check (BC-FES-GUI)
check (SV-SMG)
check activity
check control
check date (IS-OIL-DS-TDP)
check date (SBO)
check date (SCM-APO-ATP)
check deposit fee
check digit procedure
check effective validity
check field
check function module
check in
check indicator (BC-SEC-USR)
check indicator (BC-TWB)
check input
check instructions
check list
check lot
check mode (FS-BP)
check mode (SCM-APO-ATP)
check number
check number lot
check object
check phase
check register
check repository
check run
check set
check table
check task list
check-digit algorithm
check-in (BC-SRV-KPR-DMS)
check-in (IS-BEV-DSD)
check-in (PE-LSO)
check-out (BC-SRV-KPR-DMS)
check-out (IS-BEV-DSD)
check-out (PE-LSO)
check-out cancel
check-out lock
check/bill of exchange
checkbox group
checked delivery
checking category
checking group
checking horizon (PSM-FM-BCS)
checking horizon (SCM-APO-ATP)
checking horizon (SCM-APO-PPS-RSP)
checking rule
checking technology
checklist (PA-GE)
checklist (PLM-CPR)
checklist item
checkpoint (BC-ABA)
checkpoint (LE)
checkpoint (LE-YM)
checkpoint (SCM-EWM)
checkpoint group
checkpoint mode
checks for payment
Chemical Abstracts Service
Chemical Industry Data Exchange
chief physician contract
chief position
chief procurement officer
child (CPM-BPC)
child (SBO)
child allowance
child category
child for whom child allowance is paid
child item
child location
child object (AII)
child object (EP-PIN)
child order
child requirement
child system
CHN owner
CHN standard time
choice field
choose (BC-DOC)
choose (BC-FES-GUI)
choose form print
churn management
CIC component
CIC profile
CIDX transaction code
CIF comparison/reconciliation of transaction data
CIF error handling
CIIU code
CIP code
circular (BC-BMT-WFM)
circular (BC-SRV-RM)
circular (BC-SRV-RM)
circulating material
city name extension
city rate
claim (CRM-CLA)
claim (FS-CM)
claim (FS-RI)
claim (IS-HT-DRM)
claim (PS)
claim aggregate
claim bundle
claim bundle subtype
claim bundle type
claim center agent
claim document
claim file
claim item
claim item grouping
claim item grouping category
claim processing submode
claim report
claim settlement
claim split
claim submission
claim subobject
claim subobject category
claim type (CRM-CLA)
claim type (FS-CM)
claim validation
claim-based payment
claimed amount
claiming account
claims management
claims monitor
clarification code
clarification worklist for old locked settlement schedule it
clashed nomination
class (BC-ABA)
class (BC-SRV)
class (CA-CL)
class (CA-GTF-RCM)
class (CRM-BF-CFG)
class (EHS)
class (SCM-APO-CA-CDP)
Class Browser
Class Builder
class constructor
class hierarchy
class interface
class interval
class item
class library
Class Library
class limit
class loader
class loading system
class midpoint
class name (BC-SRV)
class name (FS-BA-PM-FC)
class pool
class range
class role
class rule
class type (BC-SRV)
class type (CA-CL)
class width
class-based exception
class-specific function
classic determination
classic InfoSet
classic scenario
classification (BC-SRV-COM)
classification (BC-TRX)
classification (CA-GTF-TS)
classification (MM-IM)
classification (PA-PM)
classification (SCM-APO-CA-CDP)
Classification Assignment
Classification Assignment Configurator
classification catalog
classification category
classification characteristic
classification feature
classification inbox
classification index
classification key
classification mean value
classification of flows and conditions
classification of FS items (FI)
classification of FS items (FI-LC)
classification parameter
classification period
classification schema
classification service
classification system
classification type
classifications administration
classified ad
ClassLoader Manager
ClassLoader Viewer Service
classroom training
clause (BC-ABA)
clause (CA-GTF-DOB)
clause (SRM-EBP-CON)
clause (XAP-OSP)
clause library
clause manager
clean price (FIN-FSCM-TRM)
clean price (FS-BA-PM-FC)
clean-out order
clean-out recipe
clean-up call
cleaning method
cleaning object
cleaning object category
cleansing and aggregation module
cleared alert
cleared amount
cleared subitem
clearing (FI)
clearing (IS-BEV-DSD)
clearing account (FI)
clearing account (FS-AM)
clearing agreement
clearing business area
clearing category
clearing collector
clearing control
clearing criteria
clearing document
clearing group
clearing house
clearing institute
clearing item
clearing logic
clearing partner
clearing procedure
clearing restriction
clearing transaction
clearing value
client (BC-ABA)
client (SAP)
client (SBO)
client (SBO)
client access
client authentication
client cache
client certificate (BC-SEC)
client certificate (BC-XI)
client certificate header
Client Console
client control block
client copy
client database
client device
client event
client eventing
client folder
client framework
client handling
client identifier
client number
client proxy
Client Software Deployment Service
client switch
client switch cockpit
client table
client thread
client-specific Customizing
client/server architecture
client/server system
cliff vesting
clinical application component
clinical encounter
clinical episode
clinical event
clinical history
clinical information
clinical order
Clinical Process Builder
clinical specialty
clinical statement (IS-HMED)
clinical statement (IS-HMED)
clinical work station
clipboard (BC-FES-GUI)
clipboard (BC-SRV-SCR)
clipped form
clock off
clock on
clocking data
clone (ICM)
clone (MDM)
close calendar
close date
close period
close time
closed item
closed loop
closed question
closed study segment
closed-loop order
closed-loop scenario (CRM-ANA)
closed-loop scenario (IS-AD-ROT)
closing balance
closing criteria
closing date (FI)
closing date (SBO)
closing dip
closing entry
closing group
closing month
closing notification
closing operations (FI)
closing operations (PSM-FM)
closing portion
closing price
CLTV model
CLTV modeling
CLTV prediction
cluster (BC-ABA)
cluster (BC-FES-GRA)
cluster (BC-JAS)
cluster (BC-MID-BUS)
cluster element
cluster ID
Cluster Manager
cluster table
cluster technique
clustered server
clustering service
CM number
CM repository
CM repository database check
CM repository file system check
CNPJ number
CO interface
CO product group
CO production order
CO-OM responsibility area
co-ownership share (FS-CMS)
co-ownership share (RE)
CO-PA update
co-product support
COA company code
COA mandate
COA settlement
COBRA coverage continuation period
COBRA early termination reason
COBRA election period
COBRA event collection
COBRA invoice
COBRA period election monitor
COBRA qualifying event
COBRA-relevant plan
code (BC-I18)
code (PM)
code (QM)
code group (PM)
code group (QM)
code group index
code group profile
Code Inspector
code page (BC-DWB)
code page (EHS)
code point
code set
code sharing
code table
code unit
coded character set
coding block
coding system
coefficient for territorial working conditions
coefficient of expansion
cohort (IS-HER-CM)
cohort (IS-HER-CM-US)
cohort (PSM-FM)
cohort context
coinsurance key
coinsurance share
ColKey range
collaboration (BC-WD-ABA)
collaboration (CA)
collaboration (PLM-CFO)
collaboration (SAP)
collaboration (SAP)
collaboration (SAP)
collaboration agreement
collaboration entity
Collaboration Folders
collaboration knowledge
Collaboration Launch Pad
collaboration list
collaboration list manager
collaboration profile
Collaboration Projects
Collaboration Room favorites
collaboration services
collaborative business
Collaborative Business Map
collaborative business scenario
Collaborative Electronic Health Record
collaborative forecasting
Collaborative Health Network
collaborative management of scheduling agreement releases
Collaborative Planning
collaborative planning and category management
collaborative planning, forecasting, and replenishment
collaborative scenario (LO)
collaborative scenario (PLM-CFO)
Collaborative Showroom
collaborative tendering
collapse (BC-FES-GUI)
collapse (CRM)
collapse all
collapse node
collateral (CRM)
collateral (CRM-IFS)
collateral (FS-CML)
collateral (FS-CMS)
collateral agreement (CRM-IFS)
collateral agreement (FS-CMS)
collateral agreement (IS-B-RA-CL)
collateral agreement category
collateral agreement type
collateral category
collateral constellation
collateral deficit
collateral distribution
collateral eligible for investment in premium reserve fund
collateral fulfilled
collateral inspection
collateral instrument
collateral monitoring
collateral object (CRM-IFS)
collateral object (FS-CML)
collateral overview
collateral pool
collateral right
collateral scope
collateral type (FS-BA-PM-CR)
collateral type (IS-B-RA-CL)
collateral valuation rule
collateral value (FS-CML)
collateral value (FS-CMS)
collateral value (RE)
collateral value category
collation process
collected-to date
collecting bank
collection (BC-CCM-ADK)
collection (BC-DOC-TTL)
collection (CA-GTF)
collection (EP-KM-CM)
collection (FI)
collection (IS-AFS)
collection (SCM-ECT-LIM)
collection (SD-FT)
collection (XAP-RPM)
Collection and Disbursement
collection and reorganization schema
collection case
collection group
collection premium
collection procedure
collection profile
collection relationship
collection renderer
collection rule
collection segment
collection specialist
collection strategy
collection target date
collection type (BC-CCM-ADK)
collection type (SCM-ECT-LIM)
collections and disbursements
collections commission
collections representative
collective account (IS-A-RL)
collective account (SBO)
collective action
collective agreement key
collective agreement on general conditions
collective appropriation request
collective bill
collective bill account
collective billing
collective billing run
collective business partner
collective cancellation
Collective Conflict Resolution Transport
collective credit memo
collective determination
collective document
collective entry
collective execution
collective execution program
collective filing/self-assessment
collective internal order
collective invoice (FS-CD)
collective invoice (IS-H)
collective invoice (SD)
collective invoice (SRM-EBP-INV)
collective invoice account
collective invoicing
collective invoicing document
collective invoicing printout
collective language code
collective lease-out
collective macro
collective number
collective number for RFQs/quotations
collective order (FS-AM-OM-SO)
collective order (IS-HMED)
collective order (IS-OIL-DS-OGSD)
collective order (PP)
collective pattern
collective premise
collective processing (BC-FES-GUI)
collective processing (FIN-FSCM-TRM-TM)
collective processing of appointments
collective product allocation
collective purchase order
collective requirements inventory
collective run
collective run log
collective search help
collective slip
collective standing order
collective subrogation/recovery
collective view
collective waste approval
collector (FS-PE)
collector (SCM-ECT-LIM)
collector closing
Collector table
collision browser
collision check (PA-AS)
collision check (PT)
color category
color code
color definition
color offset
color palette
color scheme
color space
color template
color variant
column block
column characteristic
column group
column heading
column layout
combinable adjustment rule
combination benefit
combination by operation
combination by order
Combination Code
combination deal
combination routine
combination switch
combination value key
combined booking unit
combined contract
combined contribution limit
combined coverage limit
combined document
combined order
combined rate plan
combined rate plan package
combined requirement
combined rule
combined settlement
Combined Upgrade & Unicode Conversion
combining character
combining character sequence
combo box
comma-separated file
command (BC-SRV-SCR)
command (CRM-MT)
command (IS-U-DM)
command and control relationship
command and support relationship
command center
command field
command file
command group (EP-KM)
command group (IS-U-DM)
command list
command message
command mode
command processor
command responsibility
command set
comment (BC-ABA)
comment (CPM-BPC)
comment line
Commerce Control List
Commercial and Government Entity code
commercial cluster
commercial item type
commercial lease-out
commercial notation
commercial real estate loan
commission account
commission activity
commission activity group
commission activity type
commission application
commission based on index-linking
commission beneficiary
commission bonus
commission case
commission case chain
commission clerk
commission contract
commission contract category
commission contract end date
commission contract partner
commission contract start date
commission contract type
commission determination
commission document
commission document type
commission documentation
commission group
commission guarantee
commission model
commission model currency
commission on in-force business maintenance
commission package
commission profile
commission rate
commission recipient
commission settlement
commission split
commission system
commissioning time
commissions management
commit counter
commitment (CO)
commitment (FI)
commitment (FS-CML)
commitment (PA-PM-PB)
commitment (PSM-FM)
commitment allowed
commitment budget
commitment capital
commitment control
commitment creation, automatic
commitment date
commitment item (FIN-FSCM-CLM-CM)
commitment item (PSM-FM)
commitment item category
commitment item group
commitment limit
commitment run
commitment schedule line
commitments orders
committed projects
committed volume campaign
commodity code (MM-IM)
commodity code (SD-FT)
commodity pricing
commodity pricing engine
commodity pricing formula
commodity sales (SAP)
commodity sales (SAP)
Common Agricultural Policy
Common Agricultural Policy number
common area
common character set
Common Client Interface
Common Communications Support
common dimension
common function
common initiative
common mobility
common objective
common profile
common property
common room
common usage
common warehouse metamodel
communication call
communication channel (BC-XI)
communication channel (CRM-CIC)
communication channel (EP-KM-CM)
Communication Control Program
communication data
communication diagram
communication document
communication group
communication management software
communication method
communication mode
communication party
communication point
communication priority
communication profile (BC-SRV-COM)
communication profile (IS-R)
communication record
communication services
communication station
communication status (BC-CCM)
communication status (IS-DFS)
communication structure (BW-WHM)
communication structure (CA-GTF-BS-MC)
communication structure (LO-LIS)
communication system
communication table
communication type (BC-SRV-ARL)
communication type (EHS)
communications interface
Communications Manager
communications program
communications protocol
communications system
communications user
communications view
communications workstation
Community Customs Code
commuting type
compact scheduling
compaction factor
company (BC-SEC)
company (FI)
company administrator
company area
company best bid (MP-APP-DPE)
company best bid (SRM-LA)
company bid
company code
company code group (FI-CA)
company code group (PSM-FM)
company code relationship type
company consolidation
company consumption
company data
company details
company distribution list
company first-aider
company grouping
company ID
company pair
company pension scheme
company preferences
company prefix
company registration number
company report
company reporting currency
company role
company share
company user
company's share
comparative apartment
comparative apartment adjustment type
comparative financial report
comparative group of apartments
comparative promotion
comparative rent
compare function
comparison account
comparison column
comparison database
comparison date
comparison dimension
comparison period
comparison quantity
comparison ratio
comparison report
comparison rule (BC-ABA)
comparison rule (MM-IV)
comparison table
compartment (BC-CTS)
compartment (IS-OIL-DS-TD)
compartment (SCM-APO-VS)
compartment profile
compatibility attribute
compatibility character
compatibility check
compatibility group
compatibility indicator
compatibility operator
compatible unit (IS-U-WM)
compatible unit (PM)
compatible unit category
compatible unit design
compatible unit type
compatible unit work order
compensation (FS-CM)
compensation (FS-MCM-CSL)
compensation (PY)
compensation (PY)
compensation administration
compensation area
compensation base salary
compensation calculation
compensation category
compensation dimension segment
compensation job group
compensation manager
compensation matrix
compensation method
compensation model
compensation package item
compensation plan
compensation program
compensation review
compensation review item
compensation review period
compensation specialist
compensation status
compensation time
compensation tree
compensation wage type
compensatory levy
competitive award
competitive scenario (LO)
competitive scenario (PLM-CFO)
competitor product
compilation unit
complete copy
complete delivery
complete dunning
complete invoice document
complete purchase requisition
complete readmission case
complete stock pick
complete transaction
complete typing
complete withdrawal
complete-count area
complete-year method
completed length of study
completed visit
completed well report
completeness check
completion category
completion confirmation
completion date
completion level
completion piece list
completion rule
completion status
completion time
complex asset
complex fixed asset
complex key figure
complex make-to-order production
complex search help
complex target
complex valuation
complexity factor
compliance date
compliance testing
Compliant User Provisioning
complication and comorbidity level
component (BC-ABA)
component (BC-BSP)
component (BC-SRV-KPR-DMS)
component (CA)
component (CRM-BF-CFG)
component (EHS)
component (EP-VC)
component (IS-AD-PRM)
component (IS-DFS)
component (PP)
component (SBO)
component abbreviation
component BOM
component container
component controller
component definition file
component directory
component documentation
component hierarchy
component interface (BC-JAS-EJB)
component interface (BC-WD)
component item
component list
component monitoring
component of an installed base (CRM-MD)
component of an installed base (CS)
Component Patch
component pattern
component piece list
component price
component product
component quantity
component scrap
component selector
Component Support Package
component tax
component type
component unit of measure
component variant
component variant matrix
component version
component-managed transaction
components group
components group determination
composite application (SWE)
composite application (XAP-IC)
Composite Application Services
composite appraisal object
Composite Credit Appraisal
composite element
composite forecasting
composite inflation index
composite module
composite of service lines
composite of service master records
composite profile
composite rate
composite role (BC-SEC-USR)
composite role (CA)
composite role (FS-CMS)
composite survey result
composition (BC-DWB-TOO-BOB)
composition (EHS)
composition concept
compositional association
compound access control context
compound characteristic
compound index
compound interface
compound of characteristics
comprehensive planning
compressed view
compulsory assortment
compulsory bank statement with memo for dishonored debit or
compulsory comment
compulsory insurance
computed expression
computed setting
computer symbol
Computer Telephony Integration
Computing Center Management System
concatenated manufacturer part number
concept (AP-PPE)
concept (BC-DOC-TER)
concept (XAP-PD)
Concept Check Tool
concept dashboard
concept development
concept draft form
concept editor
concept group
concept leader
concept owner
concept pool
concept role
concept template
conceptual design
concession card
concession eligibility
concession validation
conclusion of a contract
concordance search
concurrent costing
concurrent employment
concurrent engineering
condition (BC-BMT-WFM)
condition (BC-I18-UNI)
condition (BC-SRV-COM)
condition (BC-SRV-EDI)
condition (FS-AM-PR-CD)
condition (IS-HMED)
condition (LO)
condition (RE)
condition (SCM-APO-VS)
condition (SCM-EM)
condition (SRM-EBP-CON)
condition (TR)
condition basis
condition calculation type
condition category
condition class
condition code
condition component
condition currency
condition determination
condition element
condition for characteristics
condition granter
condition group (FIN-FSCM-TRM-TM)
condition group (RE)
condition group (RE)
condition group type
condition ID
condition index
condition maintenance group
condition master
condition pricing unit
condition purpose
condition rate (CRM-RB)
condition rate (SD)
condition record (CA-GTF-BS-MC)
condition record (SD)
condition reference
condition reference type
condition rule set
condition scale unit of measure
condition step
condition supplement
condition table (CA-GTF-BS-MC)
condition table (SD)
condition technique
condition type (CO)
condition type (RE)
condition type (SD)
condition type (TR)
condition unit
condition value
condition-based excise determination
condition-based investor contract
condition-based invoice split
condition-related event type
conditional continuous
conditional inspection characteristic
conditional pension key date
conditional supersession chain
conditions manager
condominium management contract
condominium owner company code
condominium owners' association
condominium ownership
condominium register
conference call
confidence factor
confidence interval
confidence level
confidential account
configurable button
configurable general maintenance task list
configurable material
configurable product
configurable sales package
configuration (BC-CUS-TOL)
configuration (IS-DFS)
Configuration Adapter Service
configuration assistant
configuration case
configuration code
configuration component
configuration conflict
configuration cycle
configuration definition
configuration editor
Configuration Engine
configuration folder
configuration group
configuration intelligence
Configuration Manager (BC-JAS)
Configuration Manager (XAP-OSP)
configuration object
configuration profile
configuration result
configuration scenario
configuration task
configuration time
configuration tree
configuration value
configured field
confirm alert
confirmation (CRM-IM-IPM)
confirmation (FIN-FSCM-TRM-TM)
confirmation (FS-CD)
confirmation (LE-WM)
confirmation (PLM-CPR)
confirmation (PP)
confirmation (PS)
confirmation (SRM-EBP)
confirmation against scheduling agreement
confirmation category
confirmation control key
confirmation history
confirmation management
confirmation note
confirmation of coverage
confirmation of registration
confirmation profile
confirmation prompt
confirmation request date
confirmation result
confirmation status determination
confirmation value
confirmed coverage
confirmed letter of credit
confirmed quantity
confirmed quantity/date
confirmed scrap quantity
confirming bank
conflict due to a statically restricted value range
conflict handling
conflict resolution mode
Conflict Resolution Transport (BC-UPG-OCS)
Conflict Resolution Transport (BC-UPG-OCS)
conflict rule
conflict verification
conflicting function
conjunct form
connecting carrier
connecting shipper
connection (BC-JAS)
connection (BC-XI)
connection (IS-U-MD)
connection area
connection between vital signs
connection consumer
connection handle
connection mode
connection object
connection parameter
connection point
connection pooling (BC-JAS)
connection pooling (EP)
connection status
connection step
connection type (BC-CUS-TOL-NAV)
connection type (MP-APP-CR)
connection wizard
ConnectionsManipulator Manager
connectivity (BC-EIM-ESH)
connectivity (BC-MID)
connectivity (SAP)
connectivity information
Connector Container Service
connector framework
Connector Gateway
connector ID
consensus determination
consensus finding
consensus profile
consensus profile determination
consensus rule
consensus-based forecasting
consent for clinical treatment
consent for experimentation
consent for processing of personal data
consent for receipt of marketing information
consequential change
consignment material
consignment order
consignment stock
consignment stock at customer
consistency check
consistency check group
consistency of primary objects
consistency reporting
consolidated balance sheet
consolidated data
consolidated database
consolidated entity
consolidated event
consolidated financial data
consolidated financial statements
consolidated metropolitan statistical area
consolidated view
consolidating business partner
consolidation (EC-CS)
consolidation (FI-LC)
consolidation (FIN-SEM-BCS)
consolidation (PS-REV-CPR)
consolidation area
consolidation business area (EC-CS)
consolidation business area (FI-LC)
consolidation chart of accounts (EC-CS)
consolidation chart of accounts (FI-LC)
consolidation chart of accounts (FIN-SEM-BCS)
consolidation cycle
consolidation entry (EC-CS)
consolidation entry (FI-LC)
consolidation entry (FIN-SEM-BCS)
consolidation frequency (EC-CS)
consolidation frequency (FI-LC)
consolidation group (EC-CS)
consolidation group (SCM-EWM)
consolidation group hierarchy
consolidation ledger
consolidation method
consolidation monitor (EC-CS)
consolidation monitor (FIN-SEM-BCS)
consolidation of investments (EC-CS)
consolidation of investments (FI-LC)
consolidation of investments method (EC-CS)
consolidation of investments method (FI-LC)
consolidation route
consolidation staging ledger
consolidation status (EC-CS)
consolidation status (FI-LC)
consolidation strategy
consolidation system
consolidation type
consolidation unit
consolidation unit hierarchy
consolidation using plan values
consortial pooling
constant (BC-ABA)
constant (BC-BMT-WFM)
constant foreign key
constant model
constellation of participants
constituent of a portfolio
constrained forecast
constraint (LO-VC)
constraint (PP)
constraint (SCM-APO)
constraint propagation
constraint reference type
constraint-based planning
construction class
construction costs index
Construction Industry Scheme
construction measure
construction measures
construction progress report
construction tax certificate
construction tax certificate number
construction type
consult researchers
consultant number
consultation call
consumable material
consumable rebate
consumed budget
consumer activity
consumer portal
consumer promotion
consumer return
consumer system
consumer visit
consumption (MM-IM)
consumption (PP-MP)
consumption alternative
consumption cost element
consumption entry
consumption forecast
consumption from previous periods
consumption group
consumption mode
consumption object
consumption period
consumption priority
consumption type
consumption-based offset method
consumption-based planning (IS-R)
consumption-based planning (PP-MRP)
contact (CRM-CIC)
contact (SBO)
contact attached data
contact closing date
contact employee
contact log
contact management
contact medium
contact person (IS-R)
contact person (SD)
contact person screen
contact person-specific data
contact search and display
container (AP-BE)
container (BC-BMT-WFM)
container (BW-BEX)
container (EP-KM)
container (EP-PIN)
container (EP-VC)
container (IS-M-AMC)
container (IS-U-WA)
container (LE-YM)
container (LO)
container area
container bar
container category
container definition
container delivery
container element
container group
container ID
container identification number
container instance
container layout
container linkage
container location
container location management
container logistics
container operation
container portion
container removal
container replacement
container resource
container sequence
container sequence item
container service device
container-managed transaction
contamination of site
Content Acquisition and Rights Management
content analysis
Content Approver
content area
content availability check
content category
content component
content component hierarchy
content component hierarchy type
content component hierarchy variant
content component hierarchy version
content component type
Content Conversion Service
Content Converter Service
content developer
content exchange service
content federation
content filter
content language
Content Library
content management
Content Management
Content Management Service
Content Management System
content manager (CA-GTF-DOB)
content manager (EP-PIN-USM)
content mirroring
content model
content modifier
content object (EP)
content object (KM-KW)
Content Player
content provider
content query
content relationship
content repository (BC-SRV-ARL)
content repository (BC-SRV-KPR)
content repository (KM-KW)
Content Review
Content Reviewer
content server
Content Server
content server alias
content syndication
content tree
content type
content unit
content usage mode
content version (CA-DMS)
content version (EP-KM-CM)
content version (KM-KW)
content versioning
content-related category
context (BC-ABA)
context (BC-SRV-BRF)
context (BC-SRV-EDI)
context (BC-TWB)
context (BC-WD)
context (CA-GTF-ECM)
context (CAF-GP)
context (FS-BA-SD)
context (KM-KW)
context area
context assistance pattern
context attribute
context authorization main switch
context block
Context Builder
context class (BC-SRV-COM)
context class (BC-SRV-KPR)
context data mode
context display
context hierarchy
context menu
context resolution
context solution
contextual Customizing
contingency beneficiary
contingency order
contingency sale
contingent claim
contingent liability
contingent planning
continuation file
continue (BC-CCM-ADK)
continue (BC-FES-GUI)
continued pay
continuity in valuation
continuity of care record
continuity program
Continuous Business Improvement
continuous inventory (LE-WM)
continuous inventory (LO)
continuous move
continuous occupancy
contra item
contract (CRM)
contract (FIN-FSCM-BC)
contract (FIN-FSCM-TRM-TM)
contract (FS-AM-CM)
contract (FS-PM)
contract (IS-M-AM)
contract (IS-T)
contract (IS-U-MD)
contract (MM-PUR)
contract (XAP-OSP)
contract account (FI-CA)
contract account (IS-T)
contract account category
contract account master record
contract account relationship
contract accounts receivable and payable
Contract Accounts Receivable and Payable
contract administrator
contract area
contract author
contract award
contract billing document
contract bundle
contract bundle type
contract business object
contract catalog
contract catalog for service specifications
contract category (FS-AM)
contract category (RE)
contract category (RE)
contract change
contract changing holdings
contract class
contract classification
contract creator (SRM-EBP-CON)
contract creator (XAP-OSP)
contract currency
contract definitization
contract demand limit
contract diversity
contract dunning
contract element (FS-AM-CM)
contract element (FS-PM)
contract element level
contract end date
contract expert
contract expiration
contract for own business
contract header
contract hierarchy
contract ID
contract item
contract journal
contract leakage
Contract Lifecycle Management
contract lock
contract model
contract monitoring
contract name
contract negotiation and management
contract number
contract object
contract object type
contract offer (CRM-CHM)
contract offer (RE)
contract owner
contract package
contract partner
contract pool
contract release order (CRM-BTX-CTR)
contract release order (IS-BEV-LO-RE)
contract release order (MM)
contract release order (SD)
contract requirement
contract reviewer
contract scheme
contract service specifications
contract specialization
contract status
contract supplier user
contract template (FS-TXS)
contract template (IS-U-CS)
contract template (SBO)
contract type (CRM)
contract type (FIN-FSCM-BC)
contract type (FS-AM)
contract type (RE)
contract version
contract-managing organizational unit
contract-type defined benefits pension plan
contracted transaction
contractor (CRM-BTX)
contractor (EHS)
contractor tax reference
contractors and engineering companies
contracts and installed base management
contracts and pricing
contractual activity
contractual day rate
contribution (FS-MCM-PDM)
contribution (PA-BN)
contribution (PSM-EC)
contribution (PY)
contribution percentage
contribution rate
contribution scale
contributory effect
contributory effect degree
control (BC-FES-GRA)
control (BC-WD)
control (CRM-MT)
control (FIN-CGV-MIC)
control (GRC)
control (KM-ITU)
control (XAP-EM)
control account
control area
control area operator
control automation
control bar
control break
control category
Control Center
control chart
control code
control copy T5
control cost
control costs (CO)
control costs (SCM-APO-SNP)
control cycle
control cycle card
control efficiency
control element
Control Framework (BC-ABA)
Control Framework (BC-FES-GRA)
control indicator
control input quantity
control instructions
control key
control level
control level processing
control list
control maturity
control message
control meter reading order
control method (PLM-CPR)
control method (QM)
control output quantity
control panel
control parameter
control parameter for default risk
control parameters
control plan (PLM-CPR)
control plan (QM)
control plan type
control predicate
control purpose
control quantity (CO)
control quantity (LE-WM)
control query
control recipe
control recipe destination
control record (BC-SRV-EDI)
control record (LO-MD)
control relationship
control rule
control selector
control station
control station group
control structure
control symbol
control temperature
control total (CA-GTF-DRT)
control total (MM-IV)
control totals
control type (IS-R)
control type (SCM-FRE)
control variant for Travel Planning
control view
controlled object
controlled usage rate
controller (BC-BSP)
controller (BC-NET)
controller (BC-WD)
controller (GRC-SFF)
controller context
controller context editor
controller usage
controlling area
controlling area currency
controlling characteristic
Controlling document
Controlling element
controlling level (CO)
controlling level (CO-PC)
Controlling object
controlling scenario
controlling type
controlling view
controlling with account assignment objects
convalescence benefit
conventional notation
convergent billing
convergent invoicing
conversation ID
conversion (BC-DWB-DIC)
conversion (CA-GTF)
conversion class
conversion collision
conversion controller
conversion customizing
conversion data
conversion date
conversion difference
conversion exit
conversion factor (IS-OIL-DS-HPM)
conversion factor (MP-APP-DPE)
conversion file
conversion group
conversion indicator (IS-AFS-BD)
conversion indicator (SCM-APO-PPS-PPT)
conversion method (AP-TTE)
conversion method (IS-OIL-DS-HPM)
conversion mode
conversion profile
conversion program
conversion record
conversion routine (BC-ABA)
conversion routine (BC-CCM-ADK)
conversion rule (BC-SRV-COM)
conversion rule (CO-PA)
conversion type
convertible bond
convexity adjustment
conveyor segment
conveyor segment group
cooperative agreement
coordination of material requirements
copayment (IS-H)
copayment (PA-BN)
copayment obligation
copayment receivable
copayment request
copy (BC-CTS)
copy (BC-DWB)
copy (BC-FES-GUI)
copy (EP-PIN)
copy (FIN-SEM-BCS)
copy (FS-PM)
copy block
copy from (BC-FES-GUI)
copy from (BC-FES-GUI)
copy function
copy inspection results function
copy profile
copy range
copy service
copy text
copy to new
copy zone
copying variant
core article master data
core Bank Analyzer system
core banking
core benefit
core character
core diameter
Core Engine layer
core entity service
core file
core functions
core interface
Core Interface
core maintenance status
core material master data
core night work
core object in portfolio assignment
core package
Core Process
core project
core requirement
core service adaptation
core time
corequisite plan
corporate account
corporate group
corporate income tax
corporate LDAP directory
corporate pension plan
Corporate Performance Monitor
corporate policy (EC-CS)
corporate policy (FI-LC)
corporate services
Corporate Services
corporate tax
corporate tax number
corporate valuation
corporate-type defined contribution pension plan
corporation ID
Correct Franking wizard
correction amount
correction component
correction DIF
correction document
correction entity
correction factor
correction instructions
correction items
correction management
correction object
correction order (CA-GTF-ECM)
correction order (IS-U-DM-MR)
correction period
correction quantity for cumulative delivered quantity
correction request
correction run
correction server
correction tax form
correction value
corrective and preventive action
corrective measure
correlation (EP)
correlation (EP-UNI)
correlation (IS-B-RA)
correlation calculation
correlation calculation mode
correspondence (BC-SRV-COM)
correspondence (FI)
correspondence (FIN-FSCM-TRM-TM)
correspondence (ICM)
correspondence activity (PA-ER)
correspondence activity (RE)
correspondence agreements
correspondence application
correspondence container
correspondence control
correspondence creation
correspondence group
correspondence history (FS-PM)
correspondence history (PE)
correspondence interface
correspondence management
correspondence object
correspondence order
correspondence package
correspondence preview
correspondence print process
correspondence request
correspondence system
correspondence tool
correspondence type (CA-GTF)
correspondence type (FS-CML)
correspondence type (FS-PM)
correspondence variant
correspondence worklist
correspondent (BC-SRV-COM)
correspondent (SD-FT)
correspondent account
corridor search
cost account
cost accounting
cost accounting split
Cost and Freight
cost approach to appraisal
cost base
cost behavior
cost bucket
cost calculation date
cost center (CO)
cost center (IS-R)
cost center budget
cost center category
cost center currency
cost center group
cost center hierarchy
cost center performing the activity
cost collector
cost component
cost component group (CO-PC)
cost component group (CO-PC)
cost component split
cost component split for cost of goods manufactured
cost component structure
cost component view
cost display for maintenance plan
cost driver
cost efficiency analysis
cost element (CO)
cost element (XAP-CQM)
Cost Element Accounting
cost element attribute
cost element category
cost element group
cost element itemization
cost element layout
cost element planning
cost estimate
cost estimate with quantity structure
cost estimate without quantity structure
cost event
cost event subtype
cost event type
cost factor
cost flow assumption
cost forecast
cost grouping
cost item (PA-CM)
cost item (PA-CP)
cost item (PE)
cost item (PE-LSO)
cost item type
cost method
cost object (CO)
cost object (PA-CM)
cost object category
Cost Object Controlling
cost object hierarchy
cost object ID
cost object node
cost object profile
cost object settlement unit
cost object type
cost of goods manufactured
cost of goods sold
cost of sales
cost of sales accounting
cost of vacancies
cost overrun (CO-PC)
cost overrun (FS-CM)
Cost per CL
Cost per TQ
cost planning
cost planning run
cost premium
cost profile
cost rate
cost reduction
cost rent
cost retrieval setting
cost rollup
cost rule
cost rule variant
cost sharing
cost sources
cost to complete
cost transfer posting (PE)
cost transfer posting (PE-LSO)
cost type
cost unit
cost unit view
cost versus time report
cost weight
cost-accounting value
cost-based optimizer
cost-of-living allowance
cost-of-living index
cost-of-sales accounting
Cost, Insurance and Freight
cost/revenue rate
costed multilevel BOM
costing code
costing component
costing field
costing item
costing itemization
costing level
costing method
costing model
costing object
costing rule
costing run
costing run profile
costing sheet
costing type
costing variant
costing variant type
costing version
costing worksheet
costing-based profitability analysis
costs (FI)
costs (PA-BN)
costs and budget
Costs for Intangible Goods and Services
costs that can be capitalized
costs that cannot be capitalized
costs that must be capitalized
count supply area
counted child
counted stock
counter (BC-DWB)
counter (CRM-MD)
counter (FS-AM-IM-CT)
counter (PM)
counter attribute
counter category (CRM-MD)
counter category (FS-AM-IM-CT)
counter category (FS-AM-IM-CT)
counter consumption
counter overflow
counter overflow reading
counter reading
counter reading difference
counter reading transfer
counter type (CRM-MD)
counter type (FS-AM-IM-CT)
counterparty credit risk method
counterparty/issuer default risk
counterparty/issuer exposure
counterparty/issuer risk
counterparty/issuer risk object
counterparty/issuer risk run
countervailing duty
counting rule
country code (IS-H)
country code (IS-OIL-DS-MAP)
country code (SBO)
country exposure
country group (CRM-ISA)
country group (IS-AFS-MM)
country group (IS-R)
country of departure
country of origin
country program
country rating
country risk
country risk area
country template
country value-at-risk
country variant
country version
country-specific standard setting
country-specific wage type split
county code
coupled attribute
coupon (IS-R)
coupon (SBO)
coupon code
course (IS-OIL-DS-BDR)
course (PE-LSO)
course appraisal
course author
course brochure
course catalog
course content
course costs
course demand
course developer
course group
course hierarchy
course language
course location
course menu
course offering
course owner (BC-DOC)
course owner (PE-LSO)
course participant
course participation
course planning
course preparation
course status
course type
cover eligibility
cover eligibility rule
cover funds
cover group
cover page
cover pool
cover sheet
cover sheet template
coverage (CRM-BF-CPE)
coverage (FS-PM)
coverage (IS-H)
coverage (IS-MP-NF)
coverage (SBO)
coverage amount/rate
Coverage Analyzer
coverage customer
coverage declaration
coverage gap
coverage grouping
coverage level
coverage package
coverage rate
coverage ratio
coverage referrals
coverage rule
coverage rule variant
coverage strategy
coverage type
covered receivable
covering of economic risk
covering of political risk
Cp value
CpD account
CPDF Dynamics File
CPE caller
CPF number
CPI-C Development Library
CPI-C session
Cpk value
CPM variable
CPR number
crate part
create (BC-FES-GUI)
create (PE-LSO)
create business event date
create object
creation date (IS-U-MD)
creation date (SBO)
creation date/time
creation log
creation of infotype log
credential (BC-JAS-SEC)
credential (ICM-CRD)
credential assignment
credential category
credential description
credential type
credentialing context
credentialing system
credentials catalog
credentials catalog manager
credentials check
credentials manager
credentials owner
credit (IS-HER-CM)
credit (PA-BN)
credit account
credit amount
credit balance
credit calculation date
credit card (FS-AM-CM-CA)
credit card (SD)
credit card commission
credit card gateway
credit card management
credit card payment
credit card payment method
credit card voucher
credit card voucher deposit
credit check
credit clearing
credit control area
credit derivation
credit enhancement level
credit equivalent amount
credit equivalent class
credit equivalent factor
credit exposure run
credit factor
credit group
credit grouping
credit horizon
credit life insurance
credit limit
credit line
credit management
credit management account
credit memo (FI)
credit memo (SBO)
credit memo (SD)
credit memo (SRM-EBP-INV)
credit memo request
credit meter
credit overview
credit plan
credit procedure
credit rating institute
credit risk
credit rule
credit rule variant
credit segment
credit standing
credit standing check
credit standing data
credit transaction
credit vendor
credit voucher
credit-linked note
credit-side down payment chain
credit-side settlement unit
creditable military service
creditworthiness analysis
creditworthiness check
CrExAv account
CrExAv allowance amount
CrExAv details
criteria group
criteria technique
criterion (PA-PD)
criterion (PSM-FM)
criterion type
criterion-referenced test
critical activity
critical defect
critical path
critical posting
critical process
critical stock value
critical success factor (SV-ASA)
critical success factor (XAP-RPM)
critical success factor editor
critical variance
criticality level
CRM account
CRM Account Management
CRM activity
CRM Billing
CRM Business Activity Management
CRM contact
CRM Contact Management
CRM Middleware
CRM Middleware Repository
CRM Migration
CRM note
CRM Server
cross enterprise scheduling partner
cross mover
cross selling (ICM)
cross selling (IS-R)
cross selling material
Cross-Application Time Sheet
cross-archiving-object check program
cross-archiving-object delete program
cross-catalog search
cross-client Customizing
cross-company code document number
cross-company code posting
cross-company-code purchasing organization
cross-country bank account transfer
cross-country region
cross-currency condition
cross-currency interest rate swap
cross-delivery handling unit
cross-docking (IS-AFS-SD)
cross-docking (IS-R)
cross-docking (LE-WM-CD)
cross-docking (SCM-EWM)
cross-docking decision
cross-docking route
cross-functional technologies
cross-industry mobile applications
cross-legal-entity hedging relationship
cross-line stock putaway
cross-operation relationship
cross-order relationship
cross-plant reorganization
cross-rate calculator
cross-selling article
cross-site scripting
cross-structure foreign key
cross-system business area
cross-system company code
cross-system depreciation area
cross-system lock
cross-trained employee
cross-transaction application buffer
cross-transaction volume costing
Croston method
crude oil washing
crypto status
Crystal Enterprise
Crystal Report
Crystal Reports Designer
CTS project
CUA interface
cube (CPM-BPC)
cube (EP-VC)
CUIL number
CUIT number
cumulated activity price
cumulated consumption measurement
cumulation counter
cumulation identifier
cumulation interval
cumulation of capacity
cumulation profile
cumulation rule
cumulation wage type (PY)
cumulation wage type (PY)
cumulative allocation
cumulative average
cumulative claim
cumulative delivered quantity (MM)
cumulative delivered quantity (SCM-APO-PPS-CDS)
cumulative delivered quantity (SD)
cumulative delivery go-ahead quantity
cumulative issued quantity
cumulative materials go-ahead quantity
cumulative production go-ahead quantity
cumulative quantity
cumulative quantity in transit
cumulative quantity received by customer
cumulative received quantity
cumulative released quantity (MM-PUR)
cumulative released quantity (SD)
cumulative revenue
cumulative scheduled quantity
cumulative value
CURP number
currency and valuation profile
currency barrier option
currency class
currency code
currency conversion
currency conversion date
currency conversion plan
currency conversion rule
currency description
currency devaluation (EC-CS)
currency devaluation (FI-LC)
currency exchange
currency field
currency fluctuation protection
currency handling
currency ID
currency key
currency of declaration
currency option
currency replacement
currency risk
currency translation (CPM-BPC)
currency translation (EC-CS)
currency translation (FI-LC)
currency translation (FS-AM-IM)
currency translation difference (EC-CS)
currency translation difference (FI-LC)
currency translation key
currency translation method
currency translation rule
currency type (AP-TTE)
currency type (FI)
currency type (FS-BA-SD)
currency unit
currency-related elimination difference (EC-CS)
currency-related elimination difference (FI-LC)
current account
current assets
current bid
current commitment capital
current contract capital
current cost estimate
current date
current destination table
current difference from exchange rate gain/loss
current exchange rate
current layer
current location
current market value insurance
current memory
current number
current occupancy principle
current product recommendation
current risk
current server
current settings
current source table
current standard cost estimate
current status (BC-CCM)
current status (PE-LSO)
current table
current value of funds rate
current version
current view
current-rate method
curriculum element
curriculum type
curriculum type element
cursor position
curve view
custom adjustment
custom adjustment type
Custom Authentication Service ID
custom characteristic
custom clause
custom configuration
Custom Control
custom controller
custom enumeration type
custom enumeration type backup
custom enumeration type editor
custom enumeration type restore
custom extension
custom item
custom key figure
custom menu
custom property
custom task
custom type
customer (FI-AR)
customer (FIN-FSCM-BC)
customer (SD)
customer (XAP-CQM)
Customer Access
customer account
customer analytics
customer and vehicle factsheet
customer bill of services
customer billing document
customer card (FS-AM-CM-CA)
customer card (SD)
customer care and help desk
customer change
customer churn analysis
customer code
customer collector
Customer Competence Center
customer complaints order
customer contact
Customer Contact Center Sales
customer contract (RE)
customer contract (SD)
customer conversion data
customer correction order
customer credit account
customer credit group
customer credit memo
customer data
customer data management
customer delivery
customer development
customer document
customer enhancement
customer equipment card
customer exception list
customer exclusion
customer exit
customer expected price
customer fact sheet
customer feature
customer field
customer group (SBO)
customer group (SD)
customer hardware key
customer hierarchy
customer hierarchy node
customer ID number
Customer Index Tables
customer information
customer information sheet
customer input template
customer inquiry
Customer Interaction Center
customer knowledge base
customer liabilities
customer life cycle
customer lifetime value
customer link
customer management
Customer Management
customer master
customer master record
customer migration
customer migration algorithm
customer migration analysis
customer outline agreement
customer part number
customer payment
customer portfolio
customer position account
customer potential analysis
customer price list
customer pricing procedure
Customer Problem and Solution Administration
customer profile (CRM-IC-RTD)
customer profile (IS-T)
customer profitability
customer program
customer quantity
customer quotation
customer receivables
customer receivables aging
customer reference number
Customer Reference Structure
customer relationship analytics
customer relationship management (SAP)
customer relationship management (SAP)
customer relationship management (SAP)
Customer Relationship Management
customer requirement
customer restriction
customer retention rate
customer return
customer sales transaction
customer sales transaction type
customer scheduling agreement
customer score
customer scoring
customer service
Customer Service
customer service and billing
customer service area
customer service center
customer service hierarchy
Customer Service Provider
customer service representative (ICM)
customer service representative (IS-T)
customer service unit
customer special stock
customer status
customer stock (IS-AD)
customer stock (IS-BEV-LO-RE)
customer supplied by third party
customer switch list
customer taken on
customer task
customer touchpoint
customer transaction
customer value analysis
customer value index
customer version
Customer-Based Upgrade
customer-definable budget structure element type
customer-facing location
customer-material info record
customer-side functions
customer-specific message type
customization (BC-BSP)
customization (EP)
customized logon
Customizing Cross-System Tools
Customizing Cross-System Viewer
Customizing data
Customizing default setting
Customizing development menu
Customizing Distribution
Customizing ID
Customizing maintenance dialog
Customizing menu
customizing object
Customizing object
Customizing object directory
Customizing Organizer
Customizing profile key
Customizing project
Customizing project header data
Customizing request
Customizing Scout
Customizing setting
Customizing synchronization
Customizing Synchronization
Customizing table
Customizing transaction
Customizing Transfer Assistant
Customizing wizard
customs authority
customs blocked stock
customs broker
customs ceiling
customs clearance
customs declaration
customs duties
customs duty rate
customs exemption
customs group
customs ID
customs inspection
customs law
customs office
customs procedure
customs procedure with economic impact
customs product master
customs quota
customs status
customs tariff
customs tariff preference
customs territory
customs warehouse
customs warehousing procedure
cut-off time
cutoff month
cutoff period
cutoff task
cutoff value
cutoff year
cutting order
CVR number
cycle (AP-PPE)
cycle (CO)
cycle (SCM-APO-CA-CDP)
cycle (SV-ASA)
cycle concept
cycle counting (MM-IM)
cycle counting (SBO)
cycle modification factor
cycle run group
cycle series
cycle set
cycle set sequence
cycle type (CO-OM-CCA)
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