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Procedure documentation Creating an Object Source Schema and the SAP T-SQL Objects  Locate the document in its SAP Library structure

You have to create an object source schema and the T-SQL database objects and scripts for remote monitoring if one of the following applies:

        The target SQL Server database belongs to a non-ABAP application

        The target SQL Server database belongs to an SAP system of an older release

To create an Object source schema and the necessary SAP T-SQL objects, do the following:


       1.      On the Maintain and set multi-connect data screen, set the appropriate connection data.

       2.      Choose Goto Create T-SQL Objects.

The dialog box Create SAP T-SQL Object with the following sections appears:

        Connection pre-requisites:

         RFC destination:

Displays the RFC destination.

         DB Connection:

Displays the connection name, which corresponds to the multi-connect record in table DBCON.


This button is either followed by a green check mark or by a red failure symbol. The red failure symbol appears, if an illegal object source schema is specified. For example, it is not allowed to overwrite the T-SQL objects of an older SAP release. For troubleshooting, refer to the message area at the bottom of the dialog box.

        Object source schema:

         Schema name:

Allows you to create the object source schema and provides it with the required privileges. If the schema already exists, the button is grayed out.

        SAP T-SQL objects:

         Existing version:

If the necessary T-SQL remote database monitoring objects and scripts already exist on the target SQL Server database, this field displays the version of those objects.

         The button allows you to (re)create the objects. It is enabled, if the connection prerequisites are fulfilled and if the object source schema exists.

         The radio buttons on the right allow you to choose whether you want to install the SAP T-SQL objects without enabling any SQL Agent jobs (Minimum set) or if you want to install the objects and enable the jobs (Standard set).

        Last message:

This area displays the result of the last action and helps you to troubleshoot problems.

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