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This topic describes how you use the capabilities available in the application sharing console of the portal.

        Expanding and collapsing the session console

        Sending instant messages in an application sharing session

        Adding participants to an ongoing an application sharing session

        Ending your participation in an application sharing session

The application sharing console consists of the following areas:

Screen Area


Session console

This area is available to all users participating in an application sharing session. The session console does the following:

        Displays the user name of the session host (applicable to session guests only).

        Displays the name of the user currently controlling the host’s cursor.

        Displays the name of the application being shared (applicable to the session host only)

        Provides controls for session guests to request and relinquish control of the host’s cursor, and controls for the session host to grant and regain control of his or her cursor.

        Provides an instant messaging area enabling all participants to communicate through instant text-based messages.

        Displays which users are currently participating in the session (in the Contacts tab).

Application viewing area

This area is available to session guests only, and is joined to the session console. It displays the desktop or application shared by the session host.

If the session host has shared a specific application, the entire area of the host's desktop is displayed in the application viewing area; however, other active applications on his or her desktop that are not associated with the shared application are displayed as empty spaces in your application viewing area.



Expanding and Collapsing the Session Console

This procedure is valid for session guests only.

On the screens of session guests, the session console and the application viewing area are joined together. You may collapse the session console to maximize the size of the application viewing area.

        To collapse the session console, click the Collapse icon located at the top of the session console when it is expanded.

        To expand the session console, click the Expand icon when the session console is collapsed.

Sending Instant Messages in an Application Sharing Session

The session console provides a messaging area allowing all portal users participating in the session to communicate with one another using instant text-based messages. This is useful if a video or telephony feed is not being used in parallel or is malfunctioning.

You can initiate multiple instant messaging sessions while participating in an application sharing session.

Using the instant messaging tool in an application sharing session is the same as using it on its own. The only difference is that the users are already logged into the session and do not need to be invited again. For information on using the messaging tool, see Using the Instant Messenger.

Adding Participants to an Ongoing Application Sharing Session

Any user participating in an ongoing application sharing session can invite other users to join the session after it has started. The users you want to invite must be logged on to the portal and be online (see Using the Availability Status).


If the information shared by the session host contains sensitive data, any session guest inviting another user to join the current session should first receive consent from the host.


       1.      Open the Contacts tab in the instant messaging window.

       2.      In the input box, type one or more names of portal users or user groups you want to add. If you enter more than one name, you must separate them with a semi-colon.

Alternatively, if you want to search for users or user groups, do the following:

                            a.      Enter any part of user's name and use wildcards or leave the input box empty.

                            b.      Click Select. The Select Users or Groups window appears.

                            c.      In the Select Users or Groups window, select the intended user from the list of possible matches.

                            d.      Click OK.

       3.      In the Contacts tab, click Add to add the users or user groups displayed in the input field to the ongoing session. An instant messaging window is automatically opened on the desktop of each user you invited.

When a new user joins an ongoing application sharing session, all participants receive a notification in their respective message log areas in the session console informing them that a new user has joined the session.

Ending your Participation in an Application Sharing Session

Any user participating in an application sharing session can leave the session at any time.

        If you are the session host (the user who initiated the session), click one of the following in the Messages tab in the session console:

        Leave Session:Ends the session only for the session host; however, the shared application will no longer be available. The remaining participants may continue collaborating with instant messaging until all users have left the session. They will receive a message that you have left the session.

        End Session: Ends the session for all participants. The remaining participants will receive a message that the session has terminated.

        If you are not the session host, click Leave Session in the Messages tab in the session console. The remaining participants will receive a message that you have left the session.

Controlling the Session Host's Cursor

Any session guest can control the cursor of the session host and interact directly with the shared application or desktop. For more information, see Controlling the Session Host's Cursor.


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