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Procedure documentation Printing Spool Requests from the Output Controller  Locate the document in its SAP Library structure


You want to print one or more spool requests from the output controller on a device.

NoteIf you have used immediate printing and the option Delete Immediately After Printing was selected, the spool request no longer appears in the display.


You have started the output controller (transaction SP01) and are displaying the spool request(s) in a filtered list (see also Selecting and Displaying Spool and Output Requests).


You have the following options:

Print Spool Request Directly Without Changing it First

To release a request directly, select the entry and choose This graphic is explained in the accompanying text Print Directly.

You can also select and then print multiple requests in this way.

Print a Spool Request After Changing its Parameters

To change the request before printing it, for example, to send the request to a different printer or change the number of copies to print, choose This graphic is explained in the accompanying textPrint with changed parameters....

You can change the following settings before printing:

     Output Device: If possible, only send the output to an output device that uses the same device type as the output device for which the request was originally created. The device type indicates the printer type used, such as PCL.

     Start Time: To set a later time for printing, choose this button.


After changing the parameters, choose Print to print the request or Print All (if you have selected multiple requests).


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