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Technical Data



Type of application

Java iView

Category of application

Portal component

Technical name

Available from Portal (release)

SAP Netweaver Collaboration EP 6.0

Data origin

EP 6.40 FP


All portal languages




Range of Functions

With this iView portal users can do the following:

        Get an overview of all their saved Session Records by viewing the list of links.  Records include data from all on-line and off-line sessions, whether participated in by the user, or hosted. 

        Users can create a new Session Record with attachments, including the upload of files.

        Users can either edit or delete Session Records.


On-line sessions include:

        Ad hoc sessions using Collaboration Launchpad

        Sessions scheduled using a collaboration room calendar iView.  

Off-line sessions include:

        Sessions created using the New Sessions button on the My Sessions iView

        Sessions created using the New Sessions button on the Session History iView in certain collaboration rooms

        Sessions created using the Create Session option in a Collaboration context menu


You are using the standard settings for the portal user interface.  You have the role established to access the My Sessions iView.



You can use the Sessions button on the My Sessions iView to create an off-line record of a face-to-face meeting or phone conference.  Even though such a meeting involved no iView or other on-line collaboration interface, you may want to use this My Sessions option as a form of logging of key decisions, or the imparting of technical data that would otherwise not be available to the rest of your collaboration team.


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