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The Session Records portal function provides the means to preserve information. This function is very useful in preserving session information, such as host, attendees, start and end times, and related files.

Such sessions include:

        Ad Hoc Collaboration Launchpad (CLP) Meetings

        Meetings scheduled in virtual rooms

A MySessions iView in the portal provides you with the ability to review and edit all your preserved session records, and create new session records. Session Records are included by default, as well, in Project Room and Team Room collaboration room templates, and only display records specific to collaboration room.

Session Records can be created in the following ways:

        Through a pop-up window at the end of a collaboration session,

        By selecting the New Session button on the My Sessions iView

        By selecting the Create Session button in the Collaboration Launchpad

The Session Records iViews do not provide the starting place for sessions. Sessions are started through portal iViews, provided by Synchronous Collaboration Framework (SCF), CLP, and other collaboration components.


You are the leader of a collaboration project room on your EP 6.0 portal. You schedule an online session for 9 A.M. on Tuesday, May 25, 2006. The appointment is sent to all the attendees. When the time arrives, you start the meeting. All invitees attend the meeting. When the meeting is over, you are prompted by a Save Session iView to indicate whether or not you want to save the session data. If you want to save the session data, you can enter relevant information, and then select the Save Session button. If you do not wish to save the session, you select the Discard button 

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