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You can use e-mail and scheduling functions provided by third-party vendors while you are online in SAP Enterprise Portal 6.0.


Use these functions to facilitate communication and clarity in your team when working in the portal.


Some of the functions are dependent on the other Collaboration components. For example, the Appointments iView can only be used in a collaboration room environment.


You have to map your user. For more information, see Mapping Your User.



        Sending e-mails using SMTP servers

        Saving sent e-mails in your sent messages folder

        Sending e-mails in HTML format

        Sending e-mails with attachments

Time Scheduling

        Creating non-recurring appointments

        Creating daily or weekly recurring appointments

        Sending non-recurring meeting requests

        Sending daily or weekly recurring meeting requests

        Reading appointments

        Modifying appointments

        Deleting appointments

        Modifying and deleting current instances of recurring appointments

        Modifying and deleting entire series of recurring appointments

        Sending meeting requests with attachments

        Scheduling online meetings


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