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Text processing offers two different functions:

This function generates a Word file from the data in a list and links it to another Word document. Replacement variables can then be transferred into the Word document and supplied with the values from the generated Word file. This is achieved by supplying MS Word with special functions through OLE2

This function transfers the currently displayed list to the presentation server as an RTF file. The format allows the use of the file as a Word document. You can specify whether colors are included in the list and whether MS Word is started immediately. You specify the full path for the file.

Text processing is available in single-level lists.


The form letter function and the immediate start of Word when a document is created are only available if MS Word is installed on the PC.


Start text processing from the list display and choose whether you want form letter processing or creation of a document.


Note that wide lists may be cut off at the margin.

All settings that you have on the list are transferred into the Word document. For example, hidden rows and columns are not transferred into the Word document.