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Procedure documentation Creating Recurring Appointments  Locate the document in its SAP Library structure


You create a recurring appointment to define a systematic schedule for your appointments. By creating a recurring appointment you save time since this needs to be defined only once. For example, if you want to schedule an appointment every Monday morning for the next six months, then you create a recurring appointment.


       1.      On the Groupware tab page, click Create Appointment.

The Create Appointment screen appears.

       2.      Enter values in all relevant fields. For more information, see Create Appointment.

       3.      Click Recurrence.

The Appointment Recurrence dialog box appears.

       4.      Enter the Appointment Time (Start Time and End Time), Recurrence Pattern (Daily or Weekly) and the Time Range.

       5.      Click OK.

The Create Appointment screen appears.

       6.      Click Save to save your recurring appointment.


Your recurring appointments will be marked in your calendar

You can view the recurring appointment by choosing Groupware   My Appointments.


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