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Procedure documentation Uninstalling the SAP MI Client  Locate the document in its SAP Library structure


You use this procedure to uninstall the client from the mobile device.

Uninstalling from Microsoft Windows 32 Platforms


       1.      End SAP MI on the mobile device by clicking the SAP MI icon in the Windows menu bar with the secondary mouse button and choosing Exit.

       2.      Choose Windows Start Programs SAP SAP Mobile Infrastructure Uninstall.

       3.      Follow the instructions provided on the screen.

The client is uninstalled.


Under Windows Task Manager Processes, monitor the process java.exe. If it takes too long until java.exe finishes or if the uninstall program informs you that files to be updated are still being used, end java.exe in the Windows Task Manager.

Uninstalling from Microsoft Windows Mobile


       1.      Choose Start Programs File Explorer My Device Windows Startup and delete the MobileEngine.lnk shortcut.

       2.      Restart the mobile device.

       3.      Choose Start Settings System Remove Programs.

       4.      Select and delete the following entries:

       SAP AG ME/MI<Release>

       SAP AG, NSIcom CrEme...

       5.      Manually delete files and folders that could not be deleted automatically in the File Explorer.

       6.      Restart the mobile device.


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